On The Energies…

Today Venus aligns with the Nodes of Fate.  As Venus is connecting with the Nodes of Destiny, huge shifts are underway.  Expect huge activations for your love life and your souls destiny.  Expect the path ahead to become much more clear after today.  Pay attention to your guidance right now.  Expect a lot to be coming up with your love life right now.  This alignment is clearing and healing your karmic past.  It may be bringing up anything unfinished karmically.  It may be pushing you to chose working on yourself and self love over karmic connections.  Some things in your life have run their course and you need to let them go.  Your clearing your South Node right now.  This is the past karma you have already been through, and what you came here to move through.  This alignment is huge for any Soulmates or Twin Flames.  It’s great energies.  Fate is working behind the scenes a little extra today no matter what your situation.  Expect destined encounters and bigger moves from the Universe right now.  Those in these type of connections needs to let the synchronicity guide them right now.  Twin Flames mirror and shine a light on what you need to heal.  Healing is coming up big time in these connections, within these higher energies.  This Eclipse Season is also all about relationships and connections.  The entire journey is all about finding yourself on a deeper level.  Expect to be a different person after just this one Eclipse Season.  Your North Node is activating.  Your North Node is your souls path to follow, and your reason for reincarnating to Earth.  Being reminded that any health issues, relationship, or even work issues are to redirect you back on to your souls correct path.  These things only come up as an effort to lead you back in the right direction.

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