Sirian Space Storm

Space StormWe have a Solar Eclipse and a Lunar Eclipse this month.  The first eclipse is the 12th in Cancer.  This Eclipse is bringing us a new beginning.  We have 5 planets in retrograde, including Mercury and Mars which will make this energy feel subtle, but it’s anything but.  Mars is a planet of action.  This same Space Storm has brought a Sirian portal, a cosmic energy gateway.  This storm is an indicator of major shifts that are occurring for humanity, as the Starseeds take back their power.  It’s time to move any energy that has become stagnant in your life.  The Cosmos send these energies to shake things up, so we can see new perspectives.  This energy is to send you on a soul searching.  As you are awakening your path has become outdated.  The more in alignment your becoming with yourself, the more you are ready to shed the old.  You need to go deeper, within your own journey into yourself.  It’s time to reconnect Galactically.  Your on a journey to discover who you are again.  These storms give you a better perspective on your soul.  This storm is a cosmic bridge to higher levels of consciousness, if you dare cross.  There is a lot of emotional energy included with this storm, so protect yourself energetically.  


Astrological Energy Report

astrological energy Report

Last month Uranus entered Taurus.  This was a rare event, as it hadn’t happened for 84 years.  This energy is still playing an influence even now.  Communication is key this month with the Gemini


influences.  This is a time to channel creative ideas.  We have a New Moon in Gemini on the 13th.  There is a Galactic energy storm that just hit us.  This is time to take action.  This energy is starting to move rapidly, but by the end of the month the energy will slow back down.  The Solstice is coming as well, on the 21st.  This is a shift in seasons bringing the start of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of Winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  June 26th Mars goes retrograde until the end of August.  Mars is a planet of action and energy.  It’s time to move into your role in assisting humanity.  The same counsels that are sending Galactic energies to assist us are requiring more action on behalf of humanity. It’s time reflect on our approach to how we are trying to best serve.  By the end of this month we will have 5 planets in retrograde.  Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and Mars, will slow down the entire cosmos, energy included, bringing the entire planet to a halting point.  This slow retrograde energy is going to continue until August, and at one point we will have a total of six planets in retrograde.  This month ends with a Capricorn Full Moon on the 27th. This Moon will be powerful as it is setting the stage for the Eclipses that will follow it in July.  June is merely a bridge between some major shifts that are about to occur.  People are already starting to feel this energy and are becoming ungrounded.  You have more healing work to do.  We are on limited time however.  The same energies we are sending to assist will be also implemented for action.  You should feel an obligation to step into that calling we are sending out.  It is a call of action to the Starseeds.  Now is time that you obligate the contracts you took on to serve this Planet at this time.  It is our advise that you use this energy that will be available for the next week to heal and activate yourself.

New Moon In Taurus


 New Moon In Taurus

We have a New Moon the 15th in Taurus.  This sign is one that paves the way for huge cosmic shifts.  Taurus brings change with it, and has a tendency to insert itself slowly, with dramatic effects.  This moon will be most profound as one of new beginnings.  The same day we have this New Moon Uranus shifts into Taurus.  Whenever we have big planets making shifts a certain energy is felt within and around us.  Taurus energy is about security and stability.  This is a sign that has mastered love and finances.  While this sign creates security, it’s aware that real security
comes from within.  Things are about to change within and without.  With this Taurus and Uranus energy it’s important that we surrender to these changes.  While this Moon may bring lots of drastic changes, Taurus is a subtle energy it can tend to be extreme once noticed.  As our perceptions are evolving and shifting so is our level of understanding.  Taurus is a sign that can feel everything.  Being open to these changes will lead you to more positive probabilities.  This New Moon is bringing with it lots of creative energy.  When we focus on the old we lock ourselves In on the vey prison timeline people seek to escape.  We all understand the old issues.  We must work on creating new realities now.  Your being guided to continue activating yourself through these changes.  Any resistance to these changes is to resist yourself.  This moon is idea for love and relationships, as well as positive financial changes.  

