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On The Energies…

Many are quarantined at the moment.  This is why it is so important that we are choosing to be very grateful for everything in our life.  Many are seeing that change can come in an instant.  Some of these changes are meant to be a catalyst for our awakening.  This is a time of rapid growth and many are noticing an acceleration with this ascension.  We are going up in frequency and the effects are being felt globally.  As waves of energy continue to come into the Planet many are having a lot come to the surface.  If your feeling fear over the collective then use this as a chance to release it for good.  See this as a purge cycle that we will continue through until May.  These events are meant to motivate you.  I like to think of quarantines as a safe space for you to be healing.  A place of rest between worlds.  It’s also a very galactic concept.  Enjoy the break! Many have been working hard behind the scenes and need it.  What is most important now are the seeds your planting through your intentions and thoughts.  Stay positive.  We are headed to a New Earth.  A completely healed planet.  This Planet will be made new again.  As the healers and starseeds are activating, it is activating this new reality.  This is a time to meditate.  Our outer world has been paused temporarily, it’s time to go within.  It’s very important that we are letting go of the material and choosing the spiritual during this time.  This is an amazing time to join a spiritual group or to take a spiritual class.  Many have been using social media to find their tribe.  Many are being encouraged to set up or to participate in meditations to assist the collective during this time.

Shifting Seasons..

The Winter Solstice is this weekend.  This is a changing of the seasons, as the Sun makes its shift into Capricorn.  It’s the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and the first day of summer in the Southern Hemisphere.  It’s a festive of light and a time of gratitude.  At the same time the Sun will be getting activated by the energies of the Galactic Center.  As the Sun makes this journey across the Galactic Center it will be activating us and waking us up to a deeper version of ourselves.  We have a ton of energy continuing to stream in.  This is cosmic energy meant to lift up our frequency.  We have a ton of powerful astrological events that will continue to unfold in the end of December and the beginning of January.  The best thing we can do is to make sure our energy is balanced.  This energy will act as a bridge , not only carrying us to higher states of consciousness, but it will bring us into Eclipse season.  There is a need for an energetic reset to occur.  We are going through a process of recalibration.

This is a powerful shift for being upgraded.  I will be doing a Transmission from Stonehenge for the Equinox.  This is a power spot for these energies…


Scorpio New Moon

The Sun and Moon meet today in Scorpio.  Scorpio is Pluto ruled, God of the Underworld.  This energy is pushing you to remove the layers.  It’s about diving deep within the depths of your soul, too emerge knowing who you are.  The Underworld represents the subconscious.  Are your words matching your thoughts when it comes to manifesting? This is an energy that makes every thought your having right now a seed your planting.  Your intentions will grow, materialising into the physical with the next storm.  It’s important that your thoughts align with how you feel.  This entire process is to bring you back to Divine love.  It’s time to remove any programming blocking you from love, it’s not serving you.  How you feel about love is what you will attract in a partner.  How you feel about yourself will be reflective in all of your relationships.  For so many people they keep getting reflected back the missing love from within.  If you don’t love yourself completely, you will continue to draw incomplete people to you.  This energy is all about personal transformation, and changing your perspective when it comes to love.  It starts with changing how you see and feel about yourself.  This is a healing energy giving you an amazing chance to release any of your limitations.  It’s time to release any emotional programming not serving you.  This is a powerful energy.  Jupiter is preparing to move into Sagittarius.  This is about finding new life.  To do this we must release the old.