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On The Energies…

We had a wave of energy come in last night that crashed into Earth’s magnetic field, opening a minor crack.  It has sparked a geomagnetic storm.  We are half way to the Autumn Equinox, and in the middle of the Lions Gate Portal, which is very much open.  The Lions Gate is a Cosmic Portal.  During this time the veil between us and the other realm is really thin.  That opens us up to very spiritual energies, and we can connect with the other realm easier.  Many of you that are galactic are receiving more messages from your star family.  These are some of the most powerful energies of the year.  Huge amounts of energy are coming into our planet right now.  Many of them from the center of our galaxy.  The Great Central Sun, the Sun, Orion, Sirius and the Earth are all coming into alignment.  They will fully align 8/8 as Orion’s Belt aligns with The Pyramids of Giza.  This opens a Sirian Stargate.  When the 8/8 Portal activates the entire planet will be flooded with a huge influx of light.  It will activate the entire Earth, ley lines, and consciousness grid.  These are the energies of Heaven merging with Earth.  These energies are giving us a chance to activate our crystalline DNA.  That’s why using the energies of the Lions Gate can help you tap into your souls wisdom.  We have a Leo New Moon on the 8/8 Portal.  This New Moon will be super charged and full of the energies of the Lions Gate.  These energies are all about your heart chakra and what you desire to create.  Many of you are feeling tired of the old and this Leo New Moon is meant to assist us with a new beginning.  We are very much setting intentions this week.  We have meteor showers and shooting stars adding some magic to the energies this week.  Yes, this is a great time for magic.  These energies are amazing for manifesting.  Today is a very high energy day! Make sure your thoughts are aligning with the future you want right now.  The light codes coming in right now are specifically for us to create with.  If your feeling pulled back to the past, more healing work should be done to release these areas.  It’s the best time to get outside.  Make sure your moving around more.  Expect a few more of those waves before the end of the Lions Gate Portal.  August will bring an increase in the energies and in the frequencies.

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Happy Lions Gate Portal!

We have a huge week energetically.  We have entered the Lions Gate Portal where we will remain until August 12th.  We have energies steaming in now from the Central Sun, our Sun, Sirius, Orion, and Mintaka.  During the Lions Gate Portal the Earth aligns with Sirius and the Galactic Center of our Milky Way.  This opens up a portal between the physical and spiritual realms.  The Lions Gate Portal will peak and be at its most powerful for 8/8.  During the 8/8 Portal The Great Central Sun, Sirius, our Sun, Orion, and Earth all align.  As the stars align high frequency energies flood the Earth and the collective/ consciousness grids.  These energies activate many of the Earth’s grid points, stargates, and vortex’s,  including the Sphinx, and the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.  These energies will help to awaken and to heal the collective.  The Lions Gate Portal is powerful for DNA activation.  It’s powerful energy to be using for healing.  We are going to be feeling the effects of these energies for weeks.  If your an Empath/ Lightworker/ or Gridworker you may be feeling these energies a little extra.  The Lions Gate Portal energies are great energies for setting intentions and manifesting.  We are always instant manifesting in these energies.  It’s also a great time to meditate or to work with your crystals.

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On The Energies…

We are counting down the days til Leo Season, which starts Thursday! Leo is meant to be the most fun sign of the entire zodiac.  It’s already bringing in big waves of New Energies.  This Leo Season is all about activating, and opening up your heart chakra more.  July 23rd, we have the first of a pair of two Aquarius Full Moon’s.  The first of these Full Moons will open its own portal, and the second will close it.  Friday’s Buck Moon is meant to open the door to new worlds.  The second of these Aquarius Full Moons will occurs August 22nd.  This is also a Blue Moon. Friday’s Aquarius Full Moon is preparing us for next weeks huge alignments.  Sunday, the 25th is The Day Out Of Time.  The Day Out Of Time is going to bring a lot of spiritual energies.  It is, it’s own energy portal.  It acts as a rainbow bridge between us and the spiritual dimensions.  It gives us an opportunity to connect with and clear the past, as well as  to create a better future.  Monday, the 26th we celebrate the Galactic New Year! This is where we celebrate the rising of Sirius.  Since things are always shifting, Sirius will actually make its official first visible appearance In the morning of August 11th.  The Lions Gate Portal opens from July 28th to August 12th.  During this time the Earth and Sirius align.  These are powerful energies and should be used for doing healing and activation work.  It’s a great time to be working on clearing and activating your DNA.  With these Energies keep in mind we have 5 planets retrograde.  We are going through a lot of change fast.  Lunar energies can also bring a lot of emotional energies.  That means we are doing a lot of clearing work.  We also have solar flares, meteor showers, and an astroid flyby going on.  Pluto is also adding to the energies, making them extra magical.  Expect your manifestations to be super heightened if not instant.  That’s why it’s so important to stay extra positive in these energies.