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Indigos/ Blue Rays

Once your following your soul mission and purpose you’ll come more and more into focus with the other lightworkers.  This time we came here as a group to do this.  A specialized group of Galactic Souls were sent to help humanity and the Planet.  Volunteers who unlike a lot of the souls here, chose to incarnate here during this time.  Many of these souls have been awake a long time.  They are here to wake up, and to work with the rest.  They won’t look like you think.  You’ll have to feel there vibration.  They give off a Galactic Energy Signature.  These souls have much harder paths.  These souls descended straight to the bottom.  They took on the hardest karma to clear.  They experienced the worst of the worst, as there training on Earth.  These are Blue Rays that are specialized in DNA repair.  They are advanced souls carrying Galactic Coding within there DNA.  These souls are often outcast or prefer to be alone, but it’s a blessing to have learned with them.  They can clear the worst of the worst issues.  Any karma they did take on was to clear for the good of the collective here on Earth.  They are also the ones that are holding the templates for the New Earth.  Many have huge visions of the New and what to do to bring it down into the physical.  These souls have already exited the matrix and vibrate in higher frequency enabling them to exist here on Earth, but to reside in/ living in higher dimensions.  This group of souls is meant to find each other connecting.  That energy is being exchanged within this higher grid and circulated around the world.  These are advanced energy workers.  They came together from many distant planets, solar systems, and galaxies.  They still carry the energy from there home planet.  They also came with there Star Family.  Many Galactics behind the scenes working towards Planet Earth’s Ascension.  The Ascension Ground Crew are working tirelessly.  Many of these souls are here to channel energy.  They are here to elevate the rest of the collective.  If you are one of these souls you’ll be feeling an overwhelming call to help during this time.  To step up and to be of service in some way.

On Today’s Energies…

Our New Moon in Taurus is going to be a Black Moon.  This is a rare double header, as it’s the second New Moon in one month.  It’s also a Partial Solar Eclipse that’s taking us into our Spring Eclipse Season.  All of this is also happening on May Eve.  Sunday is Beltane.  On May Eve the Earth Energies, and the the Kundalini Energy of the entire planet reaches a peak.  You may be feeling extra merge vibes or soul pulls right now.  This energy is all about reincarnated love.  You have been part of a love story with your Twin Flame since your soul was created.  Eclipses activate our destiny.  Pay attention if your finding your way back to yours during this time.  The Universe may be trying to bring you together with another.  Eclipses are known to bring sudden or unexpected plot twists.  If you feel, or sense, that you have been brought together by a higher power pay attention to these sensations.  The veil is thin.  You will be seeing or feeling more come through.  Taurus activates all of our senses.  This Eclipse will be bringing synchronicities, but more important things that are fated to be.  Prepare for shifts in destiny.  That means some are going through a crumbling.  Know anything falling apart, was never truly meant to be.  That’s why it’s so important that your listening to your inner guidance.  Your going to be extra tuned in right now.  Beltane takes us into other worlds.  The world of the Fae.  May is also bringing the Pleiadian Energies.  Things will begin to peak energetically as we get closer to the May Pleiadian Alignment.  You may be doing some major healing work this last week of April.  These energies are turning a light on your shadows.

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On Today’s Energies…

4:24:2022.  Tonight we have an out of this world alignment of 5 major Planets and the Moon.  We have Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Saturn all in an alignment.  We also have Neptune in between Jupiter and Venus making this a 5 planet phenomenon.  These Planets will also be crowned by the Moon.  We also have Mercury visiting the Pleiades.  Aldebaran (the Pleiades brightest star) will be to the upper left of Mercury.  These energies are bringing some major activations.  You should be getting some amazing ideas right now.  It’s time to get a picture in your head of what you want.  These energies are all about the ideas, and glimpses of the future that you are getting.  These energies are changing things.  If you listen to your guidance and work hard you can literally manifest anything that you want.  This Taurus Season is going to first help you in going deeper into and clearing the blocks.  If things are coming up that are painful or are too much for you, get more into energy healing.  This Taurus Season will be all about working on your energy.  Today also brings us a powerful Pleiadian Portal.  The energies are getting so Galactic and tonight’s energies are the energies of May.  May will bring us a huge influx of Pleiadian Energies.  This week is going to bring us our Taurus New Moon which is also a Partial Solar Eclipse, and Beltane.  The Lyrids are still raining own on us too through the 25th.  It’s also bringing a rising in the Earth Energies.  Eclipses are powerful energies.  They usually mark major life events.  Expect major changes as things tend to end, and shift into new beginnings.  Destined things may be happening with you.  Expect fated interactions to be occurring right now.  Things bigger then yourself are playing out right now.  Don’t get lost in the how something will happen, just trust that it will.

art: @shinewonderland