On The Energies…



Today brings us a conjunction between Mercury and Chiron in Aries.  Mercury is still Retrograde too.  The focus is on healing the past.  It’s important to see how much you have grown.  Chiron is digging up old wounds.  Expect a lot of emotional healing and clearing of karmic cycles.  It’s all about healing emotional wounds.  It’s all about facing your fears and doing the self work.  Aries is a fire sign ruled by bold Mars.  Today’s energies are all about healing your shadow side and working on yourself.  Chiron gives you a chance to clear old pain so that you can step into your power.  If you have unfinished business expect it to be coming up.  Today’s energies are all about working in and healing any insecurities.  Taurus Season starts Friday and lasts until 20th May.  It will be bringing some much needed grounding energy after the drama of Eclipse Season.  Taurus is ruled by Venus, And the focus will be on healing your love life and finances.  We are still feeling and processing the aftershock of Eclipse Season.  We are still feeling and seeing a lot of energetic changes playing out.  You may still be feeling a little emotional, tired, or may be having intense dreams.  We are moving into some major reset, moving into that next chapter energies.  We are still doing a lot of clearing of anything not serving us as we are moving towards the new.  Expect things to still be moving a little slow still until we shift out of Mercury Retrograde on the 25th.

art: @shinewonderland