On The Energies…

Today is the third day in a row that is also a Galactic Activation Portal day.  We are extra in tune with the galactic heartbeat on these days.  It also means the veil between the physical and non-physical world is extra thin.  We are still in this Pleiadian Portal as well until this weekend.  Today is the peak of that gateway.  The frequencies have been going up and we are receiving more and more galactic energies.  Today we also shift into Gemini Season.  Things should be feeling lighter though.  We have a New Moon in Gemini the 22nd.  The Pleiadian Portal we are in will make this Moon extra powerful.  We have lots of energies from Venus, Mercury, Neptune, and Saturn.  So it’s lots of Cosmic energies this week! This is a time to manifest and create.  Since we are in Retrograde Season we are meant to be going within.  This weeks astrology is actually very positive and it’s encouraging us to see this as the beginning of something amazing.  The energies are encouraging us to slow down this year.  This is a good time to learn something new or to start a new project.  This energy will lead us into Eclipse Season.  This energy is meant to be motivating you.  There is a lot of inspiration and magic flying around this week.

Pleiadian Portal!

Right now the Sun is circling the Pleiades constellation, which is in between Taurus and Gemini.  This happens once a year from May 16-24th.  This is a Pleiadian Gateway.  We can expect a huge influx of energy to come into the Planet during this time.  These are cosmic energies that are being sent to assist us in the expansion of our consciousness.  These galactic frequencies are encoding the very core of who we are.  We are going to go through some major upgrades the next couple of months.  Humanity is being recoded.  This energy is encouraging us to delve into our gifts on deeper levels.  We are being encouraged to forge a new way for humanity.  We are shifting into Gemini Season this week and we have a New Moon In Gemini.  This energy will bring with it a new beginning. Even though we are stepping into the new, many people have lots of old things surfacing to release.  Venus retrograde may be highlighting any relationship patterns that need to be healed.  This is about opening up to more love.  We are releasing things that are deeply engrained in our subconscious. Be kind to yourself as your going through this process.  This is all about changing how we see ourselves.  Once we can master that it will open us up to manifesting the life we deserve.  This Gemini Season will be all about finding balance and will be powerful for any spiritual unions.

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Love is in the air this week.  We are in my favourite time of year.  Beltane will be celebrated Friday.  This is the wedding of the God and Goddess.  This is a celebration of the new, a celebration of our rebirth.  This energy is all about love, abundance, and fertility.  We are entering into the elemental realms this shift.  Many may feel like we have entered a space past time.  These Beltane energies are leading us into next weeks 5/5 Portal.  We are half way between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.  During this time the spirit world is closer to our own world.  We are meant to be using this time to come back into balance.  It was thought in past cultures that if people were to attain to much materially the otherworld would take it.  We are seeing a transition of the material.  Much we know will collapse.  This shift we are being asked to step away from the material.  This is a good time to shift your focus to the spiritual.  The veil is extra thin right now. This time of year is all about the Earth.  There is a lot of magic in the air.  Many of you will feel these energy shifts more and more.  Many people will be coming into more and more of their psychic awareness.  This is a powerful time to connect with nature, or to the fairy realms through meditation.

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On The Energies…

The next 48 hours will be very intense energetically.  We are at a k4 index already.  This energy will lead us into the last wave of 444 energy and the closing of that portal.  We also have a New Moon In Taurus which will be anything but subtle.  This third wave of energy also happens to arrive on Earth Day.  Many are feeling these energies and the upgrades they have been bringing with them.  Taurus Season will bring with it some of the most powerful energies of the year.  We can expect anything not aligning with love to fall away during this time.  Too many people need to reprioritise during this time.  This energy will be bringing with it many lessons regarding the materiel.  It also will be pushing us to step into our power.  We are going to see many things play out across the collective in the next several years.  We are seeing a shift in energies as we continue to go up in frequency.  Many are still struggling to adjust to these energies.  Regardless of what it may look like there is a healing that is occurring.  This 444 portal is getting us ready for the many activations coming in May.  This is also a time of the Goddess.  Many people are going to feel an upgrade to their senses during this time as well.

An Energy Report…

We have massive waves of incoming energy.  2020 is showing us just what these energies are capable of.  Suddenly people will need to make a shift making their health and energy a priority.  We are seeing the effects of these energies and just what is happening to the physical body.  We are going through a rapid evolution as the collective struggles to keep up with these new energies.  We are going to see a huge restructure of everything we know.  Things will continue to purge politically as the old structures of fear and control are dismantled.  See your evolving so these things have become outdated.  We are in a space where the new is being created.  These new systems will look much different.  We will see the power shift back to the collective.  New systems will be set up.  Everyone will be hooked into a quantum financial system where everyone receives a monthly universal payment.  That shift alone will do wonders, it will take much of the stress off of people.  The education systems will morph into something different completely.  Suddenly the things you need to learn have changed.  Many are realising that the things shut down are no longer needed during this time.  We have reached a frequency of the 5th dimension.  We are now able to instant manifest anything that we want or need.  We are in a massive transition.  The old will collapse into a Galactic society that is highly technologically advanced, yet in harmony with nature.  These energies will continue to take us there.  Today the second wave of 444 energies is coming in.  This is the second wave of three, that we will pass through this month.  April itself is a month long portal.  We will see the third wave on April 22nd with the New Moon In Taurus.  The third wave will close the portal.  Now is the time to simplify your life.  Stay focused on your own path and try to spend a lot of time in gratitude.  Enjoy this space and try to use it for further healing.

On The Energies..

