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On Today’s Energies…

Our New Moon in Taurus is going to be a Black Moon.  This is a rare double header, as it’s the second New Moon in one month.  It’s also a Partial Solar Eclipse that’s taking us into our Spring Eclipse Season.  All of this is also happening on May Eve.  Sunday is Beltane.  On May Eve the Earth Energies, and the the Kundalini Energy of the entire planet reaches a peak.  You may be feeling extra merge vibes or soul pulls right now.  This energy is all about reincarnated love.  You have been part of a love story with your Twin Flame since your soul was created.  Eclipses activate our destiny.  Pay attention if your finding your way back to yours during this time.  The Universe may be trying to bring you together with another.  Eclipses are known to bring sudden or unexpected plot twists.  If you feel, or sense, that you have been brought together by a higher power pay attention to these sensations.  The veil is thin.  You will be seeing or feeling more come through.  Taurus activates all of our senses.  This Eclipse will be bringing synchronicities, but more important things that are fated to be.  Prepare for shifts in destiny.  That means some are going through a crumbling.  Know anything falling apart, was never truly meant to be.  That’s why it’s so important that your listening to your inner guidance.  Your going to be extra tuned in right now.  Beltane takes us into other worlds.  The world of the Fae.  May is also bringing the Pleiadian Energies.  Things will begin to peak energetically as we get closer to the May Pleiadian Alignment.  You may be doing some major healing work this last week of April.  These energies are turning a light on your shadows.

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Getting Ready For The Eclipse Season..

There will be a Partial Solar Eclipse on the January 5-6th.  The New Moon, in Capricorn, will pass between the Earth and the Sun.  this Solar Eclipse is in close alignment with Vega, giving us a positive start to the new year.  Vega protects us against evil spirits, and comes with a lot of influence.  This Solar Eclipse will change the vibration and frequency of the energies on Earth.  This change in frequency and vibration comes with an energetic reset meant to lift our frequencies to new levels.  This storm has a lot of Neptune influence.  It will help activate a dream like state within ourselves.  Our sleep states are run on the rising and setting of the Sun.  Our sleep cycles are also regulated by our third eye.  When the darkness of the Solar Eclipse falls it will help us awaken more and will activate our third eyes.  In shamanism this is a powerful time for healing.  This is the merging of opposite polarities.  The alignment of the Sun and Moon represent the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine merging into spiritual Union.  Two coming together to be One.  

An Energetic Reset is Underway…

We prepare now for an energetic reset that will come with this next storm.  The next storm will be amped up by the New Moon and the partial Solar Eclipse.  Neptune will play a huge role in this energetic transit.  There is a huge focus on Divine love this year.  We must learn how to set the bar higher with ourselves, to attain it.  The love people are used to of the 3rd dimension is not love.  Too many people have been far to comfortable losing themselves or creating out of fear.  The Moon will come between the Sun and the Earth creating a powerful energy.  The Moon will disrupt the flows of energy.  You should be aware that your simply dreaming at this time.  Neptune will make this energy full of magic.  With Neptune things can change in a moment.  We came to build a dream, the ‘American Dream’ was not what we had in mind.  Anything bewitching you, any spells your under whether they are pharmacuticles or control drama relationships are surfacing.  These are the things you need to clear to make your Ascension.  There are lots of solar winds that combine with the lunar energy, which is an emotionally charged energy.  Solar flares affect all of consciousness.  As these energies are hitting there is a altering of the Earth’s magnetic field, this is releasing any 3D consciousness created out of linear time and duality.