On The Energies…

Let’s talk Energies.  February may feel like the calm before the Storm.  All planets are direct this month.  Feb 11th Mercury Shifts into Aquarius.  Blame any communication issues on the stars.  If you’re way in your head, and in your thoughts this may be why.  Expect your mental powers to be extra strong during this time.  You may be picking up on more telepathy or twin flame telepathy.  The Cosmos are aligning in a powerful way this month though for Valentines Day!  We have a dreamy connection between Venus and Neptune.  Venus is the Planet of Love and Neptune rules our Dreams.  When they collide expect Fairy Tale Romance.  The next 3 weeks are so powerful for manifesting, magic, and your love life.  That’s because this is the strongest Venus gets all year.  Valentines Day this year is huge! The Sun will be activating Saturn.  Saturn is the Planet of time.  That means this is the Divine Timing you have been waiting on.  The clock is ready to strike.  Strong themes around Destiny this Valentines Day.  If you have been waiting on something, or even someone expect fated events to play out.  There will be a magic buildup of the energies until the 15th.  We also have the Moon in Sagittarius the 15th.  This is highlighting travel and bigger plans.  We shift out of Aquarius Season and into Pisces Season Feb 18th.  This will shift the focus to the spiritual and back towards your own intuition.  However it may bring up a lot of Illusions, delusions, and hazy vibes.  Love is what is going on right now.  All about working on your love life.  If you don’t have a partner this may be time for you to open up to manifesting new love into your life.  Feb 19th your love life is about to heat up as we have Venus in Aries.  Aries is ruled by Mars which rules the masculine.  Expect this to bring major activations for the Divine Masculine and his love life.  This means love may be getting physical for some.  Feb 20th is the Pisces New Moon.  Great time to connect with your intentions and water.  Great for doing Moon water or cleansing baths.  Amazing for doing dream work!  February ends with an intense planetary Aries Stellium.  Expect it to rain down a ton of fire.  Venus, Vesta, Jupiter, Chiron, Juno, and Eris are all aligned in Aries.  Feb 22nd thru the 24th expect the energies to get intense as the Moon will be traveling through the flames.  This is a huge transit for Healing, Luck, Love and any Twin Flames.  Juno in Aries is activating major long term templates for the Masculine connected to Love and Marriage.  Allow them to take the lead of you are in a relationship during this time.  Their intuition will be on fire.  A powerful space for the dreams that are taking seed right now.

art: @hey.glittery

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