On The Energies…



March is such a High Energy Month.  In march we have 7 major conjunctions happening.  Conjunctions kick off and shift us into new planetary cycles.  They bring very strong energies that help to shift us forward on our path.  March 2nd Venus is conjunct Jupiter in Aries.  March 3rd Venus is conjunct Chiron in Aries.  Chiron is being super activated by these energies.  These star alignments may be bringing your inner wounds to the surface.  This can look like fear, pain, illness, painful emotions, issues within the solar plexus, manifesting blocks, unresolved trauma, past relationship baggage, and past memories coming up.  We continue our spin through the last sign of the zodiac wheel, Pisces Season.  This Pisces Season is all about clearing and releasing the energies of the past.  The 3:3 Portal is huge for the energies, and intentions you’re putting out there.  Time to really focus on which dream you’re creating next.  With these high energies it will manifest so fast! Venus and Juno are both shifting into Taurus Mar 11th and Mar 16th.  This is huge for your love life, and even bigger for any Twin Flames.  Venus is Goddess of Love and Juno is Astroid of Marriage.  Taurus is the best sign for both to be in.  From Mar 17th to Mar 25th both also merge with and align with the Lunar North Node of Destiny.  This means all three are being super activated.  Destiny will be hard at work during this time.  Expect huge changes leading up to the Equinox.  You should be getting a ton of clarity on the path ahead too.  Expect to see extra glimpses of the future during this time.  We have themes coming up around working towards destined partnerships, and predestined plans and meetings.  You may be feeling a pull towards, or the Universe moving you towards certain people.  Pay attention if you’re thinking of, wanting to spend time with someone, or having new people coming into your awareness.  We have so many higher activations coming in.  Great time to work with the energies.  March brings a ton of new activation codes, and higher codes for Twin Flame Union.

art: @raw_beauty_content