Happy Easter and 44 Portal!

Happy Easter and 44 Portal! Today’s 44 portal is exactly in the middle of the Equinox and Beltane, which is May 1st.  We have both the energies of the Sun and the Moon, and the Masculine and the Feminine meant to be in balance.  It’s a time for the Gods to Rise.  The Energies are Shifting and so are we.  The Sun is back and Spring has started.  Just as the flowers are coming back to life, so are we.  There are New Energies steaming in.  We are recalibrating as we adjust to these Higher Frequencies.  This time of year we are planting seeds.  Many of you are remembering that your Starseeds. This means many of you came here from other worlds, and other Planets.  You came to seed and create a new collective.  Many of you are feeling a pull to help in some way.  This is part of your purpose in being here.  This Portal is amplifying our manifesting.  We will continue to be in this steam of energy, for a few days to.  Stay extra positive right now.  We have been clearing and releasing a lot.  That means you may need a little extra healing and self care right now.  Stay very positive about your future.  Your being reminded that the Galactics and Archangels are here with you, and are assisting you.

art: @sarashakee

On The Energies…

We are still in some powerful energies.  We are still going to be really feeling the effects of the Equinox energies, over the next few weeks.  During this time we can expect a huge amount of Plasma Solar Energies to continue to stream in.  Last night a CME made impact, hitting Earth’s magnetic field.  Right now we are all integrating a lot of Cosmic Energies.  These energies are packed full of Activation Codes that are Upgrading our DNA.  April will also bring some massive upgrades to the collective grids.  This is the best time, to really, come back into balance.  It’s also important that you have a plan and some goals set out for the rest of the year.  We have just entered into Aries Season.  Aries Season will bring a lot of very high frequency energies with it.  It’s about using this energy to make things happen.  April will bring a lot of powerful energy shifts.  This energy is meant to guide us into a better alignment.  That’s why this is the best time to come back into, or to find a deeper alignment.  This weekend’s Libra Full Moon is all about bringing things back into harmony and balance.  The energy the rest of this week is all about relationships.  The focus should be on your love life.  For some this could mean more clearing of the past, or anything blocking you from opening up more fully.  It’s a great time for working on or healing your personal relationships.  This is a powerful time to be clearing and healing with the Full Moon energies.  It’s also powerful for manifesting. Pay attention to any inspiration your receiving.  Your angels are sending you messages in the form of creative ideas.  We are in the last couple of days of the y-Normid Meteor Shower.  It’s still active til the 28th.  You may get lucky and see a Meteor or a Shooting Star this week.  That always adds to the magical vibes.

art: @floatingheavy

An Energy Update…

Happy Equinox! The Portal is now opening fully.  Today is the first day of Spring here in the northern half of the world.  It’s a time to start new projects and to tune into any downloads your receiving.  In the southern half of the world it’s the first day of Autumn.  It’s a time to clear and finish any old projects.  Your now beginning the process of shedding the old.  Your also celebrating all of your hard work and receiving tons of abundance.  The Space Weather is starting to really kick off.  During the beginning of Spring and Fall cracks open in the Earth’s magnetic field. The Solar Winds that pour in really fuel the Geomagnetic Storms.  That means we are in a big stream of Solar Winds right now and expecting some Big Storms this weekend.  Expect a massive surge of energy and some major upgrades.  These energies are bringing a major influx of New Light Codes.  We are going to go through some major DNA Upgrades over the next week.  These energies are also activating the Ley Lines.  The Equinox raises the consciousness of the entire planet.  Big changes are also happening within the Earth’s grids.  These are great energies to be using.  All of this energy can really help you with getting things done.  All of these Cosmic Energies should be giving you an Energy Boost.  You can also expect to have more vivid dreams.  Astral projection becomes a lot easier in these types of energies.  It’s also a great time to connect with the Dragons.  The fairies also come out to dance and play in this space.  Your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit are also around you more during this time.

art: @kokeeneva