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On The Energies…

We have a powerful conjunction between Mars and Venus playing out.  The theme this week is healing relationships.  This will help us so much in finding balance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  These alignments will help to bring the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine back together.  Issues in ego may have been coming up lately as we are clearing a lot of deep things and past wounds from many lifetimes.  This process has always been about helping us to open up to more love.  A lot of the stuff that has been coming up to heal has been the very things blocking our relationships.  Our relationships are meant to offer us a mirror to do the deeper inner work.  This week we have a lot of Energies from Chiron and Saturn.  Mars shifted into Leo back a few weeks ago, and stays there until July 29th.  Mars is the Planet of desires, energy, passion, and sex.  This energy is activating the Divine Masculine’s heart chakra.  For the Divine Masculine it’s your time to shine.  This energy will give you a boost in confidence.  Venus shifted into Leo yesterday.  It will stay there until July 22nd.  Venus is the Planet of love, beauty and our relationships.  Both Mars and Venus will come into a powerful alignment on July 13th.  When these two planets come together the sparks turn into explosive fireworks.  Any fire signs should feel extra great from these placements.  This is bringing some fire to our Summer and to our relationships.  You can really use these energies to bring healing into your relationship.  It’s a great time to reignite or spice things up in your love life.

Chiron Retrograde..

Chiron has shifted into retrograde giving us an opportunity to cleanse our heart chakra.  This may be bringing up old wounds or programming not serving you.  We took on a lot of karmic lessons and ancestral programming in manifesting into this experience.  This is about letting go and shifting how we see things.  There is no separation between our experiences and ourselves.  The thoughts we are having about others are going to reflect back to ourselves.  The energies we send out, come back to affect us.  The incoming ascension energies are coming in waves, just as your healing must.  It’s time to open up on an emotional level.  How you feel will always be your greatest guide.  We will have a Lunar Eclipse next week.  This is giving us a chance to reset emotionally and energetically.  This pair of Eclipses that are occurring in July will be influencing the energy for the rest of the year.  Combined with this Chiron retrograde this energy is coming to give you what you need to release your past.  This energy represents your inner wounds.  It’s time to dig in deep to release these things collectively.

If you are having blockages or issues regarding love or the past check out our heart chakra activations.  It’s an amazing energy to release anything blocking us.

Energy Report

Things are about to lighten up with this New Moon In Aquarius.  The energy from January’s eclipses will still be felt through February.  This Now Moon is amplifying the energy on this Planet.  The effects will, in fact, last several weeks.  We have a powerful month astrologically.  On February 18th the Sun will shift into Pisces.  This will be accompanied by Chiron moving into Aries.  This will create a huge cosmic shift, creating a new energetic cycle.  The next Full Moon will be adding an extra dynamic to this shift.  We are at a K3 index currently with this Space Storm.  We are expected to hit K5.  You can expect this energy to feel like an emotional roller coaster.  We are holding on to way to much old programming, that must be let go of.  The things that have been blocking you for far to long are coming to the surface to be released.  There is a huge focus on your inner child right now and clearing any old wounds.  We are on a bridge between worlds.  This New Moon will make your path more clear.  Your intentions have never been more important.  This storm will amplify them and send them back to you.  Focus on love and abundance so you receive these back.