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On The Energies…

Welcome to June.  You’re probably feeling the high energies.  That’s because this month brings the Summer Solstice.  June 3 is our Sagittarius Full Moon.  This Strawberry Moon will ripen close to Midnight and will appear full for about three days.  Next week starts out with a bang as Monday Venus shifts into Leo for a four month journey, until Oct 8th.  Venus will shift Retrograde in Leo from July 22nd to Sep 3rd.  Venus Retrograde is a transit that brings up any issues around love and money.  Because this Retrograde takes place in Leo it’s stirring up things around past relationships you have already been through, and where you’re at with your love life.  Tuesday is the 6:6 Portal.  Huge for your awakening and the activations you’re receiving.  We have a theme of self care coming up for June.  There is a huge focus on healing family and your ancestral line right now.  We have shooting stars kicking off now too with the 6:6 Portal.  June 7th is the peak of the Daytime Arietids.  It’s the strongest daytime meteor shower of the year.  June 10th we have the Pleiades return for a powerful alignment.  The Pleiades are making their first morning appearance and will be supercharging our Sun.  June 16th our Moon passes 2° from the Pleiades in the morning.  Powerful alignment between our Waning Crescent Moon and the Pleiades.  June 17th kicks off Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius.  This years Saturn Retrograde can feel like a wake up call.  All about better boundaries this year.  June 17th we also have a rare planetary alignment as Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, and Mercury all line up in the morning sky.  5 planets in a row just before Sunrise.  Cancer Season and the Summer Solstice kick off June 21st.  Expect huge Shifts!  The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year.  Expect about 16 hours of sunlight! The Summer Solstice marks the first day of Summer.  We then celebrate Midsummer June 24th.  This is one of my favorite Fairy Gateways too.

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On The Energies…

Day 8 of 10 of the Galactic Activation Portal Days in a row that we have been in.  The next 48 hours is bringing some strong energies for manifesting.  You should be feeling like a new person as you’re preparing to enter June.  These high frequency energies are helping you to wake up and to shift into the 5D New Earth.  Right now you’re releasing old energies and toxins.  This may look like your old life.  Past life healing coming up as you release and heal this lifetime of lessons and karma.  Your soul can no longer handle negativity or things you’re no longer a frequency match for.  As your frequency continues to rise your realities will continue to change.  June acts as a Gateway or Bridge between your past, and future.  If Spirit has shown you glimpses of the future trust it.  June is so important as it really shifts things in the right direction.  We are in Gemini Season.  This will give you a little boost for your manifesting.  All of what you’re creating is something first pictured in the mind.  To shift into 5D is to make an energetic shift.  Being guided to really work on your energy during this time.  You may be having less sleep or more dreams suddenly.  The dream world is mainly a 4D level of consciousness or an astral world.  Lucid dreams are mainly 5D.  Huge shifts happening and new dimensions opening up in the dream time.  June kicks off with two powerful conjunctions in the sign of Taurus.  June 1st Jupiter aligns with the Lunar North Node of Destiny.  This means right now Destiny is at play in your life.  For some this may be fated encounters or fated meetings happing between souls.  It may be that mission activating or the desire to help in some way coming on line.  It all depends on your soul plan and what your destiny actually is.  This is the time to tap into that bigger picture!  Over the next 2 weeks expect things shifting in a much bigger then you way.  June 5th we have Venus shifting into Leo.  This shift will turn the heat up on your love life.  June also brings the Summer Solstice.  This is the longest day of the year, but also the start to Summer.  Expect it to bring big energies this year!

art: @ramonlaasc

On The Energies…

Solar flare alert.  We have an unstable Sunspot that is kicking out extra strong solar flares.  We have been hit with like 20 solar flares in the past 2 days.  We are in the peak of the Pleiadian Portal.  This means we are receiving a huge influx of Pleiadian Energies.  Expect a lot of Solar Winds and Plasma Energies over the next few days.  You may be receiving a lot of Pleiadian messages and downloads.  You may be feeling a pull to the Galactics to your Star Family.  Lots of Violet Flame Energies hitting Earth/ the Grid right now.  Major cleansing and activation underway.  Our Sun is supercharged with Pleiadian Energies/ light from Alcyone.  We have shifted into Gemini Season.  The element of Air!  It’s time to dream bigger.  Gemini is the sign of the Twins.  This Gemini Season is all about your mind and the power of your thoughts, and words.  All about using them to create the future that you want.  We can tap into these energies to manifest and to create magic.  This Gemini Season is a great time to get intentional.  We are integrating a lot of energies.  As your frequency is rising you may have a lot coming to the surface.  Major DNA activations in progress thru May 28th.  We are in a stretch of Galactic Activation Days until then.  Lots of New Light Codes streaming in right now.  You may be experiencing having issues sleeping, waking up more, or may be feeling you need more sleep right now.  Expect more clarity about your path ahead over the next few months, by June 1st.  June 1st we have a conjunction between Jupiter and the North Node of Destiny in Taurus.  This aspect is considered powerful and auspicious.  Jupiter magnifies everything it touches.  In this case your own Destiny.  Expect major Shifts! Expect a lot of positive energies and clarity about your future.  This alignment will be activating your souls purpose.  If you have a destined connection expect things to activate in this area.

art: @shinewonderland