On The Energies…

A major purifying is happening right now.  We just did a major clearing with that last shift.  Take a moment to integrate these energies if you need it.  We are still being flooded in a ton of Galactic/ Sirius Energies.  July 13th is our Capricorn Full Moon.  We are feeling this July Buck Moon already.  This will be the brightest Super Moon of the year.  It’s time to get aligned with a bigger plan right now.  This Moon can help you get organized.  It’s here to help us with getting back into a deeper alignment.  Right now it can really help you to get into a good routine.  Your daily habits become deeper patterns.  We have a huge comet approaching Earth the 14th.  Comet K2 will be closest to the Earth on this day, as it moves towards the Sun.  I love this one because it’s so galactic.  Super Blue Light.  There are also ten meteor showers from the Summer Solstice til the September Equinox.  These are the peaks of the July Meteor Showers.  July 10th July Pegasids, July 28th Piscis Austrinids, July 28th July Gamma Draconids, July 30th Southern Delta Aquariids, and July 30th Alpha Capricornids.  We can expect the Delta Aquariids to go active July 12th to August 23rd.  It’s going to bring us meteor rain.  That’s why they call the Full Moon this month the Thunder Moon.  This rain will peak the 30th.  That’s a lot of comet debris we are going to be moving through.  Quite the stream of energy.  That means this a major time for manifesting and magic.  It’s so important that we are tapping into these energies.  Expect lots of fireballs, shooting stars, and meteor showers this month.  On a clear night you should be able to see the Milky Way from pretty much anywhere this month.  It’s an amazing time to be connecting with the Stars.

art: @indg0

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