On The Energies of 2021…



Happy New Year!  We are in a powerful space for creation right now.  The frequencies are going up on the Planet which is opening us up for instant manifestation.  It’s a great time to be sending your intentions out to the Universe.  We are in Capricorn Season.  Capricorn is an earth sign that is most connected to the physical world.  That’s why we can really tap into our manifesting gifts with this energy.  Capricorn is also ruled by Saturn.  This Capricorn Season is helping to anchor in the energy we received from the Great Conjunction that just occurred between Saturn and Jupiter.  That means any karma or karmic type patterns are coming up for clearing at this time.  This Capricorn Season is about getting things done and putting the work in.  If you have been putting in the spiritual work this year will take you next level.  If you have not been doing the necessary work, then It’s time to take things a little more seriously.  It’s a great time to focus on work.  If you have been struggling financially or spending to much money this energy is great for getting things back on track.  Make sure your making some long term plans or setting new goals during this time.  We are currently grounding and anchoring into new energies.  This year we are going to continue to see an increase in energies.  These are waves of high frequency energies that are being blasted at our Planet.  These energies are doing so much on a cosmic level.  As we move through 2021 we can expect lots the clearing and activation work to continue.  Our DNA is activating, which is changing everything going on within.  We can expect lots of ascension symptoms to continue as our new light bodies are coming online more and more.  As we are clearing the blockages we are receiving more downloads and divine wisdom.  These light codes are bringing heaven to Earth starting with the changes occurring with us.  It’s a new beginning for humanity as more and more and resonating on these New Earth frequencies.  This year is an amazing time to be making some huge Shifts.  It’s all about the changes we are wanting to, or willing to make.  So put it out there, anything you want to happen, and know the Universe will make it happen.