On The Energies…

Today we have Mercury Conjunct Pluto.  This will be making your thoughts more intense.  Pay attention as you should be getting good ideas right now.  Take care as your words hold a little extra power right now.  Mercury Enters Aquarius until Feb 23rd.  This is actually a very creative energy.  This should be opening up your mind up to having new experiences.  It should be making you want to do more with your life.  Today Venus Squares Chiron.  You’ll be feeling this one a little extra in your love life.  It’s bringing up past and present love wounds.  You will be desiring connection a little extra right now.  Your core relationship wounds will be surfacing.  These core wounds are the lessons and challenges that we struggle with through the course of our lifetime.  They are the past hurts that can come up as  issues within our current relationships.  Some of these wounds may never be completely healed.  Expect increased sensitivity around your love life right now.  The Sun is Sextile Chiron.  This is bringing ego wounds to the surface right now.  This may be bringing any past emotional wounds to the surface around rejection, abandonment, and betrayal.  It’s bringing up the healing work and even shadow work.  It’s time to heal the old wounds and limiting beliefs.  These are all very positive energies to help you through your own healing process.  They are showing you what lies beneath, and what to be working on.

art: @shinewonderland


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