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New Moon Solar Eclipse…

Happy Solstice! We are in a powerful vortex right now!  Today we had some powerful Portal energies hitting us.  We have a New Moon in Cancer.  It’s also a Solar Eclipse, or the Ring of Fire.  These are some powerful alignments.  Many of you are feeling these energies guiding you or even your ancestors.  We are literally between worlds, and making some massive shifts.  This energy is intense and has a tendency to shake things up.  We can expect to really feel these effects of these Eclipse and Solstice energies for the next several days.  We are also being flooded with a ton of galactic energies right now.  Your being activated! Many of you will be feeling the effects of these light codes.  Eclipses open up other dimensions and can do powerful things to our realities.  They can be a powerful gateway to something new.  This is an amazing time to reflect on your path.  We are still in Retrograde Season and in fact have 5 Planets in retrograde.  This can be the time to tap into your infinite potential.  You should be feeling extra tuned in.  Many of you are having powerful dream experiences in your sleep.  Or are just knowing what’s coming.  This is a powerful time for any twin flame or soulmate connections.  Many of you have been clearing and healing a lot of relationship type stuff.  This is a really good energy to use to bring more healing and love into your relationships.  Since this is a huge amount of energy you may be releasing things. We are entering a new cycle of energies and many are noticing an increase in synchronicities.  This is a really good energy to use to come back into balance.

This is a powerful time to do any activations or DNA healing.  Check out Shop out..

Some Intense Energy Shifts..

We are in an Eclipse Season and Retrograde Season at the same time right now.  The Eclipse Gateway has opened and we will be in it for the next two weeks.  We are still feeling shock waves from Friday’s Lunar Eclipse.  These energies are still very much affecting us.  We also had three massive astroids fly by the Planet this weekend.  While we have had a lot of emotions flying around, these energies are meant to be powerful for manifesting.  This Eclipse Season is meant to bring with it a lot of healing.  If you have issues rising to the surface, it’s time to deal with them.  We will continue to release anything not aligned with a higher state of consciousness.  June 20th is the Summer Solstice, which is also the longest day of the year.  It will bring with it some powerful energies.  June 21st we have a Solar Eclipse, called the Ring of Fire.  We are going through some intense energy shifts and have had a lot of solar storms going on.  We had a huge wave come in a few hours ago.  These energies are full of codes and activations.  They also can bring with them ascension symptoms such as headaches, pressure in your head, mood swings, feeling emotional or anxious, feeling lethargic or exhausted, nausea, heart issues or palpitations, high blood pressure, hot flashes, ringing in your, dizziness or vertigo, sleep issues, and intense dreams.  We are also in a pre-retrograde shadow, as we wait for Mercury to shift into retrograde on June 18th.  When Neptune shifts retrograde next week this will make a total of 6 planets in retrograde.  We are going to continue to go through a huge transformation the next few months.  This also will require us to do the inner work to keep up.  This Retrograde Season is helping show us what we should be working on.  It’s meant to assist us in letting go of any past issues or unresolved karma.

Navigating This Weeks Energies…

It’s Retrograde Season still and this week we have shifted into Eclipse Season.  Let’s not forget a lot of the world is still locked down from the pandemic.  This is a powerful time for humanity.  Things are getting intense as the energies continue to increase.  The United States is witnessing a level of civil unrest not seen in decades.  Mercury is in Cancer and it’s digging up karma from the past.  We have a Triple Eclipse Gateway opening though.  So we can expect things to intensify as we move through this weeks first Eclipse.  Friday’s Lunar Eclipse will occur during the strawberry Full Moon.  It’s also taking us into the shadow.  This Sagittarius Moon is meant to assist us in clearing any outdated beliefs.  It will ignite the warrior and fire within us.  It also will help us with clearing any power struggles.  These energies are meant to assist us with a deeper liberation.  A lot of energy from the past is coming back.  This Eclipse is an opening between worlds.  This is why we are seeing a pull to want to change the world.  People are beginning to glimpse that something better awaits.  This first eclipse is directly opposite Venus Retrograde and the Sun.  this could trigger past relationship issues or even old ancestral programming.  Any low vibrational energies are going to continue to be stirred up and cleared.  We will see a huge planetary purge this month.  We are also being tested.  We have a lot of trauma being pushed to the surface.  Humanity will continue to purge out the old to make space for the new.  Remember this is why we are here.  We came to offer our light.  These events are waking up many to their roles as lightworkers.

