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On The Energies of 2021…

Happy New Year!  We are in a powerful space for creation right now.  The frequencies are going up on the Planet which is opening us up for instant manifestation.  It’s a great time to be sending your intentions out to the Universe.  We are in Capricorn Season.  Capricorn is an earth sign that is most connected to the physical world.  That’s why we can really tap into our manifesting gifts with this energy.  Capricorn is also ruled by Saturn.  This Capricorn Season is helping to anchor in the energy we received from the Great Conjunction that just occurred between Saturn and Jupiter.  That means any karma or karmic type patterns are coming up for clearing at this time.  This Capricorn Season is about getting things done and putting the work in.  If you have been putting in the spiritual work this year will take you next level.  If you have not been doing the necessary work, then It’s time to take things a little more seriously.  It’s a great time to focus on work.  If you have been struggling financially or spending to much money this energy is great for getting things back on track.  Make sure your making some long term plans or setting new goals during this time.  We are currently grounding and anchoring into new energies.  This year we are going to continue to see an increase in energies.  These are waves of high frequency energies that are being blasted at our Planet.  These energies are doing so much on a cosmic level.  As we move through 2021 we can expect lots the clearing and activation work to continue.  Our DNA is activating, which is changing everything going on within.  We can expect lots of ascension symptoms to continue as our new light bodies are coming online more and more.  As we are clearing the blockages we are receiving more downloads and divine wisdom.  These light codes are bringing heaven to Earth starting with the changes occurring with us.  It’s a new beginning for humanity as more and more and resonating on these New Earth frequencies.  This year is an amazing time to be making some huge Shifts.  It’s all about the changes we are wanting to, or willing to make.  So put it out there, anything you want to happen, and know the Universe will make it happen.

Shifting Into Scorpio

We still have Halley’s Comet burning up in our atmosphere.  It’s literally been raining stars.  This is a time to make a wish on those shooting stars.  We are are being shown that manifesting works and to stay aligned and patient with whatever it is we are creating.  We are now shifting into Scorpio Season.  This is a time for us to go deep within the unconscious.  To see what lies beneath.  This is meant to be a powerful time of transformation.  A place where we can clear any old wounds to create more space for the light.  We will be doing a lot of work with the sacral chakra during this time.  Any old programs or old relationship cords should be cleared during this time.  It’s time to let go of any attachments when it comes to love.  These are things that must be done consciously.  We are at a time between worlds.  This is a space of great magic.  We have transcended the old vibrationally, but we have not quite stepped into the new.  This shift into Scorpio is reminding us to take advantage of the thinning of the veil.  The spiritual realms are wide open and calling you home.  Scorpio is about death and rebirth and is symbolised by the Phoenix rising from the ashes.  This energy is getting us ready for the New Moon on the 27th.  This New Moon is also in Scorpio and will symbolise a powerful new beginning.  You may be continuing to clear old energies until then.  This is a time to pay attention to your intuition and where your being led to.  Our soul is trying to lead us home.  It’s time to listen to the messages you have been receiving.  The light coming into the Planet is making new things possible.  Stay aligned with you the things your thinking about.  This is a space in which we are seeding our intentions for the new.

11:11 Stargate of Potential

This Space Storm energy has created a Stargate.  We have many energies hitting the Planet right now.  This portal has activated and will remain open until January 11th.  This is to help you shift to higher potential points on your timelines.  This is a gateway of potential.  This is a doorway meant to be used.  This is an energy that is cleansing humanity.  Energetic blocks are being released and any lower frequencies are being purged to the surface.  You see the Earth is also going through these same cycles in perfect synch with what is happening within your body.  11 is a master number.  It’s the number of creation and rapid manifestation.  Just as these energies are picking up, your manifestations are flowing to you faster and faster.  This number is symbolic of the pillars.  Balance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  It’s the merging of these energies that is shifting this Planet.  This geomagnetic energy is amplifying the magnetism of your energy and your abilities.  Many dormant energies are once again awakening as you are experiencing your awakening.  This Solar radioactive energy is sending the codes needed to activate you on a cellular level.  Your DNA is mutating toward Divinity.  Today is a good day for self care and integration.  Focus on creating your dream reality.

Use This Energy To Manifest

Stay positive with your thoughts right now and focus on manifesting. Right now we are in a space storm, we have lunar and solar energy, as well as radiation hitting us. Hydrate and use this energy to get things done in your life. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Be clear with the Universe and your intent. Make a list or a vision board. The first step to manifesting is to be grateful with what you have. Only through gratitude will things multiply. If you focus on lack you will continue to live in lack. In my world the Universe is always in alignment with me and working extra hard to bring me everything I want, or think to create. Stay high vibe. In controlling your vibration you do change the world, your world.

Manifesting 101

Be very clear with your intent. It’s a great idea to write down what you want too, so your very clear with your intent. The Universe needs specifics, a lot of the time we are just thinking jumbled thoughts all day long, so be clear, make a list. Manifesting only works on a love vibe or with a love intent. So always base all of your desires out of love. Moon energies amplify manifesting. So basically whether your aware of it or not your thoughts are creating the reality you see right now. Use this time to think positive things about what you really want. When you are manifesting don’t let money block you. Manifest as if money wasn’t an object, because it isn’t. Always think positive things so you draw positive things to you. It’s just something you have to keep practicing with, like anything else. My advice is to start with small objects, because the less expensive or smaller an object is the easier it is to manifest. We are living in a manifest reality. We have the same abilities here with manifesting as we do in the dream world. This whole process goes a lot smoother if all your chakras are open and unblocked.