On The Energies…

We are still integrating a lot of Energies from last night.  The Energies are beginning to really chill out though.  Some may feel a frequency crash, others will feel relief.  You will continue to feel the effects of last weekend’s Full Moon for a few days.  The Schumann Resonance was up and down all day yesterday, but has stabilised now.  We are moving into a rest period over the next few days.  You may be more relaxed, or even sleepy.  This is where the healing happens.  Today Venus is connecting with Saturn.  Venus is the Planet of Love and Saturn is the Ruler of our Responsibilities.  This is helping us raise our standards.  It’s time your asking for more.  It’s up to you to turn your dreams into reality.  This Energy is all about your Love Life and Job.  Expect Major Shifts in both areas.  The Moon is in Scorpio today.  This should bring us a burst of creativity.  You should be really listening to your intuition right now.  Pay attention to the Spirit Messages coming through.  Your Loved Ones in Spirit are around you a little extra right now, as the veil will continue to be very thin over the next few weeks.  Aries Season is going to continue to bring lots of Solar Energies.  That means lots of Light Codes and Ascension Upgrades.  This is the time to do some Spring Cleaning.  It’s great for some Energy Clearing or Decluttering.  We are about to enter April, which will bring some New Energies.

art: @ramonlaasc

On The Energies…

We have some powerful Energies expected over the next few days.  These waves of energy are coming from the Galactic Central Sun, through our Sun.  We also have a lot of powerful Planetary Alignments playing out, along side this Ascension.  Each Planetary Shift is meant to be taking you into a better alignment.  As these New Earth energies are pouring in, they are full of Light Codes that are putting us on a much higher frequency.  Since our DNA is made up of Light and Frequencies, these Cosmic Energies are changing our DNA.  Your entire Blueprint is being Upgraded.  You may be feeling the effect of this Ascension process in a physical way as your body is responding to, and processing all of these energies.  You may be experiencing ringing in the ears, headaches, feeling tired, sleep issues, or even aches and pains.  We are also going through a lot of clearing within the Solar Plexus.  You may be having stomach issues, bloating, or nausea.  Things will start to feel better tomorrow, as Mercury is set to Shift Direct.  We will however remain in its Shadow Period until March 13th.  Tonight the First Quarter Moon will be passing Taurus.  We are going to get a great view of the Pleiades star system.  Over the next few days the Moon is going to cross through a giant hexagon of stars known as the Winter Circle.  As it passes through the Winter Circle we will be showered from the energies of many different star systems.  The constellations Sirius and Orion help make up this formation.

art: @floatingheavy

Aquarius New Moon…

Tonight’s Aquarius New Moon is bringing quite the energy with it.  You probably won’t see this Moon, it most likely will be invisible.  You will feel it though.  This Moon is now joining the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Aquarius.  That makes this Aquarius Season a little extra with 6 planets in Aquarius.  This alignment is an Aquarius Stellium.  That makes this New Moon extra powerful.  Venus and Jupiter are shining on areas of love and luck.  Mercury is still Retrograde until the 20th.  That means if your in a relationship to be gentle, your clearing a lot.  The energies are going up in frequency and this New Moon is helping us to clear the energies of the past.  It’s helping us to come into Divine alignment.  It’s a great time to be getting creative.  This energy is all about projects.  It’s a great time to get inspired or to be thinking of new ideas.  It’s also a great time to get ahead on that Spring Cleaning or to declutter.  Are there ways you can bring some New Energies into your Space? We also have Meteors and Astroids flying by this week.  That means it’s the perfect time to be making a wish upon a Shooting Star.  This is adding to the Magical Vibes.  It’s a time to Manifest and Set Intentions.  Many of you are noticing that we are making Big Shifts right now.  Be very positive with the Seeds your Planting during this time.  Expect Miracles.  They are on the way.

art: limitlessmindgames