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New Languages of Light

As these new influxes of light are hitting our planet, and our DNA is being activated, new languages are coming through. A lot of you are being asked to focus on symbols or light languages. But even those will become outdated as a new energy centered telepathy is achieved. Words will no longer be used, as telepathy is centered around images. Your being asked to draw the symbols your bringing back from your dream or meditation experiences. Each image is a doorway into your memory bank. Use these images to access your Akashic records through meditation.

Heavy Metal Poisoning…

If you are sick right now, you may be experiencing symptoms from heavy metal poisoning. It’s in your air, water, and food. Everyone is being affected by the toxins everywhere. I am trying to help people detox all this garbage out of our bodies. A lot Of people will think this is crazy, well let me ask you have you ever had a vaccine? Any kind of healthcare? Are you showering? Are you breathing the air outside? Are you eating any food? There is arsenic and a cocktail of cancer causing carcinogens in your drinking water. No one is exempt from this, and after it builds up in our body your health starts to decline. The same people poisoning your food are selling you the cure, which poisons you furtherly. If you think your part of that 1% that isn’t being targeted then your mistaken. These metals are targeting one thing, your pineal gland. Which is your gateway out of here.

Energetic Vampires

I woke up and suddenly realized I was being harvest energetically. My roommate, at the time, was an energetic vampire that was feeding off of my energy. Empaths often become vampire food for energetic vampires. This is a lot more common then you might think. When someone is cut off from Source they often times latch on to others that have a good connection. These entities can drain someone from affair with even a thought of the person. A lot of the narcissistic/ empath relationships are designed to teach the empath valuable energetic lessons. It was because of these lessons that I woke up and realized the importance of my energy. Make sure you cut your cords and put yourselves in white light often when dealing with these types of people. The best option always will be to get rid of any relationships not serving your highest good.


I am an empath. This is a person with a paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual. In today’s time this is seen as a rare quality. Let’s face it narcissism is rewarded in today’s society. But there was a time when everyone was psychic and empathic. Narcissism is caused by a closed heart chakra. That means one who is empathic is just someone with an open heart chakra. When our heart chakra is strong it allows us to have more compassion. To be a good healer you need lots of love. We were all born with amazing gifts. Mine were dormant my whole life until I began activating my DNA strands. We will go back to all being empathic and psychic, that is what we are all working on now. Spiritual purity is the key you need to unlock your powers.