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On The Energies…

We are in a minor Geomagnetic Storm.  Last night a stream of Solar Winds hit Earth’s magnetic field.  The Solar Wind is going to intensify today.  It’s a busy day in the sky.  We have Mercury sextile Mars.  Mercury is a messenger God.  This placement is going to really amplify the energies.  Your energy levels may spike.  It’s a good day to get things done.  This placement is also further activating any claircognizant abilities you may have.  This is your intuitive knowing.  Expect suddenly bursts of information in the form of energetic downloads.  We also have lots of Spirit Messages coming through.  Expect communication to really open up between worlds.  We are really tapping into our past and future in this space.  Mercury is also squares Pluto today.  Pluto is God of the Underworld.  Plutonian energy can be challenging for some.  Expect it to reveal anything hidden.  This means many can expect to purge a little.  Any old traumas must be brought to the surface to be healed.  This energy is all about Death and Rebirth.  It’s all about the next version of yourself that is emerging.  It’s meant to help you to fully step into your power.  It’s the best time to be working on yourself and your healing.  Pluto is also ruler of the Spirits.  This energy is a Powerful Gateway between there world and ours.  You may be seeing spirits or auras. You may be hearing messages in songs, or through conversations, or things you read.  This is an amazing energy to connect with your loved ones in the other realm, either through prayer or some type of medium reading.  Love is also a huge focus over the next month.  Certain encounters are predestined.  That means planned before your birth.  Regardless of circumstance when your ready you will be guided back to your beloved.  Expect fate to bring many into Twin Flame Unions over the next few months.

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On The Energies…

On April 12th there was a Solar Tornado.  A towering cloud of plasma spun up, and off, the surface of the sun.  This tornado was 10 times taller than the Earth.  Solar Tornados are very magnetic.  This tornado hurled a cloud of magnetized gas into space.  We can expect these Solar Winds to reach Earth the 16th.  Lots of Solar Codes are coming in with these Energies.  Expect some Major Upgrades to come with them.  Today Venus has arrived home in Taurus.  Venus is the planet of Love and Money.  It will remain here until May 8th.  It’s a great time to bring healing to your relationships or finances.  This is a new yearly cycle for love.  It’s going to bring some fresh energy and will be having you wanting more love.  This placement is meant to bring you luxury, romance, and comfort.  We are in the last week of Aries Season.  We Shift into Taurus season the 19th.  Aries is the God of War, and Taurus is the Goddess of Love.  Expect a Shift from the Warrior Masculine, to the Feminine Lover.  That’s why it’s so important your letting your heart chakra lead you this week.  We are also Shifting back to Earth.  It’s a great time to get outside.  On April 12th Juno went Retrograde in Sagittarius.  A Juno Retrograde lasts anywhere from 10-17 weeks and is part of the Venus cycle.  Look at it as a deep cleaning, it’s meant to bring a deep transformation.  Juno is an astroid that rules marriage and commitment.  That means lots of Soulmates and Twin Flames are feeling it, and are doing more clearing.  Many of you will even be guided back together with your twin flame over the next few months.  There are certain things in life that are fated, or meant to be.  Expect poweful energies for manifesting this week.  We also have the Lyrids Meteor Shower from April 16th-25th.  It will peak April 21st.  It’s a great time to make wish on a shooting star.

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Starseed Mission Course…

We just added a new course put together just for Starseeds and Lightworkers.  This course is a handbook and live video event to cover it.  This is for those looking to start there mission, or those wanting to take there mission next level.  We are going into what it’s like to be a Starseed including the deep DNA/ and healing work that we are here to do.  Great for entrepreneurs,  business owners, or those just trying to connect more fully with there purpose.  We cover different gifts and abilities, and lightworker roles and jobs.  The video will be steamed Wednesday April 28th at 2pm uk time, so 9am New York time.  You can always watch it on replay if you can’t make it live.


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