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Bringing Heaven To Earth..

We are seeing a lot of people still purging out a lot of negativity.  It’s very important that you are expecting a plot twist.  We are not creating alone and never have been.  So many people are focused on the old.  I want to talk today about how you would think heaven would look.  There would be no need for governments, or money.  This Planet will turn into a literal heaven on Earth.  This life we are in now will determine where we end up to.  This year is it, the unseen will become seen.  Many souls are not able to go on in these high frequencies.  While many may be uncertain about the collective, that is ok.  This has always been about the individual journey.  Many will even continue to change or save the old.  We know we are only meant to fix or change ourselves though.  It’s very important that your working on raising your vibrational frequency during this time.  The people getting sick are not able to keep up.  We need to be at a completely pure state.  This Planet is going to have major issues until everyone is made aware of this ascension process.  We are living in a world where knowledge has been hidden.  These times are no more.  things like news, politics, and misinformation have been weighing down the collective lately.  It’s time to refocus.  This is a manifest reality and a lot of the ideas going around are not in alignment with the new.  If you are a lightworker please make sure your trying to share uplifting visions of the future.  It’s time to get inspired.  We all are contributing to this collective.  Ask yourself what does heaven look like?

On This Space We Are In..

I see a lot of people in fear of the dark and even giving their power to it right now.  We are seeing the power of the light in these energies coming into the Planet.  We are being blasted with waves of 5D energy.  So many people are blaming 5G, the government, the Cabal, even Hollywood during this time.  These are Divine energies and they are of a very high frequency.  We are going through a purification process.   Many people will not make this ascension.  We are in a portal, a place where many souls will begin to leave.  We have been so used to living at a low frequency that it’s taking a lot of work to master these new energies.  There is even an attempt to stay inside or people wearing masks as an attempt to not get sick.  Things are not what they seem.  These energies are going to continue to get more intense.  We are vibrating at a 5th dimensional level and must of this Planet is struggling in 3D.  This is a global ascension and every person on this Planet should be feeling it.  A soul pull to evolve back to the spiritual.  Be careful of what your allowing into your reality right now.  There are many distractions that are playing out.  This is an attempt to pull people back to these lower timelines.  Your a powerful creator and it’s important that your choosing love during this time.  You are always in control of your vibrational frequency.  The truth is nothing outside of yourself can influence you, unless you chose to.  Use this space to fully heal.  We won’t be here long.  This is temporary.  It is to prepare us for the changes ahead.  This is a bridge to the new.

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Rethinking The Collective..

Sometimes we need to take a break to rethink what direction we are going in.  This is an amazing time to rethink where we have evolved to as a society.  It’s not a surprise that we are now seeing an entire system failure.  In a lot of ways we have failed as a society long before this, I mean what can we really create in that illusion of separateness.  We have seen a disconnect from a lot of the basic qualities that it means to be human.  A lack of empathy and compassion for others that have been suffering.  A society that picks profits over health.  There is a large scale attempt to keep everyone in this limited version of reality.  Out of these ashes a New Earth has already risen.  One on a much higher frequency.  We are meant to be multi-dimensional existing in many places at once.  This is where humanity is headed to.  We can either chose elevate our frequency so that we can keep up with Gaia, as she makes her ascension, or we will leave the experience.  This Planet is out of harmony as people are not doing the work to keep up with these new energies.  That is why we will see an increase in health related issues as the schumman resonance continues to rise.  This is the space where we rethink how we are living as a collective.  We could not continue down this path.  We are watching a crumbling of the old, but it’s collapsing into something new and more in alignment with us spiritually.  Use this time to tune into the spiritual.  Work on your healing and make sure your eating better foods.  What we are experiencing now is temporary so it’s really important that we are going with the flow of this transition.  The rest of this month will help shift people back to a space of oneness.

