On The Energies…

With Venus still Retrograde and Mercury shifting Retrograde it’s time to slow down.  Mercury will shift into Retrograde in Virgo the 23rd.  That’s the day Virgo Season also begins.  A lot of inner work is coming up right now, especially in relationships.  These energies are bringing up older deeper rooted issues for healing.  We have the Sun in opposition to Saturn Retrograde.  This is bringing the past up.  It’s meant to bring up a karmic healing, but you may get deep obstacles or challenges coming up.  Old baggage may be coming up.  Mercury Retrograde may be bringing up misunderstandings in your love life.  It’s a time to go within and to heal and clear blocks.  It’s all about shifting back into higher states of love right now.  Neptune is Retrograde all the way until December.  Neptune is the planet of inspiration. The higher octave of Venus.  Neptune brings us to a higher, more spiritual level.  These energies are helping us to reevaluate our values and beliefs.  As you’re waking up to a new level you may feel discomfort with where you’re at.  This is to help you in seeking a new direction that’s much more vibrationally aligned.  Expect shifts in your path right now.  Neptune rules psychic inspiration.  That means this Retrograde can make it hard to separate fact from fiction.  Thursday is a Galactic Activation Portal Day and will bring a powerful wave of energies.  On that day Neptune also opposes Mercury.  Expect Mercury Retrograde to slow down communication and travel.  People from your past may come back.  This may be a time to rekindle old flames if you want too, or to find closure if you’re needing it.  This Virgo Season will bring a strong Neptune and Mars energy, that will push you to focus on your health.  Virgo Season helps to clear up the mess of Leo Season.  It shifts the focus back to healing.  This week you may be experiencing a lot of purging and upgrades in the heart and throat chakra.

art: @blackrosesandsparklythings_

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