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On The Energies…

Welcome to the 11:22 Portal! The 11:22 Portal is a massive Gateway.  It’s the peak of the November Pleiadian Alignment.  Expect high energies over the next few days.  This Portal will help you to get into a deeper energetic alignment.  It’s an amazing time to be connecting with your Higher Self, Guides, and Ancestors from the stars.  This is a powerful time for the healing that is taking place.  Expect physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to be taking place on a deep level right now.  The 11:22 is an amazing time to be tapping into the energies to be doing healing and activation work.  This is a Galactic Central Sun portal.  We are receiving a huge influx of energies from our Galactic Central Sun, Sun, and the Pleiades right now.  During this time our Sun aligns with Alcyone the brightest star of the Pleiades.  This portal is reaching its full peak right now.  This is a powerful time for manifesting.  It’s important that you’re keeping your energy high and your focus on your goals.  We shifted into Sagittarius Season today.  It’s bringing some major new beginning vibes.  Expect a ton of DNA activations over the next week.  If you’re a Starseed you’re probably feeling these energies a little bit extra.  If you’re a Twin Flame no matter what your situation you’re clearing a lot of past life karma right now.  You’re also probably clearing any karma from within the connection.  This is a powerful Twin Flame Portal.  If in separation know you always find your way back to each other when ready.  If in Union expect to anchor into much higher frequencies together. 

art: @shinewonderland

On The Energies…

Tonight we have a powerful conjunction between our Moon and Saturn.  The Moon is shining a light on your karma.  This means you may have karmic baggage coming up for you to resolve.  Old stuff may be coming up for clearing.  Major healing energies going on.  This may be intensifying, or heightening your emotions.  The Moon is imaginative, and wants to dream big, while Saturn is practical and wants to stick to the rules.  The Moon represents emotions, and when it merges together with Saturn’s energies it can cause emotional turmoil.  It can also cause difficulty in relationships.  This means you may have issues coming to the surface within your connections.  When Saturn is conjunct the Moon it is teaching you that your most valuable relationship is the one you have with yourself.  You’re being guided to karmically declutter.  The reason some of your relationships aren’t going great is because you still have the old around you.  Many of you still have a lot of people that are negatively attached to you.  To ascend you need to really clear and collapse in your karmic matrix.  We meet the same souls across many lifetimes.  A lot of low vibrational energies and shadows may be coming up for clearing.  You may have shadow work coming up.  This is a space for you to be growing, healing, and moving forward on your path towards ascension.  We shift into Sagittarius Season Wednesday.  Sagittarius Season is all about chasing your dreams.  Thursday is also Thanxgiving.  That makes this week all about gratitude and spending time with your loved ones.  Since we have Venus in Libra this month, that makes November a romantic month.  The rest of the month is amazing for spending time with family and healing your love life.

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On The Energies…

The Sun aligns with Mars Nov 18th and 19th.  This conjunction is bringing some fun and flirty energies.  It’s also pushing us to take action on things.  This alignment is bringing a powerful rebirth.  When Planets join the Sun they begin a new cycle.  Mars is all about what we are attracted to and looking for in a partner.  This is an auspicious alignment.  Expect revelations. synchronicities, and profound dreams.  It’s a great time for receiving messages, and downloads.  The Cosmic Energies have been a little slow.  They have also had us clearing a lot of deep rooted blockages.  The energies are now picking up.  Mars rules our sex life.  You may better know what you want, or who you want.  This Mars Cazimi will set the sky on fire.  Channel this energy into passion rather than fighting.  It’s the peak of the Leonids Meteor Shower.  It’s raining down stars.  The Leonids can bring some pretty cool Meteor Storms.  These meteors can be colorful too.  We are in the November Pleiadian Alignment.  This Gateway will peak for the 11:22 Portal.  These energies are amazing for healing and manifesting.  It’s all about what you’re manifesting next.  The 11:22 is a powerful manifestation portal and a powerful portal for any Twin Flames.

art: @yana.potter.art