It’s important that we remember that we each have our own timeline.  In fact you will play no greater role in life than the one you are playing now, as you.  Such a journey each person is on.  Different souls need different things.  There are many events unfolding across the collective.  A final purge of the dark as move into higher frequencies.  As we go up in vibration, many layers are being shed for the collective.  We are going through a rapid expansion of consciousness.  As we are changing within, our outer reality will reflect these energetic changes more and more.  We have many old timelines playing out.  Even though you may be seeing things from these places, it’s important that your anchoring into the now.  We have had a lot of energies coming into the Planet the last 24 hours.  Waves of light reprogramming everyone for ascension.  Use this space to work on yourself.  It’s very important that everyone is getting back to the spiritual during this time.  Many of you have some extra time now.  That is needed this year as we continue to go through these energies.  We are going to go through a time of rapid change for the collective.  It’s never been a better time to be doing some type of daily meditation.  If you are out of work it may be time to consider a new path.  Many are going to shift out of the material now as humanity rethinks what is essential. Be extra kind as many people are going through a lot during this time.

Bringing Heaven To Earth..

We are seeing a lot of people still purging out a lot of negativity.  It’s very important that you are expecting a plot twist.  We are not creating alone and never have been.  So many people are focused on the old.  I want to talk today about how you would think heaven would look.  There would be no need for governments, or money.  This Planet will turn into a literal heaven on Earth.  This life we are in now will determine where we end up to.  This year is it, the unseen will become seen.  Many souls are not able to go on in these high frequencies.  While many may be uncertain about the collective, that is ok.  This has always been about the individual journey.  Many will even continue to change or save the old.  We know we are only meant to fix or change ourselves though.  It’s very important that your working on raising your vibrational frequency during this time.  The people getting sick are not able to keep up.  We need to be at a completely pure state.  This Planet is going to have major issues until everyone is made aware of this ascension process.  We are living in a world where knowledge has been hidden.  These times are no more.  things like news, politics, and misinformation have been weighing down the collective lately.  It’s time to refocus.  This is a manifest reality and a lot of the ideas going around are not in alignment with the new.  If you are a lightworker please make sure your trying to share uplifting visions of the future.  It’s time to get inspired.  We all are contributing to this collective.  Ask yourself what does heaven look like?

On The Energies…

Many are quarantined at the moment.  This is why it is so important that we are choosing to be very grateful for everything in our life.  Many are seeing that change can come in an instant.  Some of these changes are meant to be a catalyst for our awakening.  This is a time of rapid growth and many are noticing an acceleration with this ascension.  We are going up in frequency and the effects are being felt globally.  As waves of energy continue to come into the Planet many are having a lot come to the surface.  If your feeling fear over the collective then use this as a chance to release it for good.  See this as a purge cycle that we will continue through until May.  These events are meant to motivate you.  I like to think of quarantines as a safe space for you to be healing.  A place of rest between worlds.  It’s also a very galactic concept.  Enjoy the break! Many have been working hard behind the scenes and need it.  What is most important now are the seeds your planting through your intentions and thoughts.  Stay positive.  We are headed to a New Earth.  A completely healed planet.  This Planet will be made new again.  As the healers and starseeds are activating, it is activating this new reality.  This is a time to meditate.  Our outer world has been paused temporarily, it’s time to go within.  It’s very important that we are letting go of the material and choosing the spiritual during this time.  This is an amazing time to join a spiritual group or to take a spiritual class.  Many have been using social media to find their tribe.  Many are being encouraged to set up or to participate in meditations to assist the collective during this time.

New Moon In Aries…

We have entered a new energetic cycle.  We have a New Moon in Aries tomorrow.  This will be the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year.  2020 marks the start of a new world emerging.  We are in the beginning phases of some major transition.  There is a system failure that is occurring.  Schools have closed and many people have lost their jobs overnight.  This is going to effect everyone on a massive scale.  Many are feeling the call to step up and assist during this time.  The old systems based on fear and control are no longer able to function in these high frequencies.  We are anchoring into a 5D crystalline grid.  This New Moon has a powerful energy.  Many waves of energy are still coming in to assist the collective.  This is a new beginning for everyone.  We have a chance to once again become a Galactic society.  We are seeing the effects of these energies and are beginning to grasp just what they are capable of.  Many warriors are rising from the ashes of the old.  We also are experiencing a collective purge.  There is a lot that will continue to surface.  These shadows need to be healed so we can fully step into our light.  This is an amazing time to do some spring cleaning.  It’s an amazing time to be planting seeds through your intentions.  Fire is the ultimate purifier, so it’s a powerful time to be healing the collective.  We are being encouraged to meditate more.  This will help not just yourself, but the entire collective.  

On These Equinox Energies…

We are in the middle of a massive storm.  There is a massive portal open.  We have a lot unfolding right now so it’s very important that we are staying in a space of love.  We are seeing most of the Planet going into a quarantine.  We are going to go through a massive transition.  Everything we know will be restructured.  We have finally reached such a frequency that the old fear based structures must go.  We are going to see all of the schools close.  Many businesses will close as well.  Only the basics will stay open during this transition.  These quarantines will last longer then most people are aware of.  During this time all of the debt will be wiped.  A new quantum financial system will be installed.  There is a huge purge happening behind the scenes.  A lot of darkness is being removed.  A massive clean up.  We have the potential to shift into new ways of living.  Systems that support a state of abundance for all.  There is a lot of fear in the collective right now.  We need to remember that this is part of our Awakening.  There is a huge liberation occurring.  You will be taken care of during this time.  Today is also the Equinox.  There is a lot of energy coming in right now.  The best thing we can do is continue to keep our frequencies high.  Take a break and recalibrate your energy.  The Equinox is meant to bring us back into balance.

We will be doing a global meditation tomorrow to bring healing to ourselves and the collective.  This is a powerful energy that we can be using to make a huge change.  For sure sign up if you haven’t…