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On The Energies…

Tomorrow Neptune Shifts Direct in Pisces! This is creating a lot of spiritual energy.  Neptune rules over our dreams.  It also rules over the subconscious, fantasies and magic.  This is about to shift things in a big way for you, when it comes to your manifestations and turning your dreams into reality.  It’s going to light your psychic gifts on fire.  As Neptune turns direct, you are being guided to make decisions about what you genuinely want to bring into your life, and to turn into reality.  These energies are all about manifestation.  This is a time of increased clarity.  While Neptune was in Retrograde it brought up many blocks to clear.  We have been clearing a lot of self-sabotaging, unhealthy patterns.  We are in a major healing cycle!  Expect more downloads and dreams during this time.  Pay attention to the higher guidance that is coming through.  Pay attention to your intuition right now.  You’re extra active in the astrals right now.  Pay attention to the dreams you’re having, and the messages that are coming through with them. You’re meant to be anchoring your dreams and manifesting them into the physical reality.  We are about to move into the energies of the 12:12 Portal then the Winter Solstice.  Both are very important Gates for Ascension.  The 12:12 Portal is a Gateway into Union for Soulmates and Twin Flames.  We are in a huge influx of energies already as December brings a lot of Galactic Energies.

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On The Energies…

Dec 4th- Dec 29th Venus shifts into Scorpio.  This is huge for your love life.  You, and your relationships are going through a huge transformation right now.  Venus is the Planet of love.  Expect this time to take your feelings to a deeper level.  Tomorrow Venus trines Saturn.  Saturn is the Planet of boundaries.  This will bring some stability to your relationships.  It’s a great time to bring healing to your love life.  It also may be bringing extra stress up, around relationships.  Scorpio represents the dark shadows of the Underworld.  Scorpio is a seductive sign.  But, it also brings up secretiveness and mystery.  You may be doing a lot of shadow work around love lately.  You may have jealousy or trust issues coming up to work on.  We have been in quite the energy over the past few days, and we are not done.  Earth’s magnetic field is about to receive a double blow.  Today we have a high-speed stream of solar wind flowing from a coronal hole that will arrive.  Then tomorrow an off-target CME could deliver a glancing blow.  Their combined effect is quite strong and will cause a Geomagnetic Storms.  Decembers energy will remain quite high all month.  This is because we are preparing for the Winter Solstice.  We receive a huge influx of Galactic and Solar Energies.

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On The Energies…

Today is a powerful Galactic Activation Portal Day! Galactic Activation Portal Days are days with a higher energetic vibration.  On these days the gate to the spiritual world is much more open.  These spaces bring a lot of energy which is amazing for healing, activation work, and manifesting.  Dec 4th Venus shifts into Scorpio until Dec 29th.  Expect this to take your relationships a lot deeper.  It may even make then a tad bit dramatic.  This transit is bringing up themes around love, sex, and sensuality.  Expect your relationships to go through a deep transformation during this time.  Expect things to feel intense in your connections.  This is meant to be a good thing.  That means the main focus is on love this month.  That means expect intense emotions.  This month brings us the 12:12 Portal and the Winter Solstice.  This month we will receive a huge influx of Light Codes from our Great Central Sun.  We align with, and recieve a lot of energy from the Pleiades, Sirius, and Orion.  The 12th is also a Sagittarius New Moon. This is the last New Moon of the year.  It’s a time to set our intentions for the next year ahead.  Jupiter rules this New Moon and is bringing a lot of new optimism and abundance.  Dec 14th brings us Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn.  This will help us to slow down.  It helps us to process and clear any unresolved issues.  Dec 21st is the Winter Solstice.  It’s also the longest night of the year.  The 21st is also the start of Capricorn Season.

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