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9:9 Portal…

We have the energies of the 9:9 Portal coming in now.  These high frequency energies are flooding the Planet.  These are galactic energies encoded with crystalline light codes.  Expect some huge DNA activations this week.  The 9:9 Portal is also connected to Atlantis.  Many of you may be having things from this timeline coming up to clear and heal.  Today through 9/11 are powerful days for doing healing work and activations.  9/11 is also a big gateway day.  The 9:9 Portal is a doorway that we can step though to enter into better realities.  We are all shifting to a new timeline right now.  There are also 99 major Earth cosmic portals.  They tend to activate a little extra with the 9:9 Portal.  Expect the Earth energies and Ley Lines to be extra active leading up until the Equinox.  That makes this an amazing time to get outside and to connect with the Earth.  The energies of the 9:9 Portal will really help raise up the frequencies.  It has the potential to put the entire Planet on a better timeline.  This gateway is powerful for manifesting.  It’s a great time to be finding your flow.  Except miracles to come through with these energies.  A lot of people are feeling these energies a little extra as things continue to intensify energetically.  You may be a little extra tired, emotional, or irritated.  Some of that is the energetic upgrades that are happening.  We are continuing to clear the old.  The energy is very high and the veil is very thin.  That means we can tune into the spiritual easier.  Pay attention to what your being guided to work on at this time.  These energies are great for giving us more insight into what to be healing.

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On The Energies…

We have a Virgo New Moon today.  It’s also the 9:9 Portal Thursday.  Today’s New Moon is preparing us and helping to be ready for the 9:9 Portal.  These energies are actually meant to help us get back on track, and to get us more clear and organised.  Today is a great day to do some deep cleaning and the cleanse your energy field.  We are going to go through some big shifts over the next 3 weeks.  September will be a very high energy month.  We are seeing an increase in the Ascension Energies and with that the solar flares and space storms.  We are in a Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow right now.  The third and final retrograde of the year is from September 27th to October 18th in Libra.  Many of you are grieving the old 3D Earth and may be wanting to go back on your path, or may be looking back on your life.  These energies may be stirring up old emotions that are clearing.  Know that what lies ahead is much better then anything you have left behind.  It’s important to remember that you came here with a Divine plan.  Many of you know what comes next because you have been here before when you planned out your life.  You should be getting more and more clear on your goals and with what you want in life.  Tonight’s Virgo New Moon is also said to be the luckiest New Moon of the year.  It’s bringing a new energy, and a new beginning.  It’s a great time to stargaze as we shift into the darkness of Autumn.  We are in lots of meteor showers thru October.

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On The Energies…

We still have a lot of Galactic energy coming in.  We have also had a lot of CME’s over the past week.  We can expect the energies to continue to intensify over the next 3 weeks leading up to the Autumn Equinox.  Next week brings a Virgo New Moon and the 9:9 Portal.  Because of the increase in ascension energies coming into the Planet we are feeling the effects of these gateway days more and more.  We are going to be continuing to clear a lot through the weekend to prepare to pass through next weeks 9:9 Portal.  If things are coming up for you to release, let them go.  The number 9 is thought to unlock the secrets of the Universe.  It’s a key to all of creation.  The energy we are in now is powerful for manifesting.  Its also a powerful space for the intentions we are sending out.  This months energies are powerful for doing healing and activation work.  We are in the peak of the Alpha Aurigids Meteor Shower right now.  This is one of the rarest Meteor Showers.  The Aurigids Meteor Shower is caused by debris from Comet Kiess.  This comet does not usually visit our inner solar system.  This is a long period Comet that takes 2,000 years to orbit the Sun.  It’s crust is literally made of cosmic rays.  This is a once in a lifetime event.  Expect strange lights in the sky and rare blue green colour meteors.  We have the September Perseids, or the  Epsilon Perseids Meteor Shower which is active from the 5th to the 21st.  This one will peak for the 9:9 Portal.  This meteor shower is from another long period Comet that takes 1,000 years to orbit the Sun.  It is, however, an unknown Comet.  Expect fireballs with this one.  Expect lots of shooting stars over the next few weeks.  We are going to be feeling these energies a little extra.  Once the 9:9 Portal opens things will begin to move fast.  You may want to get some extra self care in this weekend to prepare for the shifts coming with next week.

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