On The Energies…

The 333 Portal is at its peak! We have tons of Cosmic Energies streaming in right now.  The Ascension Upgrades continue as we continue to receive a high influx of Light Codes within these Energies.  These are Healing Energies.  We are adjusting to higher and higher frequency energies.  The higher the frequency we are on, the lighter we will become within the body.  Our bodies are changing into a Light Body form.  The 333 Portal is bringing some intense energies with it.  Our intentions are so powerful today! We are instant manifesting whatever we are thinking about, or focusing on.  We can really use these energies by becoming more intentional with our goals, or plans.  This Gateway is also powerful for relationships.  This is a powerful Gateway for any Twin Flames.  333 is a sign that angels and ascended masters are guiding and assisting you with your ascension journey.  The veil is really thin this month and we have tons of messages and guidance coming through.  The energy this month will be Activating many to the next level of there Awakening.  Many of you are becoming more and more aware that you are needed here as Lightworkers during this time.  This is a great time to get Inspired or to get creative.  There is a powerful Conjunction occurring tonight as Mars passes by the Pleiades.  Mars and the Pleiades will be very close all week.  The closest approach happens tonight though.  Mars will be the only evening Planet visible all month long.  Mars is now home to NASA’s Perseverance Rover.  This alignment will bring big shifts for the Divine Masculine.  Any Aries may be feeling this energy a little extra.  This alignment will bring some amazing celestial colours with it.  It’s also a great time to see the asteroid Vesta, or the Comet Atlas.

art: @riasteria

An Energy Report…

There is a lot of tension in the air this week.  In America we have the elections still In progress and here in the UK, we are shifting back into a complete lockdown.  The UK has been in some form of lockdown for the past 7 months.  We are going to continue to go through a massive transition during this time.  There is a crumbling that is occurring.  The old is being stripped away.  We must release the old, knowing it will only be replaced by something better.  These are old programs being deactivated.  While the old was about fear and control the new is being replaced by higher templates of love.  It’s important that we are letting go of any attachments right now as to how we think things should go.  Know this is part of a Divine Plan.  Despite all of the disharmony occurring right now, please remember this is all meant to lead you back into more harmony with yourself.  Make sure your focusing on coming into a deeper alignment.  Scorpio Season is the time to go deep into the darkness or the shadows.  So we are all where we should be, even now.  This week is all about the deeper spiritual work we must do.  Ascension doesn’t just happen, it takes lots of work.  That is why we have been doing so much clearing this year.  There is a splitting occurring between the people that are doing the work, and in those not interested in doing this deeper work.  A lot of that, is what we are seeing happen now.  This may seem like a long week for some so it’s important that your taking good care of your energy right now.  We are all being affected and feeling the collective on some level.  It’s important that your staying very positive right now.  We are making big shifts right now so ask that your being moved to your highest timeline.  Make sure your using white light to protect yourself.  We have a lot of lower energies flying around right now.  You can also use the violet flame, which is great for burning away and clearing negative energies or even karma.  This is a great time to be doing some extra cleansing.  I always recommend salt baths or chakra clearings.  Crystals help so much too.  Have faith that no matter what we face together as a collective it’s for our highest good.  Tonight is the best time to see some fireballs from the South Taurids Meteor Shower.  This Meteor Shower is active until late November, but is at its peak today.  It’s also an amazing time to check out the Pleiades.  Tune into your body right now.  This week is all about self care as we prepare for next weeks 11/11 Portal.

Navigating This Weeks Energies…

It’s Retrograde Season still and this week we have shifted into Eclipse Season.  Let’s not forget a lot of the world is still locked down from the pandemic.  This is a powerful time for humanity.  Things are getting intense as the energies continue to increase.  The United States is witnessing a level of civil unrest not seen in decades.  Mercury is in Cancer and it’s digging up karma from the past.  We have a Triple Eclipse Gateway opening though.  So we can expect things to intensify as we move through this weeks first Eclipse.  Friday’s Lunar Eclipse will occur during the strawberry Full Moon.  It’s also taking us into the shadow.  This Sagittarius Moon is meant to assist us in clearing any outdated beliefs.  It will ignite the warrior and fire within us.  It also will help us with clearing any power struggles.  These energies are meant to assist us with a deeper liberation.  A lot of energy from the past is coming back.  This Eclipse is an opening between worlds.  This is why we are seeing a pull to want to change the world.  People are beginning to glimpse that something better awaits.  This first eclipse is directly opposite Venus Retrograde and the Sun.  this could trigger past relationship issues or even old ancestral programming.  Any low vibrational energies are going to continue to be stirred up and cleared.  We will see a huge planetary purge this month.  We are also being tested.  We have a lot of trauma being pushed to the surface.  Humanity will continue to purge out the old to make space for the new.  Remember this is why we are here.  We came to offer our light.  These events are waking up many to their roles as lightworkers.

