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Happy Valentines Day!

Tonight we have a Scorpio Moon that is opposite Taurus.  That means there is a ton of creative and highly sexual energy flying around.  These energies have also been making things very intense.  As we continue to move forward with this process we are able to feel more and more.  These energies are asking us to open up on deeper levels.  Any of these energies are just amplifying whatever is already going on.  This could be an amazing shift if your in a relationship.  This is also an amazing time to be clearing any thing outdated when it comes to your relationships.  We are also in a Retroshade as we are shifting into a Mercury Retrograde in a few days.  Lilith is also stirring things up this week.  You may be having more profound dreams, astral experiences, or even an increase in telepathy.  The more we release the lighter we become.  This is making us much better receivers.  We are being encouraged to step away from how our relationships look and to get back to how they should be feeling.

We are doing a guided meditation and relationship clearing on Sunday.  This will be an amazing energy exchange.  Here is the link to sign up and join…



Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s recap on where this holiday actually came from and what it means. Like most of our main holidays this is a pagan holiday. This holiday is actually not at all linked to Saint Valentine like we have been led to believe. This holiday was derived from two very sexually perverted pagan Roman festivals, Lupercalia and the Feast of Juno Februata. This was a celebration of fertility, lust, sex, and erotica. This holiday was in honor of Roman Gods and Goddesses and these ceremonies objectified woman in a negative capacity. So I have a point with all of this. Let’s go back didn’t Rome fall over these religious practices? So why are we letting society separate us then feeling bad about it? We must evolve past these religious practices, or maybe that’s why America is falling, too many Pagan holidays?

Gifts For Each Zodiac Sign

Just in case anyone needs any last minute gift ideas for each zodiac sign..

Aries- This is an impulsive and active sign that rules the brain, head, and face. Dazzling jewelry, or some type of gadget, such as a video game console or an iPhone. Aries like to cook so kitchen stuff is always a good idea.

Taurus- This sign loves luxury yet practicality and is ruled by the throat. You may want to put some thought into getting a Taurus a gift, they have high standards. Food or wine is always the best, take them to a nice restaurant.

Gemini- This is an easy sign, they love everything! Gemini rules the mind so anything to do with communication or travel. Gift certificates for something your Gemini wants or likes is best.

Cancer- This sign is all about etiquette, so you might want to wrap it nice with a bow. Give them something heartfelt and sincere. Give them something you made yourself. They love to be pampered, so a gift certificate at a spa would be the next best thing.

Leo- This sign loves special events of any kind, so the more elaborate of a presentation the better. Make sure your the center of attention wherever you are going. Anything flashy or blingy will do, some gemstones they like are ruby, diamond or topaz.

Virgo- This sign is very practiced, but very picky. Make sure you give them something they will like or use. Books are a good idea if hey read, but it has to be something they like. This is a sign that you should ask what they want.

Libra- This sign loves gifts, in fact you should get them two wrapped separately! They like actual act of opening the gifts. This is a sign that seeks peace and harmony. Get them an opal necklace, this is a stone of a Libra. Knicknacks for their home is ideal.

Scorpio- This is a sign that loves gifts! They like the mystery of what is hidden inside. They love mysterious things! They like colors like maroon, garnet, or black. They love metaphysical things so a tarot deck or some crystals is ideal.

Sagittarius- This sign loves adventure and travel! They hate boring activities. Take them somewhere exotic, or go away for a weekend with them. Take them somewhere they have never been.

Capricorn- This is a sign that loves simplicity and design. Make sure you wrap it with no creases. They like things made from scratch. Get them something they will actually use. A bathrobe, a warm blanket, etc.

Aquarius- This sign has a sense of humor and they like to socialize. This sign wants something unusual. They like fashion or anything futuristic. Get them a telescope or another gadget that will help them learn about the Universe.

Pisces- This sign likes to dream! They are artistic, spiritual, and creative. This sign loves romance, jewelry, art, history, and religion. They also love music and animals. This is the type of sign that wants a gift certificate to a pet store. Aquamarines, amethysts, and other watery stones fascinate them.