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Sagittarius Super Full Blood Moon/ Total Lunar Eclipse…

Tonight is the Sagittarius Full Moon.  It’s also several events in one as it’s a Total Lunar Eclipse, a Super Moon, and a Blood Moon.  It’s the first of 4 Eclipses that will happen this year.  This Eclipse is bringing some powerful Cosmic Energies with it.  Blood Moons are always connected to tons of prophecies, and can be seen as a sign of the times changing.  This Moon is also a Super Moon and we are still seeing a massive surge of Galactic Energies, many of them Pleiadian.  Eclipses have powerful effects on human consciousness.  This Eclipse Gateway is a Portal to major changes.  This Eclipse is going to assist you in shifting your mindset.  Your realising your capable of so much more.  This Eclipse Season is all about the personal transformation your going through.  It’s very much a caterpillar to butterfly moment.  June will bring much higher frequency energies and tons of DNA activations with it.  We are moving to a higher level of consciousness within these energies.  This Eclipse is getting us ready.  This energy may bring lots to the surface.  The Moon tends to do that, and we have triple Moon power energies going on.  You can expect the past and the future to collide in all sorts of surprising ways.  Pay attention to what is coming up for healing at this time.  This weeks energies are bringing a Cosmic Reset, and are all about cleansing and clearing.  This energy is helping us to release old emotions or attachments. We also have several planets in retrograde.  It’s a great time to do some cord cutting, or extra saging.

We Are Meditating Today…

We are coming together to meditate today for the Sagittarius Full Moon.  This is a Total Lunar Eclipse, and a Super Blood Moon.  We are going to be tapping into these energies to do some clearing and healing work.  It’s a great time to bring healing to the past.  This energy will bring a big release.  It’s a great time to bring the frequencies up with your soul group.  Meditation is at 5pm Uk time, noon New York Time.  It works the same on replay though if you can’t make it live.  You just purchase the meditation and I email you the group link to join us.


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Pressure Cooker..

This Full Blood Moon/ Lunar Eclipse will complete a cycle.  For the past 18 months we have been working with the Eclipse energies of Leo and Aquarius.  This Eclipse will mark the last one in this cycle.  In ancient times a Blood Moon was seen as a bad omen for the King.  It represented a time of reign coming to an end.  This Eclipse is meant to lead you to your calling.  Solar and Lunar eclipses occur on the same frequency.  This Eclipse will push the collective into much higher frequencies.  Lunar energy penetrates all things.  These energies effect any electromagnetic fields.  It also creates a disruption in our melatonin levels, affecting sleep cycles.  Some people are very sensitive to geomagnetic disturbances.  These influxes of energy are changing our DNA.  When we are exposed to low frequency fields it creates a breakdown of our DNA.  Geomagnetic, or high frequency energy is shown to repair DNA.  The physical elements are changing on this Planet.  Carbon will no longer be the blueprint for life.  We are changing to crystalline.  All life is evolving to piezoelectric properties.  This effect is creating a new electromagnetic field pulse.  This is electricity created from a lot of pressure and heat.  You can see this occurring when you look at the Schumann  Resonance.