On The Energies…

The Perseids Meteor Shower peaks tonight.  Our Planet is crossing the path of Comet Swift Tuttle until August 24th.  That makes tonight the best time to see the Perseids Meteor Shower.  Be on the look out for Shooting Stars.  There is a lot of magic in the air still.  These energies are great for recharging or replenishing your magic.  Powerful energies for manifesting.  It’s time to make that wish or to make an entire manifesting list.  We are literally creating the New Earth with our intentions right now.  The Lions Gate Portal is closing, but we will continue to feel the effects of these energies for the next few weeks to come.  The rest of August will bring a focus on our personal relationships.  August 16th Venus enters Libra.  This is Venus’s home sign.  This will help being balance and healing to your love life.  We should be working on love and bringing more of it into our lives.  It’s a great time to get romantic.  We have the second of our back to back pair of Aquarius Full Moons playing out August 22nd.  This is an auspicious Blue Moon.  It’s also the second Full Moon to take place this Leo Season.  We also have a Shift into Virgo Season August 22nd.  That means we are in the final week of Leo Season.  Leo Season brings a look at me kind of vibe.  The best way to use the last of these fiery energies of Leo Season is to continue to work on yourself.  It’s a great time to get a make over or to access your physical appearance.  Virgo Season is meant to shift us into being of service.  It’s all about healing and getting back to the basics.  This Virgo Season will prepare us for the Autumn Equinox which occurs at the end of Virgo Season.  August always brings a high influx of energies and activations.  These high frequency energies are amazing for healing, and manifesting.

art: @limitlessmindgames

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