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On The Energies…

We continue to move through Mercury Retrograde.  Mercury is set to Shift Direct on the 20th.  That means this week is a good time to continue to reflect on your path ahead.  We are also in the last few days of Aquarius Season.  This week we will be Shifting into Pisces Season.  Pisces Season officially kicks off the 18th.  That means we are about to feel a major Shift in the Energies.  You may be already feeling the dreamy vibes! Pisces Season is going to bring a lot of New Energies with it.  We are going to continue to feel the Galactic Energies as they are continuing to pour in.  Expect a ton of Ascension Upgrades this week.  Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions.  It can be taken as a symbol of transcending duality.  One fish is meant to represent the spiritual dimension and the other the physical/ material world.  We are also Shifting into the element of water.  Water is all about the emotional.  It’s also meant to cleanse, and it will be doing just that.  We are clearing a lot on an emotional level.  We are releasing a lot of stuck emotions and blockages from the body.  That’s why it’s very important that we are doing the required Inner Work.  Make sure your clearing your energy more.  Grounding can also really help with this.  Tensions may also be running high, through next week, as Saturn prepares to Square Uranus.  This year will be bringing about some big changes to the world as we know it.  If you find yourself triggered use it as a guide to your healing.  It’s a great time to start a journal if your processing a lot.  Pay attention to your intuition during this time, it should be getting clearer and clearer.  Expect to really connect with the Dream Dimensions.  This is a great time to be daydreaming about the future.

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Aquarius New Moon…

Tonight’s Aquarius New Moon is bringing quite the energy with it.  You probably won’t see this Moon, it most likely will be invisible.  You will feel it though.  This Moon is now joining the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Aquarius.  That makes this Aquarius Season a little extra with 6 planets in Aquarius.  This alignment is an Aquarius Stellium.  That makes this New Moon extra powerful.  Venus and Jupiter are shining on areas of love and luck.  Mercury is still Retrograde until the 20th.  That means if your in a relationship to be gentle, your clearing a lot.  The energies are going up in frequency and this New Moon is helping us to clear the energies of the past.  It’s helping us to come into Divine alignment.  It’s a great time to be getting creative.  This energy is all about projects.  It’s a great time to get inspired or to be thinking of new ideas.  It’s also a great time to get ahead on that Spring Cleaning or to declutter.  Are there ways you can bring some New Energies into your Space? We also have Meteors and Astroids flying by this week.  That means it’s the perfect time to be making a wish upon a Shooting Star.  This is adding to the Magical Vibes.  It’s a time to Manifest and Set Intentions.  Many of you are noticing that we are making Big Shifts right now.  Be very positive with the Seeds your Planting during this time.  Expect Miracles.  They are on the way.

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It’s A Great Time To Sign Up For A Class…

We offer so many classes and healing services through our site.  Make sure your checking out the classes that we do.  You can find them in the Class Section of our Shop.  Each class comes with an attunment and certificate. Here is a list of the classes that we offer…

Usui Reiki
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Kundalini Reiki
Master Magic
Rays of Aten Healing
Unicorn Reiki
Healing With Chi Balls
Isis Blue Moon Healing
Dragon Reiki
Crystal Reiki
Master Dreamer: Astral Travel and Lucid Dreamer
Atlantis Initiation
Chakra Cleanse
Egyptian Tantric Reiki
DNA Healing
Shamanic Soul Retrieval
Celtic Reiki
Mediumship Reiki
Isis Lightbody Attunment
Light Of Lemuria
New Lemurian Energy
Psychic Development
Egypt Priest/ Priestess Class
How To Read The Akashic Records Class

On The Energies…

We have Shifted into a new element of air.  We are in Aquarius Season and an Aquarius Stellium.  We have a line up of three planets in Aquarius, and next month will make four.  This means we have a lot of the same energies at play.  Aquarius is about working together and connecting with your own intuition.  This Aquarius Season will bring lessons on focusing on the needs of the collective.  It’s a great time to start a group project or to join some spiritual groups.  Next week also brings us Mercury Retrograde.  The last few years of Mercury Retrograde have all been in water signs.  This year the majority will be in air signs.  This means we will be going through a lot of activation with the third eye and the mind over the next several months.  We have a huge focus this year on pushing past the 3rd dimensional limits to better experience a 5th dimensional level of reality.  It may feel a little dreamy at this time.  We are also still feeling the influence of Neptune being in alignment with the lunar nodes.  This means our fate or destiny is unfolding.  The nodes are thought of as the dragons head and tail.  They are very good luck.  That means the Universe is fully supporting any big shifts you may need to make to fully step into your power.  It’s time to step into your destiny.  We all should be getting an inner knowing of what that is.  Expect a ton of energy for next weeks Full Moon in Leo.  You may be feeling the need to catch up on rest this week as our body is preparing.  Next weeks Full Moon will take us into the 2/2 Portal.  2/2 is the half way mark between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.  Better known as Imbolc, or Groundhog Day.  It’s a gateway to Spring and a time to celebrate.  Spring and Summer will bring some really beautiful energies with them.