On This Space We Are In..

I see a lot of people in fear of the dark and even giving their power to it right now.  We are seeing the power of the light in these energies coming into the Planet.  We are being blasted with waves of 5D energy.  So many people are blaming 5G, the government, the Cabal, even Hollywood during this time.  These are Divine energies and they are of a very high frequency.  We are going through a purification process.   Many people will not make this ascension.  We are in a portal, a place where many souls will begin to leave.  We have been so used to living at a low frequency that it’s taking a lot of work to master these new energies.  There is even an attempt to stay inside or people wearing masks as an attempt to not get sick.  Things are not what they seem.  These energies are going to continue to get more intense.  We are vibrating at a 5th dimensional level and must of this Planet is struggling in 3D.  This is a global ascension and every person on this Planet should be feeling it.  A soul pull to evolve back to the spiritual.  Be careful of what your allowing into your reality right now.  There are many distractions that are playing out.  This is an attempt to pull people back to these lower timelines.  Your a powerful creator and it’s important that your choosing love during this time.  You are always in control of your vibrational frequency.  The truth is nothing outside of yourself can influence you, unless you chose to.  Use this space to fully heal.  We won’t be here long.  This is temporary.  It is to prepare us for the changes ahead.  This is a bridge to the new.

If you are Quarantined this is the perfect time to sign up for a class…

Rethinking The Collective..

Sometimes we need to take a break to rethink what direction we are going in.  This is an amazing time to rethink where we have evolved to as a society.  It’s not a surprise that we are now seeing an entire system failure.  In a lot of ways we have failed as a society long before this, I mean what can we really create in that illusion of separateness.  We have seen a disconnect from a lot of the basic qualities that it means to be human.  A lack of empathy and compassion for others that have been suffering.  A society that picks profits over health.  There is a large scale attempt to keep everyone in this limited version of reality.  Out of these ashes a New Earth has already risen.  One on a much higher frequency.  We are meant to be multi-dimensional existing in many places at once.  This is where humanity is headed to.  We can either chose elevate our frequency so that we can keep up with Gaia, as she makes her ascension, or we will leave the experience.  This Planet is out of harmony as people are not doing the work to keep up with these new energies.  That is why we will see an increase in health related issues as the schumman resonance continues to rise.  This is the space where we rethink how we are living as a collective.  We could not continue down this path.  We are watching a crumbling of the old, but it’s collapsing into something new and more in alignment with us spiritually.  Use this time to tune into the spiritual.  Work on your healing and make sure your eating better foods.  What we are experiencing now is temporary so it’s really important that we are going with the flow of this transition.  The rest of this month will help shift people back to a space of oneness.

Major Shifts Occurring…

We have had a massive shift occurring.  We are in a powerful space as we are in between Eclipse Gateways.  We will have 6 Eclipses in 2020, the first of which will occur January 10th.  This energy is extremely powerful until then.  After a few calm days with the Schumann Resonance we hit a power of 92 Hz today.  Some of the graph spikes even looked like a column of light.  Anything above 40 Hz is considered 5D frequencies.  The energies may feel extra dreamy as the effects of any Eclipses can last for months.  The events unfolding are leading this Planet into much higher frequencies.  This is the energy of 2020 and it’s guiding us into the new.  2020 to 2022 will be powerful in terms of the amount of DNA upgrades we will go through.  We are moving into much higher states of consciousness and the collective will begin to reflect this more and more.  This is a powerful time to step into our abilities.  These energies are powerful and are here for us to create the new with.  It’s important to remember that while you can not change your past, you have not written your future yet.  This is all about shedding the old to step into the new.  Stay aligned with what you want to experience this year.  Make sure your manifesting things that feel good or are good for you.  2020 will be all about better alignment and raising your frequency.