Taurus Thoughts And Desires


Taurus Thoughts And Desires

The tides of the galaxies are settling momentarily to make ways for new energies.  As the Scorpio energies are receding they are making way for a polar opposite type of energy.  Right now people should be feeling we have shifted into a stabilizing force field type of energy.  The energies are here to assist us in manifesting like no other energy of the year.  May 15th the energy will peak with one of the most significant lunar events of the year, the Taurus New Moon.  This energy will come with a rare movement of Uranus shifting from Aries into Taurus.  Taurus is a stabilizing force that is one of the most powerful energetic signs.  This is time to use this energy to finish anything you have been working towards this year.  This Uranus transition into Taurus is assisting with these energies, and is about to bring with it new levels of awakening.  Uranus is in fact a planet of awakenings and it’s energy shifts us into new perspectives.  These energies can have magnetizing effects.  Taurus is very methodical and Uranus creates an energetic tug of war, it’s an opposing energy.   We will start to see tons of 2026 astrological based prophecies being put out.  This will be when Uranus finishes its journey through Taurus.  Focus on love and your finances right now and be careful with your thoughts, Taurus is an instant manifester like no other sign.  It’s also slow to materialize at times, so your thoughts now will determine the rest of your year in the now.

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Huge Energetic Shifts Today


Energy Astrology Report

This energy should be showing you that you need to slow down with everything.  Things need time to settle and you need time to focus on more long term plans.  This journey is about connecting you to yourself.  Everything is unfolding exactly as it should be in perfect timing.  You have been shown glimpses of your future and it’s extraordinary, but you must stay in the present.  This month will bring a lot of heavy energy with it.  Today is bringing with it a huge energetic shift.  Chiron is moving out of Pisces into Aries.  This placement will remain in this position until 2027, already bringing with it prophetic undertones.  Chiron is here to help guide people through the process of healing and clearing past wounds we brought with us into this life.  We brought many lessons that were of a deeper spiritual nature.  As we begin to remember and integrate this knowledge it’s causing shifts on many subconscious and energetic levels.  This placement acts as a bridge or doorway between the old and the new.  This is not the only energy shift we are going through the remainder of the month.  The incoming energy will be testing us spiritually to prepare us for the Scorpio full moon.

New Moon In Aries


New Moon In Aries

We have a storm about to hit us.  We have a New Moon in Aries Sunday.  This new wave of energy is coming to implement change.  Since the last energy wave we have been shown the things that have not been working in our lives.  With change things must come to an end.  This energy is all about thinking and manifesting bigger.  We must make these changes.  The first
step to change is to shift your attitude.  We can not ever fix external problems on that level, we fix them internally.  Everyone wants change but in order to do that we have to leave our current comfort zones.  This Energy wave should be used to break any bad habits, or to break down anything not serving you.  We can chose to make simple or drastic changes here.  The Universe is always guiding you, so stay very open to everything.  When we close ourselves off we are only closing our own probabilities.  Be patient, it can take time before we can even understand how to best implement these changes.  Mercury goes direct at this same time.  It will take time for us to understand and comprehend this new information.  This will be a volatile intense energy.  Just be aware of this if your Moon energy sensitive.   This energy will allow you to understand yourself on a deep level.  This energy will help you awaken and discover and uncover new aspects and new understandings about yourself.

April Astrology Report


April astrology report

I’ve been seeing lessons in time being a major theme with this energy.  It can be hard to stay in the now.  We have so much past healing to do, and so many future probabilities we can access now.  We will be using these lessons to integrate these places and spaces into our current reality, the moment is only ever now.  This Aries energy should be motivating you but it’s very important that your focused on balance and staying in the present moment.  We are about to see major timelines merging and collapsing into us.  Our past and futures are all colliding in the now in crazy ways.  You are not seeing reality as it is.  Your seeing things as you have been led to believe they are.  This limited information is causing us to project many illusions into our current situations.  You will become lucid when you step past logic, it will only hinder your intuition.  We need to move past going within, and we need to expand those galaxies in the here.  The Moon energy came to break down old structures.  This month will be shifting into some heavy energy.  Chiron brings deeper spiritual lessons that cause shifts on a subconscious and energetic level.  This is a bridge between the old and the new.  Hence this bridge is being used as an access point to other times.  This is time to reflect and download, and a time to clear any childhood issues.   April will end with a Full Moon in Scorpio.  It will be the most powerful Moon of the year.  This energy is about transformation.  It’s all about the cycles of death and rebirth.  We will be leaving our old perspectives for new more aligned perceptions of reality.  It’s very important we focus on creation right now and not any distraction.  The future of humanity depends on it at this time….