On The Energies…

A lot of people have been feeling the collective energies during this time.  I want to remind people that we are only half way done with a rare Super Moon Season we are in until May.  It’s also the Equinox so we have a ton of energies continuing to pour in.  This is the biggest purge of the year.  We are continuing to be purified by these energies.  It is normal to be experiencing a huge adjustment to these energies.  This planet is going through a huge transition that will become more and more apparent.  The frequencies are going up fast and any purging, as in flu like symptoms, can indicate your body is having a hard time keeping up.  We have multiple realities playing out at once.  We have a lot of fear on one, with the media broadcasting only parts of a larger narrative.  Many are experiencing a death of the ego and have no idea a new world awaits.  Many are struggling to let go of the old.  We have a higher timeline though that is much better.  One of bliss and abundance.  It’s important that we understand that there is a divine plan.  This appears to be a collapse of the old, which will turn into something better.  This is a huge karmic purge.  We are releasing a lot of the wounded masculine during this time to.  The more shadow we release, the higher we rise in frequency.  This is a good time to balance your energies.  Later in the week we will go through the Equinox gateway, and it will be huge.  We are finishing up Pisces season as well.  This weekend we will shift into Aries.  So we are feeling that water to fire pull with the energies as well.  It’s time to get creative.  If you don’t like the collective script being given to you, perfect!  It’s time to write a new story.  The Equinox will mark a new beginning, and our shift out of the underworld.


Full Moon In Virgo..

We have a Super Full Moon in Virgo tonight.  This Moon will be powerful as it’s going to lead us into the energies of the Equinox.  The seasons are shifting and it’s bringing a lot of new energies with it.  This Full Moon will mean we have made it half way through this Super Moon season which lasts until May.  These energies through the next few months are pushing us to go deeper within.  Mercury is going to shift direct on The 10th.  This Retrograde has been felt by many, and has hopefully left people with a good indication of what past issues still need to be resolved.  These shifts are really going to bring a lot of energetic momentum with them.  Next week is the Equinox and it will bring a new cycle of energies with it.  This is a powerful time for love and healing.  There is a lot of fear and karma coming to the surface in the collective right now.  It’s very important that we are choosing higher timelines.  There have been a lot of karmic relationships coming to an end.  This week will bring a huge collective release with it.  Virgo is all about service.  This Full Moon will be bringing with it a lot of insight and ideas, especially regarding missions.  If your already on a divine mission it’s a good time to access how things are going.  We are being reminded that we are meant to be fully embodying who we are.  It’s time to get authentic.  If you have been setting aside your needs for others, it’s time to take better care of yourself.  While we are meant to be of service we can best do that by sharing our light with others.  This is a time to get organised.  This is the best time to do some deep healing.

On The Energies..

We are not just in Mercury Retrograde, but we are finishing our tour of the underworld.  From now until the Spring Equinox we will continue to experience a tower moment.  Anything not in alignment with us must go.  We are going to see a crumbling of the old, so it’s very important that your staying grounded into the Now.  This is a time of a huge transition on this Planet.  We have a lot of powerful alignments and energies that will play out across March.  People are starting to see and feel the effects of these energies more and more.  This is a time of the subconscious.  We are doing a lot of releasing of outdated programming and habits no longer serving us.  If your past has been coming up its time to release it.  We are going to do some deep inner healing the next several months.  Through shedding the old we shift into the new.  Tomorrow Venus returns to her home sign in Taurus so things will lighten up in your love life.  Many are noticing an increase in synchronicity, miracles and feeling in alignment during this time.  Mercury Retrograde is the best time to get organised or to tidy up in your life.  March 9th we have a Super Full Moon In Virgo.  We are in a rare Super Moon Season until May.  We will be feeling the effects of this full moon as it’s sure to stir up any old traumas or any past wounds of not feeling good enough.  This Moon will carry us into the energies of the Equinox.

On The Energies…

We are going up in frequency fast.  We hit 170 Hz on the Schumann Resonance yesterday.  It’s normal baseline is usually 8 Hz.  We will continue this same shift today.  The effects of these energetic changes are being felt globally.  There is an awakening that is occurring.  A shift in consciousness that can be felt deep in the soul.  This awakening will continue to unfold changing every facet of this reality as we know it.  With these energies there is an increase in psychic awareness.  People are beginning to tune in.  This Planet has shifted into an alternate state of consciousness and it’s going to be felt more and more.  People are feeling a heighten in emotions and are having a hard time keeping up with the influx of information.  Many are having a hard time because reality as we know it has shifted into the 4th dimensions and above.  Many are still unaware of what is actually occurring and are tuning into fear being broadcasted through the media.  These are attempts to attack the collective frequency.  These stories are an attempt to cover up what is actually occurring.  We are going to see an increase in things coming out as this purge continues.  Expect these energies to continue to impact the body as we are attempting to do this transition fast.  We have a lot of work to do as we must continue to navigate these much higher frequencies.  We have a lot of Venus and Lunar energy hitting us today.  This is referred to as a portal of love we are passing through.  All lights are on your relationship.  If you don’t have one it may be time to manifest one.  Mercury Retrograde can make relationships of any kind more difficult.  It’s a great time to take a time out to focus on yourself if your feeling these energies, or just needing a minute.  People are still feeling the effects of the last Super Moon we just had.  The next three Super Full Moons we have will continue to shake things up.  Look at it like we are a month in to a four month purge space.  We will continue to travel through the same energies as we continue to do a lot of deep clearing work.  The astrological shifts are being felt more and more and that goes for this Super Moon Season we are in.

