On The Energies…

Tonight at midnight we celebrate Sirius reaching its highest point in the sky.  Sirius will be directly above us, showering us in its light.  We will be directly downstream from these energies.  We can expect special downloads.  This is the time to be working with the energies, or to be doing energy work.  These energies will take us through the 1/1 Portal.  The 1/1 Portal will be huge for anchoring these codes into the collective, and into the physical.  Expect some major light body activations.  The 1/1 Portal is powerful.  The number 11 is meant to represent two pillars, or two lovers coming together.  It’s a sign for twin flames.  These energies may be activating a desire for love, or for union.  This is part of the remembering that is occurring.  We have a healing that must occur.  There is a cycle of karma from the past that is clearing.  These energies are helping us to clear the old so that we may step into the new.  This is an amazing time to work on healing or activating your DNA.  We can work with these energies to activate our Galactic DNA.  These are also powerful energies for doing initiation work.  The light of Sirius is awakening the teachers of the past now.  These energies are reminding us that we came from the stars.  Many of you are connecting with the Galactics.  These are the energies of Heaven hitting Earth.  This is the time to manifest. The best thing we can do is to focus on and to visualize the New Earth.  Expect major blessings to come through right now.  You should be starting 2022 with more clarity as your receiving new templates for your soul.  2022 will help in awakening higher levels of understanding.

art: @sarashakeel

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