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On The Energies…

We have multiple CMES coming at us.  Get ready the energies are about to take us way up.  Yesterday a solar magnetic filament erupted.  This was a Canyon Of Fire eruption that sent 3 CME’s towards Earth.  We also had a follow up eruption of two or more magnetic filaments.  We can expect these energies to really hit us Nov 30th- Dec 1st kicking of quite the Geomagnetic Storm as these CME’s graze Earth.  While the bulk of this storm cloud will miss Earth it’s going to be expected to graze Earth’s magnetic field on Nov 30th.  Expect this to shake up the entire Planet.  This means we are moving into Geomagnetic Storms starting tonight.  You’ll be feeling this one.  I will remind you we are ultimately preparing for The Event.  It will only take one of these CME’s to hit us just right setting it off.  We won’t have any notice either when it does.  This is where we are headed ultimately.  Expect a lot of Galactic Energies.  We are in a Galactic Activation Portal.  Expect lots of DNA activations.  We are wrapping November up.  December is about to get intense in a good way.  It brings us the Winter Solstice and some beautiful Meteor Showers! Dec 2nd is a Galactic Activation Portal Day.  It’s also the peak of the Pheonicid Meteor Shower.  The Radiant point of the Pheonicids comes from the constellation of the Phoenix.  This is the theme we are doing.  You may be feeling the fire vibes of Sagittarius Season right now.  Like the Phoenix rising up out of the ashes.  Sagittarius Season brings a huge influx of very positive energies.

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On The Energies…

We are getting ready for our Gemini Full Moon on the 28th.  This one is bringing big energies and big shifts.  This one is amazing for opening up communication with the spiritual.  Expect extra insights and downloads from your spirit guides, and higher self.  It’s a great time to be connecting with Spirit and the Spiritual Energies.  Expect the solar storms to continue thru the weekend.  The energies are quite high right now.  We are in quite the wave as one CME hit us today, and another one is expected to most likely hit us tomorrow.  That means you may be feeling quite energetic, or even an array of ascension symptoms.  You may be purging out or clearing emotional energies right now.  Expect the Lightbody activations and DNA activations to continue over the next few days.  Full Moons are the energetic peak of the month.  Full Moons can bring endings.  However, this Gemini Full Moon is all about what you’re manifesting moving forward.  This Full Moon is also square Saturn in Pisces.  This means reality and fantasy may blur.  It heightens things spiritually and emotionally.  Take care with your words right now.  They hold a little extra power with this Full Moon.  It’s a great time to be setting your intentions toward new goals moving forward.  Gemini represents Twin Flames, and also the lovers of the tarot! Expect insights and clarity to come up around your relationships.  Once again relationships are coming up in these energies, and healing and releasing trauma bonds.

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On The Energies…

Today Venus has shifted into Libra until Dec 4th.  Venus rules Libra and our relationships and finances.  Expect major energies for your love life.  Past life connections may come back round.  Venus aligns with the South Node which is also in Libra.  This means karmic relationships may be coming up for further release and healing.  It’s time to let go of the energies of the past.  This means past people and situations may be resurfacing.  The focus right now is on healing our current relationships.  Venus represents love, and Libra has a strong desire for relationships.  The energy is getting lighter as we are less than 48 hours away from the 11:11 Portal.  The 11:11 Portal is open and we are already in those energies.  Expect healing, miracles, and instant manifestation.  Over the next month the energies are all about past life connections.  This makes the 11:11 Portal powerful for Twin Flames, no matter what your situation.  Expect the energies in your love life to get intense.  This may be bringing up old stuff from the past.  Expect the clearing of karmic energies, and energies of your past to clear as we prepare for the 11:11 Portal.  South Node in Libra may be asking you to let go of the people of your past.  It may also be bringing up or highlighting love wounds from the past.  Expect major healing energies around your love life!  During this time we are going back to past relationship pattens to clear them.  Expect a lot of positive energies for the 11:11 Portal.  The energies of the 11:11 Portal are bringing a lot of DNA upgrades and shifting you into a deeper energy alignment.  Except a lot of positive shifts!

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