On This Weeks Energies…

As we move through this Retrograde Season we are still dealing with the effects of Venus Retrograde, Saturn Retrograde, and Jupiter Retrograde.  We have been dealing with the inner planes with these energies.  Your meant to be better seeing your inner worlds during this time.  This is a powerful time for things like meditation, healing, and even astral travel.  We have had a lot of energies coming in.  Our third eyes are going through a ton of upgrades, that means many people are having a third eye awakening.  Many are feeling an increase in there psychic awareness and are even tapping into some amazing abilities!  Many things are shifting and clearing with these energies.  These energies are making way for June, we are about to shift into Eclipse Season.  We also shift through the Ring Of Fire and have the Summer Solstice, in June.  Today we also have Juno, the asteroid of marriage and partnerships moving direct.  This is really good for anyone in a relationship.  There are many souls that are clearing a way to be together.  We will see many beautiful relationships that come together for this ascension.  We also have a lot of activity with the comet SWAN.  So it’s a great week to spot comets, clusters, constellations and nebulas.  We are soaking up tons of cosmic energies right now! You should be feeling really good after having just went through last weeks Plaiadian Portal.  A lot of people are noticing an increase in dreams or just in the signs around them.  Pay attention to the signs, messages, and downloads that your receiving.  We are also instant manifesting in these energies.  That means now is a really good time to get more creative.  Thursday may be of interest to any Leo’s.  On Thursday the Moon will sit right in front of Leo the Lion.  You may be able to spot Leo’s bright heart, Regulus.  Regulars is one of the brightest stars in the sky.

Global Meditation Tomorrow..

Tomorrow at 4pm I’m doing a global meditation.  There is a ton of cosmic energy going on right now, as we are continuing our journey through this Pleiadian Portal this week. We are anchoring into 5th dimensional frequencies right now as we continue to be blasted with lots of light codes.  These energies are upgrading us in every way.  The veil is gone during this time, so it’s a powerful time to work with these energies.  Here is the link to join us in bringing healing to ourselves and the collective. We have a Pleiadian theme for the meditation and it will activate you on deep levels.  Come join the rest of your soul tribe!


On The Energies…

Today is the third day in a row that is also a Galactic Activation Portal day.  We are extra in tune with the galactic heartbeat on these days.  It also means the veil between the physical and non-physical world is extra thin.  We are still in this Pleiadian Portal as well until this weekend.  Today is the peak of that gateway.  The frequencies have been going up and we are receiving more and more galactic energies.  Today we also shift into Gemini Season.  Things should be feeling lighter though.  We have a New Moon in Gemini the 22nd.  The Pleiadian Portal we are in will make this Moon extra powerful.  We have lots of energies from Venus, Mercury, Neptune, and Saturn.  So it’s lots of Cosmic energies this week! This is a time to manifest and create.  Since we are in Retrograde Season we are meant to be going within.  This weeks astrology is actually very positive and it’s encouraging us to see this as the beginning of something amazing.  The energies are encouraging us to slow down this year.  This is a good time to learn something new or to start a new project.  This energy will lead us into Eclipse Season.  This energy is meant to be motivating you.  There is a lot of inspiration and magic flying around this week.

