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On The Energies…

We are in the energies of the Aquarius Full Moon.  These are planning the future vibes.  It’s all about getting back on track with your timelines.  This is a Supermoon too.  We are also in the Lions Gate Portal.  Expect the energies to be starting to spike very high during this time.  Our Central Sun, Sun, Sirius, and Orion’s Belt align in just the right way to open up, and to activate the entire Cosmos.  The Earth is being flooded with lots of high frequency energies, and light codes.  Expect major DNA upgrades.  All about focusing on your healing and what’s coming up for you.  You’re being shown so much during this time, and what to be working on.  These energies are majorly amplifying everything in your life.  You’re about to manifest what you want easily during the time.  We have a huge focus on abundance and love right now.  You’re clearing many deep rooted blocks, that have held you back for so long.  We are in the Portal literally.  The Lions Gate activates the Pyramids of Giza entering there, and surging across the world and the collective grids.  As the ley Lines go active spiritual energies surge through your body, bringing some major upgrades.  All Planetary vortexes stargates, and energy portals come online.  You can expect to feel chills, dizzy, lightheaded, healing coming up, past life knowledge and memories coming online, intense dreams, premonitions of the future, old patterns coming up to dig deep into to heal more, karmic soul contracts coming up for clearing, karmic energies clearing, more clarity on what you want your future to look like, waking up more to what you want in life, and Ancient Egypt past life memories and knowledge coming back online.  This is a massive Gateway for any Twin Flames.  You will be missing this person so much even if you haven’t met them.  These energies are activating any Twin Flame connections.  These are things preplanned even before your birth.  Expect reunions.  Many will be meeting for the first time, or many souls will be ready to come back together.  The Lions Gate Portal is meant to represent a double 8:8 infinity sign that acts as a mirror.  It’s a time where we connect with our heart chakra, as it’s being activated by our Leo Sun.  This is activating your inner lion.  Lions are the protectors of the zodiac.  They also can teach us a lot about love.

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On The Energies…

March is such a High Energy Month.  In march we have 7 major conjunctions happening.  Conjunctions kick off and shift us into new planetary cycles.  They bring very strong energies that help to shift us forward on our path.  March 2nd Venus is conjunct Jupiter in Aries.  March 3rd Venus is conjunct Chiron in Aries.  Chiron is being super activated by these energies.  These star alignments may be bringing your inner wounds to the surface.  This can look like fear, pain, illness, painful emotions, issues within the solar plexus, manifesting blocks, unresolved trauma, past relationship baggage, and past memories coming up.  We continue our spin through the last sign of the zodiac wheel, Pisces Season.  This Pisces Season is all about clearing and releasing the energies of the past.  The 3:3 Portal is huge for the energies, and intentions you’re putting out there.  Time to really focus on which dream you’re creating next.  With these high energies it will manifest so fast! Venus and Juno are both shifting into Taurus Mar 11th and Mar 16th.  This is huge for your love life, and even bigger for any Twin Flames.  Venus is Goddess of Love and Juno is Astroid of Marriage.  Taurus is the best sign for both to be in.  From Mar 17th to Mar 25th both also merge with and align with the Lunar North Node of Destiny.  This means all three are being super activated.  Destiny will be hard at work during this time.  Expect huge changes leading up to the Equinox.  You should be getting a ton of clarity on the path ahead too.  Expect to see extra glimpses of the future during this time.  We have themes coming up around working towards destined partnerships, and predestined plans and meetings.  You may be feeling a pull towards, or the Universe moving you towards certain people.  Pay attention if you’re thinking of, wanting to spend time with someone, or having new people coming into your awareness.  We have so many higher activations coming in.  Great time to work with the energies.  March brings a ton of new activation codes, and higher codes for Twin Flame Union.

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On The Energies…

Welcome to Pisces Season.  We have a New Moon in Pisces the 20th.  This Moon is aligned with the Pleiades.  It’s the second and last Super Moon of 2023.  We won’t see this one, but you should be already feeling it.  All about connecting with your psychic senses right now.  You may just have a sense of something.  Trusting what you’re feeling about things.  We are unraveling a lot of connections right now.  You may be needing to cut your cords or to be doing some major energy clearing work.  This Moon is helping us to shift into our more spiritual aspects.  All about manifesting and setting those intentions for the New, or the path ahead.  The 26th the Moon will pass the Pleiades.  That means from now thru the 26th we are receiving extra energies from the Pleiades.  February was also the start of Milky Way Season.  The Milky Way will become more and more visible.  2:22 and 2:23 are major Galactic Activation Portals! The 2:22 Portal is all about using the energies for healing and activations.  The 2:23 Portal is all about using it to shift, and creating higher timelines.

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