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On The Energies…

Today we have a daytime Meteor Shower.  You may see shooting stars during the day today, but most likely you’ll just be feeling them.  The Arietids Meteor Shower is at its peak now.  It is the most active of any daytime meteor shower.  Expect it to continue to peak through dawn on the 5th.  It lasts until the 17th though.  They have no clue who the parent body of this shower is.  That makes the Arietids a little mysterious.  The energies continue to be quite high today.  Lots of Fire energy is in the air!! Expect last nights Sagittarius Full Moon to be making waves still over the next 48 hours.  These are very strong manifesting energies! You know what you want your future to look like.  Time to stop talking yourself out of it.  If you have been that’s the very energy you’re clearing, and deep blocks you’re releasing from your system.  Energy work helps a ton with the things coming up.  This week we are anchoring that vision down into the physical.  We are only 48 hours away from the 6:6 Portal! Tonight is a great time to see Vega! Draco the Dragon will be looking up at Vega.  Vega will be the brightest star in the sky tonight.  We have the Summer Triangle happening on the 6:6 Portal.  Vega is the top star, Deneb is to the lower left, and Altair to the lower right.  The Milky Way runs across the lower part of the Summer Triangle.  Let’s just say it should be extra lit up for the 6:6 Portal.  We can expect a lot of Lyran and Arcturian Energies over the next few days.   

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On The Energies…

Welcome to June.  You’re probably feeling the high energies.  That’s because this month brings the Summer Solstice.  June 3 is our Sagittarius Full Moon.  This Strawberry Moon will ripen close to Midnight and will appear full for about three days.  Next week starts out with a bang as Monday Venus shifts into Leo for a four month journey, until Oct 8th.  Venus will shift Retrograde in Leo from July 22nd to Sep 3rd.  Venus Retrograde is a transit that brings up any issues around love and money.  Because this Retrograde takes place in Leo it’s stirring up things around past relationships you have already been through, and where you’re at with your love life.  Tuesday is the 6:6 Portal.  Huge for your awakening and the activations you’re receiving.  We have a theme of self care coming up for June.  There is a huge focus on healing family and your ancestral line right now.  We have shooting stars kicking off now too with the 6:6 Portal.  June 7th is the peak of the Daytime Arietids.  It’s the strongest daytime meteor shower of the year.  June 10th we have the Pleiades return for a powerful alignment.  The Pleiades are making their first morning appearance and will be supercharging our Sun.  June 16th our Moon passes 2° from the Pleiades in the morning.  Powerful alignment between our Waning Crescent Moon and the Pleiades.  June 17th kicks off Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius.  This years Saturn Retrograde can feel like a wake up call.  All about better boundaries this year.  June 17th we also have a rare planetary alignment as Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, and Mercury all line up in the morning sky.  5 planets in a row just before Sunrise.  Cancer Season and the Summer Solstice kick off June 21st.  Expect huge Shifts!  The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year.  Expect about 16 hours of sunlight! The Summer Solstice marks the first day of Summer.  We then celebrate Midsummer June 24th.  This is one of my favorite Fairy Gateways too.

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On The Energies…

Destiny aligning June 1 as Jupiter and the North Node meet up in Taurus for a Conjunction.  The North Node is the Dragons Head.  The Dragon’s Head signifies family lineage Karma.  That means June 1st is huge.  If you have any type of family connected karmic debt owed out, it may be coming up during this time.  This could be past challenges coming up for healing, or challenges that are still going on coming up now.  If you have been doing a lot of healing work, expect some of the family karma that you have been working on in this lifetime to come full circle.  Both the South and North Node tell a story of Fate and Destiny.  Your South Node is weaved together by your past lives, and your karmic past.  Your North Node is in this lifetime and your Soul Mission.  Your South Node is the lessons, and baggage that you were born with.  You very much pick up where you left off in each lifetime.  Your South Node shows the gifts you brought into this lifetime.  The North Node is the gifts you came to learn, or activate in this lifetime.  Your South Node is the energy of your childhood.  Your North Node the energy you’re meant to Shift into.  Your North Node is the energy you need to shift into.  The element that you need to really work with, and harness in order to reach your full potential.  Your North Node is being super activated right now.  Love is in the air! Jupiter is bringing shifts in luck! You should be feeling things are aligning with a higher destiny the rest of this week! Bringing up major love and romance as both meet up in Taurus, sign of the Goddess of Love.  Not to mention the incoming Pleiadian Energies coming with it!

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