Full Supermoon in Cancer

We will have a Super Full Moon on January 31st. This will end with a Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. This Moon will be in Cancer, which is about cleansing and releasing emotions. This energy is about intuition and self care. This Cancer energy is about tuning into your own inner wisdom. This Moon is about closure. Since Cancer is a sign that is super sensitive and intuitive expect emotions to be on the rise. Trust the signs you are being shown. Trust your feeling and listen to them. Last year was all about fire and air based energies. We are now shifting to a new phase. One of strong earth and water energy. This energy will shift us from our heads to our hearts. Our intuition is how we access Universal information. You strengthen your intuition by using it. So this year you will need to start to rely on it. Pay attention to what your feeling right now. This Moon will set the tone for this new year and it will be bringing a lot of emotions with it.

New Moon in Capricorn

We are feeling the first New Moon of 2018! This Moon’s theme is learning! This Moon is extra powerful because Saturn will have just entered Capricorn. Saturn is most comfortable in this sign. If your Moon energy sensitive this will really amplify things. We are seeing power struggles and control dramas resurface. Be careful who you are aligning your loyalties with as a leader. We also have a visit from Terebellum. Terebellum
Is a star that isn’t exactly pleasant, it’s the horse part of the archer. Terebellum comes bringing great fortune. But, nothing comes without a cost. This star has a cunning and mercenary nature. This Stars name actually translated to ‘Earth War’. When under the influence of this star people should feel obligated to stop the exploitation of this planet. We will see lots of rising up against the establishments with this Moon energy. With this Moon’s conjunction with Venus people will crave more affection.

Things to work on for 2018 for each zodiac sign…




Capricorn- You are so adaptable to any situation, but that can have detrimental affects to your psyche. Work on being your authentic self in every situation. I know it’s more comfortable for you to fit in, but you were meant to stand out. Work on being your authentic self even around people. (Solar Plexus Chakra)

Aquarius- You are such a people person. You need to switch the focus from everyone else back to yourself. Your too wrapped up in the illusion and playing hero to everyone else. This year put the focus back on yourself. (Crown Chakra)

Pisces- You are always helping everyone else, even at the expense of being a martyr. You can still help people, but in doing so you have to work at putting yourself first. We can only help others if we are doing good first. Work at putting yourself first this year. (Throat Chakra)

Aries- This year you master peace, inner peace. You have been that warrior archetype for so long, it’s time you embody becoming a peaceful warrior. This battle is in your mind and within so to conquer it you need to meditate. Create a space of peace this year. (Crown Chakra)

Taurus- In 2017 you conquered the material, and last year was the year of the bull. While you were physically building last year, this year will be mental. This year will be a year of vision and contemplation. Your main objective is to bridge that gap between the physical and the spiritual this year. (Third Eye Chakra)

Gemini- 2017 was a massive year for downloads and expanding your perception about your reality. In 2017 you had so much to talk about and teach. This year you will master silence. As you become more aware and grow into your gifts more you will see the value in alone time more and more. This year you will master listening, really listening to people. (Heart Chakra)

Cancer- You had an emotional year in 2017, and did a lot of purging and releasing. This year you will master the material, or the physical. You need to achieve balance between the emotion states you sense and the physical reality we all live in. This year you will master grounding which will help you master your emotions and emotional state (Sacral Chakra)

Leo- You need to step away from the physical world and you need to focus on the spiritual. Your too focused on yourself right now. You need to become more open to other people’s versions of reality. This year you will find a way to be of service on a group mission of sorts. You need to balance the spiritual and the physical. (Third Eye Chakra)

Virgo- You need to declutter any last programming your holding on to. This year you solidify your path as the healer/teacher archetype that you are. This year will either heal or shatter you depending on where you are on your spiritual journey. This is your year of manifestation. This year you will create something you like. (Sacral Chakra)

Libra- You are embodying that balance you so crave. Your also doing what your sign loves which is to be of service. This year you will master balance, but you will also be setting an example for those around you. Work at caring less what people think of you this year. If you are authentic the right people will always love you. (Throat Chakra)

Scorpio- You need to stop searching and seeking for love outside of yourself. You need to stop with these unfulfilling relationships and vices and you need to fill yourself spiritually. Work more at yourself and less at your love life. If you do that it will change things for you. This year fall in love with yourself (Heart Chakra)

Sagittarius- 2017 was a huge year and this sign made huge shifts! On an internal level your entire body is changing. You need more rest this year. You need time to integrate these upgrades into your daily life. Self care is the theme for this sign, how ironic because this sign loves to stay active. You need to really take care of yourself energetically this year. (Sacral Chakra)