On The Energies…

Many are quarantined at the moment.  This is why it is so important that we are choosing to be very grateful for everything in our life.  Many are seeing that change can come in an instant.  Some of these changes are meant to be a catalyst for our awakening.  This is a time of rapid growth and many are noticing an acceleration with this ascension.  We are going up in frequency and the effects are being felt globally.  As waves of energy continue to come into the Planet many are having a lot come to the surface.  If your feeling fear over the collective then use this as a chance to release it for good.  See this as a purge cycle that we will continue through until May.  These events are meant to motivate you.  I like to think of quarantines as a safe space for you to be healing.  A place of rest between worlds.  It’s also a very galactic concept.  Enjoy the break! Many have been working hard behind the scenes and need it.  What is most important now are the seeds your planting through your intentions and thoughts.  Stay positive.  We are headed to a New Earth.  A completely healed planet.  This Planet will be made new again.  As the healers and starseeds are activating, it is activating this new reality.  This is a time to meditate.  Our outer world has been paused temporarily, it’s time to go within.  It’s very important that we are letting go of the material and choosing the spiritual during this time.  This is an amazing time to join a spiritual group or to take a spiritual class.  Many have been using social media to find their tribe.  Many are being encouraged to set up or to participate in meditations to assist the collective during this time.

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