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On The Energies…

A lot of people have been feeling the collective energies during this time.  I want to remind people that we are only half way done with a rare Super Moon Season we are in until May.  It’s also the Equinox so we have a ton of energies continuing to pour in.  This is the biggest purge of the year.  We are continuing to be purified by these energies.  It is normal to be experiencing a huge adjustment to these energies.  This planet is going through a huge transition that will become more and more apparent.  The frequencies are going up fast and any purging, as in flu like symptoms, can indicate your body is having a hard time keeping up.  We have multiple realities playing out at once.  We have a lot of fear on one, with the media broadcasting only parts of a larger narrative.  Many are experiencing a death of the ego and have no idea a new world awaits.  Many are struggling to let go of the old.  We have a higher timeline though that is much better.  One of bliss and abundance.  It’s important that we understand that there is a divine plan.  This appears to be a collapse of the old, which will turn into something better.  This is a huge karmic purge.  We are releasing a lot of the wounded masculine during this time to.  The more shadow we release, the higher we rise in frequency.  This is a good time to balance your energies.  Later in the week we will go through the Equinox gateway, and it will be huge.  We are finishing up Pisces season as well.  This weekend we will shift into Aries.  So we are feeling that water to fire pull with the energies as well.  It’s time to get creative.  If you don’t like the collective script being given to you, perfect!  It’s time to write a new story.  The Equinox will mark a new beginning, and our shift out of the underworld.


This Weeks Energies…

This week we will be wrapping up Scorpio season and Mercury Retrograde.  This week will be especially uplifting as we still have a lot of influence from Venus.  This is meant to be a good thing for our relationships.  There is a powerful merger happening right now behind the scenes.  Ancient energies are returning to move us into a higher state of consciousness.  Many are feeling the pressure as Scorpio has a theme of death and rebirth.  We have a lot of emotions that have been coming to the surface.  Next week we will shift into Sagittarius.  We are experiencing a Phoenix moment.  This energy is burning away more to light the way.  We are beginning to feel the energy and frequencies of 2020.  This will begin a new cycle energetically.  As the vibration of the Planet is rising its accelerating our spiritual growth.  As we awaken more and more we are being reminded that we have always been tuned in to the unseen.  You have always been loved, protected, and guided.  This is about stepping into that guidance, and fully into your power.  This is a powerful time for creating something new in your life.

Energy Update..

We still have lots of energies coming in.  We are still at a k3 index with this geomagnetic storm.  We have had lots of energy hitting us, so we have a lot to integrate.  This is a powerful time for our manifestations.  We have done a lot of clearing and purging and are adjusting to higher frequencies.  A lot of people still have a lot of old timelines colliding with the new.  This is about making that deeper shift within.  We will only ever go as far as our deepest dreams.  Part of having this spiritual awakening is to become consciously one with what your creating.  This energy is pushing you towards what best aligns with you.  This is about us realising our thoughts and intentions are the vibrations that make up our reality.  We will continue to have lots of energy hitting us the next few days.  These energies are infused with the codes you need for your awakening.  As we integrate these new energies we are losing more and more density.  Your physical body is becoming much lighter.  Listen to your body as your making this transition.  Lots of plant based organic foods and self care is recommended as we proceed with this energetic shift.