On Today’s Energies…

Our New Moon in Taurus is going to be a Black Moon.  This is a rare double header, as it’s the second New Moon in one month.  It’s also a Partial Solar Eclipse that’s taking us into our Spring Eclipse Season.  All of this is also happening on May Eve.  Sunday is Beltane.  On May Eve the Earth Energies, and the the Kundalini Energy of the entire planet reaches a peak.  You may be feeling extra merge vibes or soul pulls right now.  This energy is all about reincarnated love.  You have been part of a love story with your Twin Flame since your soul was created.  Eclipses activate our destiny.  Pay attention if your finding your way back to yours during this time.  The Universe may be trying to bring you together with another.  Eclipses are known to bring sudden or unexpected plot twists.  If you feel, or sense, that you have been brought together by a higher power pay attention to these sensations.  The veil is thin.  You will be seeing or feeling more come through.  Taurus activates all of our senses.  This Eclipse will be bringing synchronicities, but more important things that are fated to be.  Prepare for shifts in destiny.  That means some are going through a crumbling.  Know anything falling apart, was never truly meant to be.  That’s why it’s so important that your listening to your inner guidance.  Your going to be extra tuned in right now.  Beltane takes us into other worlds.  The world of the Fae.  May is also bringing the Pleiadian Energies.  Things will begin to peak energetically as we get closer to the May Pleiadian Alignment.  You may be doing some major healing work this last week of April.  These energies are turning a light on your shadows.

art: @lyla_ab

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