On This Weeks Energies..

We still have Mercury Retrograde going on until March 9th.  We have Pluto influencing Venus this week, so there is a lot coming up in relationships during this time.  We are meant to be clearing these things so that we can go deeper into love.  We are feeling a lot with the heart chakra this week.  Since we are in Pisces everything is feeling extra dramatic for some people.  A lot of that is these new energies.  They are going to continue to increase in intensity and it’s very important that we are doing the inner work to keep up with them.  We are going through a massive energetic expansion and very quickly.  Many are struggling to keep up energetically.  It’s important that we are finding our alignment as we are learning how to navigate and flow in these new frequencies.  Pisces is one of the most powerful signs of the zodiac.  We have a huge focus on what we are creating right now.  While we live in a manifest reality, we are always the ones that must make things happen.  Our dreams require that we do the work to bring them into reality.  These energies are making many people stop what they are doing.  Is it time to chose another path? Or to do something else with your journey? This is a powerful time for reflection.  It’s time to bring back any dreams that you may have let go of.  This is about us finding our bliss so we can share it with the world.  We can expect a huge influx of energy to come in the next couple of days.  These energies are the start of the New Earth.

New Moon In Pisces…

We have a lot of energy streaming in the past few days.  This is a huge adjustment for our physical bodies.  Earlier this week Mercury has gone Retrograde in Pisces.  We also have a New Moon in Pisces Sunday.  Since we have shifted into the element of water there is a huge surge of emotions being felt.  We are going to continue to go up in frequency the next several months.  Many people are feeling under pressure during this time. This Retrograde is reminding us that we can no longer blame others for our situation.  We are being reminded that it’s time to find our inner alignment.  Sunday the Moon and Sun will be in Pisces creating a very dreamy vibe.  This New Moon will be one of the most positive energies of 2020.  We are being encouraged to connect with the spiritual and dream realms during this time.  Have you put your dreams to the side lately or given up on them? Now is time to really think about getting creative or reinspired by some of your past goals and dreams.  The energies coming into the Planet are opening us up to instant manifestation.  All of creation starts with your ideas, daydreams, and intentions.  We also have the Planet of Luck, Jupiter here to assist us all week.  This is an amazing time to join a spiritual group, to do dreamwork, meditate, or even heal your relationships.  Pisces is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac.  This is an amazing time to do anything pertaining to love.    

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An Energy Report…

Today we have a powerful alignment between Jupiter and Neptune.  This is bringing a lot of positive energy with it.  Make sure your paying attention to any messages your receiving during this time.  We have shifted into Pisces and we have a New Moon in Pisces this Sunday.  We have Mercury that just shifted into Retrograde.  This is a powerful time for the spiritual.  A lot of people are feeling all of the psychic energy that has come with this shift.  Mercury Retrograde seems to have a bad reputation, but that is so not true.  When we go into Mercury Retrograde it shifts the collective energy field.  It’s meant to purge out any negativity or stagnant energy.  We are at a place where we can no longer blame anything external including the Planets.  These shifts are only ever stirring up what lies underneath.  If you have negativity surfacing, it was already there and needs to be released.  There is much about the unconscious we have yet to understand.  Regardless this energy is going to take us to deeper levels.  This energy is powerful for manifesting.  As the energies increase there is less resistance.  We have reached a period of instant manifestation.  Our reality is only ever mirroring back our own ideas or how we feel about things.  Many of you are seeing an increase in synchronicity, or will be much more lucid in your dreams.  It’s important that your taking much better care of yourself as we move forward with this ascension.  This energy will be amazing for love and relationships.  Pisces is all about fairy tale romance.  Many of you are becoming more and more telepathically tuned in.  Many people are just beginning to awaken to their psychic gifts.  We are also receiving a lot of light codes during this time.  Take time to ground into these new frequencies.