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On The Energies…

Synchronicity is at an all time high with today’s Aquarius New Moon.  Nothing is a coincidence.  The synchronicities help guide you and also connect larger events in your life.  Intuitive nudges, signs that have meaning, feathers, coins, birds, and animals, music, specific songs with great meaning, messages through anything, could be movies, or things you’re seeing.  Numbers and Angel numbers are your Angels trying to communicate with you.  The more you tap in the more guidance you will get and the more you will manifest these experiences.  They aren’t just signs that you’re on the right path, they are an opportunity to shift in another direction, or onto the right path.  Road signs on your complex journey.  If you were at a crossroads and you had a choice between two directions, you’re looking at the signs, you better pick the spiritual one! A synch will point you in the right direction.  It’s the same as if you’re driving and you miss your turn, it has the potential to get you lost and in trouble.  That’s why it’s so important to learn how to recognize the signs.  Little clues.  Breadcrumbs from the Universe.  It’s a little like Alice following the Rabbit into Wonderland.  That’s why it’s so important that you’re practicing better boundaries and listening to your intuition and feelings.  You have your own spiritual path and destiny that you came here to do.  You are connecting with different energies Source, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and Spirit.  The synchronicity events in your life should be making more and more sense.  You should be sensing, tuning into, and feeling the Oneness or interconnected between all of us.  Seeing how everything comes together on a higher level.  Some other signs you may be experiencing are ringing in the ears, going either hot or cold, tingling in your crown chakra.  You may be hearing voices. Suddenly we are becoming more and more telepathic, only you may pick it up as one of your own thoughts, images, or just picking up on the energies.

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On The Energies…

Today is the first day of Aquarius Season.  The cosmic fog that we have been moving through is now clearing.  Aquarius is the water bear.  It’s also a very collective oriented sign.  The Aquarius New Moon that happens the 21st will be making waves.  This is the first New Moon of 2023.  This New Moon is all about clearing attachments, cutting cords, and leaving behind toxic patterns.  It’s a great time to be doing some energy clearing work.  You will need extra self care, as you may be integrating a lot right now.  This Aquarius New Moon will be aligned with Jupiter.  This is helping us to turn our manifestations and dreams into reality.  Expect sudden shifts in how you’re feeling, will bring bursts of optimism and shifts towards good fortune.  Get ready for a powerful combination of Air and Fire elements that are kicking off this Aquarius Season.  We have been going through some extreme weather on the Sun.  We are seeing such an increase in the Galactic Energies, Solar Flares, and CME’s coming at us.  CME’s particles are large clouds of plasma.  Let’s just say we are feeling these energies.  It’s all about healing right now within them.  If you are not healing you probably will be experiencing lots of ascension symptoms.  Major incoming DNA activations.  If you took the DNA from your trillions of cells and laid it out from one end to another, it would reach the sun and back 70 times.  Most of your DNA still is lying dormant.  That’s why it’s so important that you are healing to be able to integrate these changes.  Our DNA is our blueprint  and the reason why so many are functioning on the basic 2 strand/ 3D level still.  Healing is the first step towards DNA activation.  You must clear the karmas and layers of trauma you have picked up from this lifetime, your past lifetimes, and from within your ancestral/ family line.  These energies are bringing in new light codes for your DNA.  As your DNA is activating you’ll be able to tap into more of your gifts, and memories from other lifetimes.

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On The Energies…

We have a New Moon in Aquarius Jan 21st.  Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac.  It’s us bringing fresh energies for the year ahead.  The Retrograde Planets Mercury and Mars are now Direct.  That means we have been clearing some major blocks, and our path is once again open.  Expect the energies to get higher and higher.  Last night a CME hit Earth’s magnetic field.  This caused an abrupt shift in our interplanetary magnetic field.  Feb 1st Comet ZTF is expected to arrive at Earth.  Now it’s coming missing part of its tail.  This month we have had lots of CME’s hitting us.  One of them has disconnected its tail.  It’s a powerful time to be working on your energy and your frequency.  It’s all about feeling better and learning to move through the layers of healing coming up within these energies.  This Moon is extra strong and will help you in attracting your manifestations.  It’s a powerful time for setting intentions.  These energies are all about the new and your future.  Venus and Saturn are also going to be meeting up in Aquarius around the same time.  This may be encouraging you to do a karmic clearing of your love life.  Aquarius is ruled by Saturn which is a serious Planet.  This combination of energies should be helping you in the long term in your love life and in your finances.  The energies and the stars are aligning for you in every way.  Aquarius sometimes needs space to think.  It’s a sign that’s into observing and understanding things more.  Especially when it comes to people.  We are doing a major clearing of the past right now.  In fact if you’re having ascension symptoms it’s indicating you need to do more of this.  Amazing time to be using these energies to clear what isn’t for you.  You may need to be setting boundaries on your time and energy.  All about finding and walking your own destined path right now.  It’s a good time to be getting some motivation for any unfinished tasks or projects that you have going on.

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