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On The Energies…

We are clearing a lot as we are prepping for Saturday’s Solar Eclipse.  In less then 48 hours we will pass through the next Eclipse Gateway.  Saturday’s Eclipse is also a Super New Moon.  It’s a powerful game changer and will end up moving you one step closer to your destiny.  December is going to conclude whatever chapter your in/ working on as well.  That means things are closing or completing.  This makes it a good time to be clearing energies.  For many beautiful relationships are beginning and new love is entering.  This month is all about the upgrades that will come through.  December is a powerful time for those that are able to work with/ bring through solar activations.  The Solstice brings some big energies this year.   The Heavens are opening up and aligning for us.  Get ready for some serious Planetary Action this month.  This month will bring us a Planetary Parade.  This is actually a rare alignment.  Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus are about to take center stage right now, as they have now shifted to the west.  Dec 6th-9th the Moon will weave through these Planets adding to there energies.  The Moon is going to weave past Venus Dec 6th, Saturn Dec 7th, and in between Saturn and Jupiter Dec 8th, and Jupiter Dec 9th.  This kicks off this alignment.  6 Planets are going to be visible in December and will form a Planetary Parade that occurs over Christmas.  The best time to see this 6 Planet Parade will be from Dec 28th to Jan 3rd.  That means these Planets will be supercharged this month.  This month also brings us a Christmas Comet.  Comet Leonard will be making an appearance around the 12th.   Comet Leonard can be found near Arcturus.  The Galactic Stars/ Winter Stars are shining already too.  This month will bring us into the peak of 9 meteor showers.  The Geminids, Ursids, Puppid-Velids, Monocerotids, Sigma Hydrids, Comae Berenicids, Leonis Minorids, Leonis Minorids, and the Phi Cassiopeiids Meteor Shower all reach there peak in December.  The Geminids are one of the biggest shows of the year.   We can expect a colorful array of shooting stars.  The Geminids will peak alongside the 12:12 Portal.  The Ursids will also peak alongside the Solstice.  That means December is bringing the magic.  Expect enough momentum within the energies to shift us fully into 2022.  2022 will be on a much higher frequency.

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On The Energies…

We are going to be continuing to feel these Libra New Moon energies over the course of the next 3 days.  They are very much leading us into the energies of the 10:10 Portal.  This is a huge Ascension Gateway.  It will begin to open Friday, opening fully and peaking Sunday.  That means we are in heightened energies for manifesting.  We still have several retrogrades going on.  That means it isn’t the best time to make huge shifts with your path right now.  Retrograde encourages us to go within to clear more of our outdated programming.  It’s a time to clear and declutter our inner energies.  It’s a time to heal and release more of the past.  We are experiencing huge shifts right now, but on an energetic level.  The energies of the 10:10 Portal are meant to shift you towards your dreams and desires.  It’s a Stargate in which you can step thorough to any destination.  Your the Creator of your reality.  Focus on where you are now and where you want to be in the future.  Stay optimistic about your path.  See the big picture and the beauty of your life.  Gratitude will speed up your manifestations.  We are meant to be using our time on Earth to become the best version of ourselves that we can be.  So make sure your really working on yourself.  The 10:10 Portal is going to help you shift into a higher version of yourself.  The 10:10 Portal is huge for doing healing work and activations.  These are Galactic energies that are amazing for activating our DNA.  That means many are awakening and tapping into more of there souls purpose.

art: @sccura

On The Energies…

Today we have our Pisces Full Moon.  The Harvest Moon is one of the strongest Full Moons of the year.  That’s because the Equinox is the 22nd.  So much energy is pouring into the Planet right now.  September always brings some of the strongest energies.  The Harvest Moon always brings extra light with it.  Pisces is the best energy for love, fairy tale love, or twin flame love.  Venus in Scorpio has been challenging for a lot of relationships.  With Mercury in Pre-Retroshade there may be miscommunication issues.  Be careful with your emotions cause Pisces can lead you away from your path.  This energy is meant to help bring balance and healing to the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  This energy can be so magical and the focus is love and relationships.  It’s important your making love your number one priority.  The Harvest Moon is a time to celebrate all of the work you did this year.  It’s all about spending time with the people you love and your family.  This Full Moon is meant to bring you whatever you were manifesting back on March 13, 2021.  Whatever seeds you planted back then, your harvesting now.  For many of you that is abundance.  Expect positive financial breakthroughs if you have been doing the inner work.  It’s a time where miracles happen.  It’s beautiful energies for manifesting.  We are instant manifesting with these energies.  That means it’s so important you stay more positive.  Pay attention of your having dreams you remember too.  They are messages coming through and are meant to help guide you in the right direction.

art: @kokeeneva