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On The Energies…

Aquarius Season starts today.  We have lots of incoming energies flowing in with it.  We have tons of Solar Winds and Galactic Energies steaming in.  As these energies are increasing they are bringing the Geomagnetic Storms.  Let’s just say things are shifting and even moving around.  You may be really feeling these energies.  That’s why it’s a great time to be using them.  These waves of ascension energies are packed with the codes we need for the next level of upgrades.  These Light Codes are activating our DNA and our Lightbody.  A lot in turn is activating within our physical bodies.  That’s why it’s very important your upping the self care right now.  The first Meteor Shower of the year is peaking tonight! The Y-Ursae Minorid Meteor Shower.  That means we can expect to see shooting stars from a stream of debris left behind from comet 8p/ Tuttle.  These Cosmic Energies raining down on us, are Ancient! They are bringing the Magic! Tomorrow is Inauguration Day.  It’s also the first Inauguration Day in history to fall on a Palindrome Portal.  A palindrome is when a word or phrase is spelled the same way backward as it is forward.  This year is a special year for palindromes.  This year will start and end with a series of palindromes.  Tomorrow’s palindrome is the first of ten days in a row of palindromes.  We have 1-20-21, 1-21-21, 1-22-21, 1-23-21, 1-24-21, 1-25-21, 1-26-21, 1-27-21, 1-28-21, and 1-29-21.  When your seeing number codes it’s so important.  The angels use numbers to communicate with you.  The entire Universe is trying to get your attention.  That dream you had, that feeling you got, that sign you thought you saw, don’t ignore it.  Make sure your staying uplifted.  Aquarius Season is a great time to uplift others.  It’s a great time to be tapping into and working with your full potential.

On The Energies…

We are in the last minutes of Capricorn Season.  This Capricorn Season has given you a chance to map out this year and what it will bring for you.  Hopefully you have made some big plans for 2021.  Aquarius Season kicks off on January 19th.  This shift in elements is very much being felt as Earth has suddenly become much more intergalactic.  Many are waking up to there Starseed origins and are feeling a need to save the world.  This is a good time to break some rules or to go renegade in some way.  This week is going to bring some intense energy with it.  The Light Codes are pouring in and it’s a great time to use these Ascension Energies to get things done.  Things are about to lighten up energetically.  Air is a great energy to use for manifesting.  Air is also great for shifting any heavy emotions.  We are going to continue to be clearing a lot within our chakras during this time.  We also have things shifting within our timelines.  It’s very important that your staying more positive, and trusting that the changes occurring are for your highest good.  This is a great time to get aligned with a mission bigger then yourself.  Aquarius is a visionary it’s all about the third eye and the future.  We have been in an Aquarius Stellium for about a week.  A stellium occurs when we have at least three planets in the same sign.  Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury are all in Aquarius. The Sun is about to join them and, February 1st Venus will also be in Aquarius.  The Aquarius Stellium we are in will last until mid March.  Since the Sun will make up part of this stellium it will be felt much more intense.  Talk about a ton of Aquarius energy.  That means this Aquarius Season will be extra powerful.  If your astrology sign is in Aquarius 2021 is your year.  It’s best to use Aquarius Season to focus on your dreams.  Try to think outside of the box during this time.  It’s a great time to embrace how unique you are.  Uranus rules Aquarius, which is the planet of change and revolution.  This is a great time for both!

On The Energies…

We continue moving through the energies of this Capricorn New Moon.  This is the first New Moon of the year.  The ascension waves have really been coming in and many people are feeling them.  More and more people are opening up to there spiritual abilities and are becoming more and more sensitive to the energies.  There are so many Healers, Light Workers, Empaths, Grid Workers, and Starseeds on the Planet during this time.  These are Divine energies that are being sent to heal the Planet.  As these energies and Light Codes are activating you, you are going to see more and more of the spiritual in your reality.  We are stepping into a new beginning.  It’s the beginning of the New Earth.  Many people may be feeling sad without knowing quite why during this time.  We have been grieving the old as we prepare to make our big transition.  We are clearing a lot within the heart chakra.  It’s important that we are staying focused on the new.  Much is happening behind the scenes that is very positive.  Many of you are experiencing lots of synchronicities, or are even having serendipitous encounters.  You may be noticing an increase in number codes such as 11:11.  You may have just been in the right place at the right time for something.  These are all reminders that your angels are always with you and always assisting you.  It’s important though that your asking for help if you need it.  Stay more positive as we are continuing to shift the entire collective into a higher frequency.  This energy is powerful for manifesting.  The Universe is always manifesting your thoughts into reality.  Your thoughts are like a blueprint for your life.  It’s important that we are better understanding that what we are thinking of, we will bring into our lives.  The more positive your staying the higher frequency you’ll be in.

