On The Energies…

Today is a Galactic Activation Portal Day.  We are moving through a heightened Retrograde Season.  Most notable Venus is still Retrograde.  Venus rules over our love life and finances.  We are doing a deep healing when it comes to our relationships over the next few weeks.  We are clearing major blocks.  This means many are clearing one sided karmic relationships.  You’ll notice you were the one who had to burn both ends of the candle.  This depletes you.  We are clearing all that isn’t love.  This may look like clearing toxic, or unhealthy connections, and breaking karmic cycles.  A karmic partner will trigger fears, doubts, and insecurities in you.  A Soulmate or a Twin Flame will come in to help you heal these same things.  Karmic cycles will end when you see the connection isn’t going anywhere.  Karmic partners leave you emotionally exhausted and in deep pain.  These connections end in a painful way, causing you heartache.  They usually betray you in some way.  Soulmate and Twin Flames bring out the best in you, karmic partners intentionally push your buttons to bring out the worst.  In a healthy relationship you’ll be happy and glowing, in a karmic connection you will be unhappy and sad underneath.  The highs and lows leave you feeling burnt out.  Karmic connections can go all sorts of ways, but they usually hurt you in some way by blowing you off to go hang out with other people.  They make you fall in love and go avoidant.  They have an addictive nature.  You can have a hard time moving on.  They are damaging to you.  They literally break you down.  Remember healthy love builds you up.  It’s important to remember the lows they put you in to help you clear these connections.  You deserve so much better!!  We are cutting cords and releasing attachments in love, to heal deeper karmic patterns right now.  It’s time to call back your time and energy from the types of situation.  It’s time to heal and let go of any rooted in your past that you still haven’t healed from fully, or released the energies of.  It’s all about moving forward on your spiritual journey.  Working on your healing and your spiritual connection.  The theme this Venus Retrograde is break ups and make ups.  Many Karmics will be breaking up and many Soulmates and Twin Flames will be making up and coming back together.

art: @shinewonderland

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