On The Energies…

Today is an auspicious day as Venus Retrograde in Leo squares off with Jupiter in Taurus.  You may be feeling your emotions extra strong today.  You’re becoming more and more empathic as the frequencies continue to rise on Earth.  You may be feeling more sensitive to the energies today, or the things coming up for you.  Things are about to get hot with this transit.  Our desire for love can be felt very strongly today.  We still are in Venus Retrograde which may be bringing up returning exes or old flames, financial stress, and ego bruises.  This Retrograde could even be leaving you feeling confused about your love life.  Every 18 months Venus completes a 40 day Moonwalk.  This year it’s 44 days making this a longer Retrograde.  Retrogrades are a time of reflection, making this one a time to reflect on your love life.  Venus is the Planet of confidence, so this Retrograde is going to be highlighting your insecurities.  Venus Retrograde will end Sept 3rd moving your love life forward and in the right direction again.  At 3:33 AM tonight our Scorpio Moon will merge with and align with Saturn in Pisces.  This will inspire us to be reflecting on the past.  It also can bring up a sad, or depressed energy to clear.  This alignment is a Portal Into your past and to your ancestors.  Mercury Shifts Retrograde tomorrow.  This is  turning our inner worlds upside down a bit.  This Retrograde is shining a light on past mistakes already made.  It’s meant to help you get more clarity, so you can take a better path moving forward.  Thursday brings a huge influx of Galactic Energies.  It’s a powerful Galactic Activation Portal Day.  Expect huge upgrades!

art: @alchemybymartina

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