On The Energies…

We are going to be feeling the energies continue to rise over the next few weeks.  Tonight’s Solar Eclipse will open a doorway.  That space, in between tonight’s Solar Eclipse and the Scorpio Total Lunar Eclipse that will happen May 15th is so powerful.  These energies are bringing us a Supercharged Taurus New Moon.  Tonight’s Moon is also a Dark Moon.  We will also have a Supercharged Scorpio Full Moon.  This will also be a Blood Moon.  Tonight’s Solar Eclipse will be activating your Destiny.  It’s all about your path ahead.  It’s bringing us fresh energies, as it’s merging with the energies of Beltane.  May’s Total Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse is all about clearing the past and shadow work.  This one is here to assist with healing any past karma, or clearing any current karma you may still be in.  During Eclipse Season things may suddenly Eclipse themselves out of your life.  Trust that anything happening is meant to.  Expect huge shifts this weekend.  The energies of this Eclipse Season are going to help you to realign with your soul’s purpose.  It can suddenly shift your path, or change things in a big way.  Many of you are having vivid dreams.  The veil is continuing to thin right now.  Sunday is Beltane.  You are tapping in, in many ways right now.  Getting more and more of a glimpse past things.  More things are coming through.  This is a time to be tuning into the spiritual right now.  Pay attention to the messages that are coming through.  Beltane is a time to Celebrate.  It’s a festive of fire and all about Love! It’s a time of Sacred Union.  The Fairylands also open up, make it a time of Elemental Magic.

art: @limitlessmindgames

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