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On This Weeks Energies…

We have a lot going on this week.  We are still enjoying the Beltane energies until the middle of this week.  There is a ton of love and magic in the air.  May will bring with it some massive shifts and upgrades.  We are going into the 5/5 Gateway.  This month the Lunar Nodes will be shifting.  The North Node moves out of Capricorn and into Gemini on May 5th.  This is a huge transition.  The nodes rule our fate.  They also tell us a lot about what we can be shedding to fulfil our destiny.  We can expect this shift to bring with it some major plot twists.  This Gateway will bring with it some powerful energies.  We also have a Full Moon in Scorpio the 7th.  This will wrap up this Supermoon Season.  Many have been feeling the effects of these lunar energies and haven’t been sleeping as good.  This Full Super Moon will bring a huge emotional release for many.  We also have a few retrogrades in our near future.  Saturn is going Retrograde in Aquarius on the 10th, for the first time in 38 years.  We can expect some major transformations to occur.  Venus shifts into Retrograde next week, some can already feel the shadow phase has begun.  This month is all about personal transformation.  It’s a time to really get focused on your energy and your path ahead of you.  We have all of the best energies at play this week.  The theme is love, relationships, abundance, manifesting, and stepping into our destiny.

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Happy Beltane!

We are celebrating Beltane today.  We are half way in between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.  This is one of my favourite holidays.  The fire festive of love.  Today we celebrate the marriage of the God and Goddess.  This energy tends to stir up things when it comes to love.  Many are feeling a longing to reunite with their lost beloved.  This next few weeks will be all about our relationships.  Many can feel the magic and love vibes in the air.  Next week will bring a further release of anything blocking us from love.  Many are working on releasing the last pieces of their karma.  This means that many will be coming together into new relationships.  Once meant to heal and elevate them spiritually.  It’s very important that we are also releasing anything blocking us from loving ourselves fully.  The next few months will push us deeper into ourselves.  We are in the realm of the fairies.  We are visiting their dimension at the moment.  This is the best time to get outside and connect with nature.  The elementals are here to teach us about living from the heart and working with the elements.  Stay open to the spiritual during this time.  There are entire worlds we have yet to explore.  Expect to see lots of fairies and spirits during this time.  Some may even see the Green Man.  The veil is very thin right now.  The Earth energy is very active right now as well.  This is also the union between the Earth and Sky.  Some traditions even celebrate Beltane through May 6th.  This energy will take us through next weeks 5/5 gateway.


Love is in the air this week.  We are in my favourite time of year.  Beltane will be celebrated Friday.  This is the wedding of the God and Goddess.  This is a celebration of the new, a celebration of our rebirth.  This energy is all about love, abundance, and fertility.  We are entering into the elemental realms this shift.  Many may feel like we have entered a space past time.  These Beltane energies are leading us into next weeks 5/5 Portal.  We are half way between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.  During this time the spirit world is closer to our own world.  We are meant to be using this time to come back into balance.  It was thought in past cultures that if people were to attain to much materially the otherworld would take it.  We are seeing a transition of the material.  Much we know will collapse.  This shift we are being asked to step away from the material.  This is a good time to shift your focus to the spiritual.  The veil is extra thin right now. This time of year is all about the Earth.  There is a lot of magic in the air.  Many of you will feel these energy shifts more and more.  Many people will be coming into more and more of their psychic awareness.  This is a powerful time to connect with nature, or to the fairy realms through meditation.

Join us for our Beltane Meditation this weekend..