On The Energies…

We had three planets shift retrograde this week.  Many have been feeling the effects of Saturn retrograde, Venus retrograde, and Jupiter retrograde.  Retrogrades are not meant to be a negative thing.  They help us reflect and release on deeper levels.  This Retrograde Season will be bringing up issues from the past.  It’s time to let go once and for all.  This Retrograde Season May be felt a little extra.  Venus is an inner planet, which will be felt most intensely.  Inner planets tend to affect our everyday lives more.  Saturn and Jupiter are outer planets.  The outer planets tend to affect our future paths.  Many may think Venus retrograde is shaking up their love lives.  It’s actually not, it’s helping you view some of your own issues that have been blocking your relationships.  The shift in energies is meant to show you what you should be working on.  We are going to continue to open up to deeper levels with love.  The more we heal and let go of the lighter we become.  Next week we will shift into Gemini Season.  While we are wrapping up Taurus Season it’s important that we are using these energies.  They are powerful for healing the body, uplifting out financial situation, or just taking more time to enjoy things.  This is an excellent time to be decluttering or cleaning things up.  It’s a powerful time to be working with the senses.  You should be feeling extra tuned in to yourself with these energies.

Venus Retrograde…

Venus has shifted retrograde for the first time in two years.  It’s moving backwards in Gemini.  We will see lots of relationship shifts for the next 5 months.  This week has been intense energy for many.  We have lots of things happening, and things moving around.  On Sunday Saturn went retrograde, Monday Mercury entered Gemini, Tuesday Mars entered Pisces, and today Venus went retrograde.  On Thursday Jupiter will also shift retrograde.  During the retrogrades the energy moves differently.  Instead of flowing outwardly it begins to flow inward.  This Retrograde Season may put a lot of pressure on anything outdated in terms of collective systems or any karmic based relationships.  We are being encouraged to grow during this time.  This is about finding the best alignment possible for ourselves.  During any retrograde it’s a good time to reflect on things.  This Retrograde Season is bringing with it a lot of healing.  You may have things from the past surfacing.  If you are, this can be more karma that needs clearing or releasing.  Pay attention to how your feeling about things now, especially your love life.  These energies are actually meant to change the flow unblocking us.  It’s important we are releasing the things blocking us during this time.  This is about opening up to more love.  Venus Retrograde acts as a portal to clearing any outdated patterns of beliefs.  We are also going to be seeing a lot of Pleiadian energies the next several months.


Love is in the air this week.  We are in my favourite time of year.  Beltane will be celebrated Friday.  This is the wedding of the God and Goddess.  This is a celebration of the new, a celebration of our rebirth.  This energy is all about love, abundance, and fertility.  We are entering into the elemental realms this shift.  Many may feel like we have entered a space past time.  These Beltane energies are leading us into next weeks 5/5 Portal.  We are half way between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.  During this time the spirit world is closer to our own world.  We are meant to be using this time to come back into balance.  It was thought in past cultures that if people were to attain to much materially the otherworld would take it.  We are seeing a transition of the material.  Much we know will collapse.  This shift we are being asked to step away from the material.  This is a good time to shift your focus to the spiritual.  The veil is extra thin right now. This time of year is all about the Earth.  There is a lot of magic in the air.  Many of you will feel these energy shifts more and more.  Many people will be coming into more and more of their psychic awareness.  This is a powerful time to connect with nature, or to the fairy realms through meditation.

Join us for our Beltane Meditation this weekend..



Live Global Meditation Today!

We are doing a live global meditation today at 3pm UK time.  If your unable to join at that time, the transmission will be available on replay.  You have to sign up to join, once you do you will be sent a link to the Facebook group we using to live stream from. We are in a powerful energy to use today.  We are going to be connecting and working with our higher self.  We will be using crystalline rainbow energies that will bring about a powerful shift.  This is a deep healing and activation.  This Gateway we are able to tap into miracles, better alignment, higher timelines, our star family, and higher states of consciousness.  This meditation will not just heal you, but it assists in healing the collective.  Here is the link to join us..