The Energies Of 2020…

We are going to continue to have a lot of energies streaming in.  I am someone who is very sensitive to these energies.  I can always feel and tell what’s coming.  These energies really just amplify anything already going on.  2020 will be powerful for the collective.  We will continue through this Eclipse gateway until the next Lunar Eclipse in Cancer January 10th.  This energy is very powerful and we can be using it as we pass through it.  It’s a bridge to the new and the structures of the old will not be able to withstand these new higher frequencies.  We will see a tower moment where many political and financial changes unfold rapidly.  Just as the collective must evolve, so does the physical body.  We will need to change everything we are doing not in alignment with these new energies.  Your body is nothing more then a projection of your spiritual state.  It’s beginning to crystallise.  For any indigos this is the turning point in your story.  Everything you came here for.  For those not flowing in these new states, or for anyone still feeling ascension symptoms it’s time to make some changes.  We have many new areas in our bodies activating.  In the next several months we will be feeling a surge of emotions as we adjust to many new areas activating.  Just as our bodies are going through a huge transformation so are the celestial bodies.  We are going to see some serious Earth changes ahead of us as well.  We are going to see the Sun also continuing to activate and evolve.  For those that have been doing the inner work your needed on your missions.  There is a reason you have had so much extra time to work on yourself.  Those who have not shifted to service may be getting much harder lessons.  This is pure Source energy that will continue to enlighten this Planet.  It goes where it’s needed and is affecting each person on an individual level.  2020 will require us to master manifestation.  This energy is a creative force and it’s important to remember you are writing your own story.  It’s time to get creative.

The Crumbling..

Get ready for the ultimate crumbling to occur.  We have seen our worlds burn time and time again.  Still people are not grasping this was never to build the material around us.  It’s always been about building yourself.  As the energy is shifting and the frequencies are rising the programming not serving humanity must be released.  The material isn’t able to make this journey with you.  It’s time to shift your focus back to yourself.  This energy will bring with it a final release.  A clearing of the things not serving you.  If you keep playing with the fire of fear based thoughts and frequencies, you will get burnt. It’s time to let go for good.  To rise we must let go of the things weighing us down.  

The Schumann Resonance Is Increasing..

The Schumann Resonance hit a peak of 37hz today.   Your brain waves act as a receiver for these frequencies.  We are now in Gamma wave states.  Gamma waves will shift us into a unity consciousness.  This is affecting our visual awareness.  This is affecting our state of consciousness.  The Earth’s frequencies are rising and as they are your brain is picking up these frequencies.  The resonance is changing your state of lucidity.  This is inducing an altered state of consciousness.  There is a correlation between transcendental mental states and Gamma waves.  This is expanding your conscious awareness.  We are now leaving the Beta states for good and venturing into higher and higher frequencies.  In these Gamma wave states 70% of the time it will induce a lucid dream experience.  We are now about to reach those vibrational states on this Planet.  40hz currents are a key for lucidity.  It puts your brain on the exact frequencies needed to induce altered states of consciousness.  Since this is putting our brains on higher and higher frequencies we are able to better manifest and create our reality.  It’s allowing our brain to link to and receive much more information.  This is allowing us to have a more conscious experience within the dream world.  

Stripping Away The Illusion..

Let go of what you think you know about how things should be.  With Neptune in Pisces for the first time in 164 years we will now watch the illusion crumble.  You were always the glue holding it together.  This is the time in which the world will awaken.  Instead of using this as an opportunity for growth many will seek to blame external forces for their circumstances.  Chiron is bringing up old wounds.  We all hold many with these systems.  Past lives we are clearing here and now.  The world is on fire, but it’s out of these flames that a new one will emerge.  Instead of moving forward many are desperately trying to change the old.  You can’t interfere with Divine will.  This is the Universal plan that we are all so much a part of.  We are collectively taking back our power.  For the first time people are revoking their consent, by saying no.  Your voice will create the change your soul so seeks.  People are realising that by not speaking it’s our implied consent.  Now is time to find your voice.  The material has always been temporary, the spiritual infinite.  The 3rd dimension has become the ultimate battle for control.  A war for control over your perception.  Everything about your reality manipulated to change how you view the world.  Out of destruction always comes the space you need to create something new.  As we close up this year allow yourself space to do so.  Clear out the dead frequencies from your life.  This will lift you more then you know.