On The Energies…

Yesterday’s incoming wave of energy was so strong it caused an interplanetary shock wave.  When it hit the earth’s magnetic field it opened a crack in the Earth’s magnetosphere.  That means the energies from the 111 Portal are going to keep pouring in.  That means we can still very much use and tap into these energies.  Today’s New Moon in Capricorn is really being felt.  These energies are amplifying things.  That makes this week extra powerful for manifesting.  Tonight’s New Moon in Capricorn is helping too bring a new beginning with it.  It’s a New Year and we are stepping into new much higher frequencies.  Expect the Light Codes to pour in this year.  We are going to go lots of upgrades and our DNA is continuing to activate.  This is the time to fully step into your power.  The Divine Masculine will do just that this year as well.  This is the time to make a plan and to get to work.  We must put in the necessary work to make things happen within the physical.  This actually is your year.  It’s an amazing chance to rewrite a better narrative for yourself.  Be mindful of the stories that your telling yourself.  We are manifesting easier and easier.  The energies are fully supporting and creating anything we are putting out there.  This is a great time to set some goals and even to make a list.  I love using lists as a tool to manifest.  It can help us to be more clear with what we want.  It’s time that you make your dreams happen.  It’s a great time to make a vision board.  This is also a year for Healing! You should becoming more and more aware of any blocks that need to be cleared.  We all have more inner work to do.  As we are Shifting into higher and higher states of awareness we are seeing more and more.  The third eye is going through a lot of upgrades right now.  It’s a good time to be doing some work with this chakra.  A lot of you, as your awakening, are tapping into other dimensions in your sleep.  Pay attention to any dreams or astral experiences your having.  This is a powerful time for messages and guidance to be coming through.  Your angels are around you during this time, so make sure your praying a little extra.

Incoming Energies…

Get ready as we prepare for a double CME to strike the Earths magnetic field sometime tomorrow.  Since there are two the impact will be a lot stronger.  These burst of plasma are causing all sorts of fun space weather.  More importantly though, these light codes are activating our DNA.  A lot of you are already feeling the energy as today, it is a Galactic Activation Portal Day.  These are Gateways of expanded consciousness.  That means it’s a great day to tune in past the veil.  These energies make the veils between dimensions super thin.  Today’s energies will be, bringing with it, a huge upgrade for our Third Eye.  Some signs that your activating your Third Eye are lucid dreams, visions, psychic abilities, seeing auras or energy, or out of body experiences.  Make sure your keeping your frequency high at this time.  It’s a great space to be doing some decluttering in your life.  Do you have things you need to get rid of? It’s an excellent time to do some cleaning and cleansing.  As our energy is changing is it’s very important that we are doing more healing and clearing.  This is a great space we are in for manifesting.  Really think about the year ahead of you and what you wish to create.  Your being reminded that the destination is always up to you.  We always arrive through our intentions and dreams we are putting out.  Use this Capricorn Season to be more clear with what you want in life.

Last Full Moon Of The Year…

Tonight’s Full Moon in Cancer is bringing some extra powerful energy with it.  It’s been charged with the energy of the Solstice.  It’s also the last Full Moon of the year.  This Cold Moon is helping us to release 2020.  Cancer is a water sign that is ruled by the Moon, emotions and intuition.  It also rules home, family, and security.  Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces may feel this shift a little extra.  The Sun and the Moon will also be forming an alignment with Chiron in Aries.  Chiron is the wounded healer.  This is bringing up past wounds.  We are in the last week of the year and it’s about to get emotional.  We are processing a little extra as we clear this years energy.  There is a lot that will continue to be purged out and released, as we continue to move up in frequency.  We have lots of DNA activations occurring.  Not everyone’s physical vibration can handle or even integrate these upgrades.  The Planet however is continuing to elevate.  That’s why it’s very important that we are healing and raising our vibrational frequency.  If things are coming up to heal, use this energy to do so.  We are in Capricorn Season.  Cancer and Capricorn are complete opposites.  So we are feeling the polarity a little extra with this shift.  It’s important that we are finding balance between work and home right now.  You may be nesting or resting with this Cancer energy.  Despite that we have a lot of work ahead of us.  This is actually a good time to be focusing on the New Year ahead of us.  It’s the perfect time to be setting some intentions.  These are amazing energies for manifesting with.  It’s also a great time to be charging yourself or your crystals in the energy.