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On The Energies…

Today is the first day of Aquarius Season.  The cosmic fog that we have been moving through is now clearing.  Aquarius is the water bear.  It’s also a very collective oriented sign.  The Aquarius New Moon that happens the 21st will be making waves.  This is the first New Moon of 2023.  This New Moon is all about clearing attachments, cutting cords, and leaving behind toxic patterns.  It’s a great time to be doing some energy clearing work.  You will need extra self care, as you may be integrating a lot right now.  This Aquarius New Moon will be aligned with Jupiter.  This is helping us to turn our manifestations and dreams into reality.  Expect sudden shifts in how you’re feeling, will bring bursts of optimism and shifts towards good fortune.  Get ready for a powerful combination of Air and Fire elements that are kicking off this Aquarius Season.  We have been going through some extreme weather on the Sun.  We are seeing such an increase in the Galactic Energies, Solar Flares, and CME’s coming at us.  CME’s particles are large clouds of plasma.  Let’s just say we are feeling these energies.  It’s all about healing right now within them.  If you are not healing you probably will be experiencing lots of ascension symptoms.  Major incoming DNA activations.  If you took the DNA from your trillions of cells and laid it out from one end to another, it would reach the sun and back 70 times.  Most of your DNA still is lying dormant.  That’s why it’s so important that you are healing to be able to integrate these changes.  Our DNA is our blueprint  and the reason why so many are functioning on the basic 2 strand/ 3D level still.  Healing is the first step towards DNA activation.  You must clear the karmas and layers of trauma you have picked up from this lifetime, your past lifetimes, and from within your ancestral/ family line.  These energies are bringing in new light codes for your DNA.  As your DNA is activating you’ll be able to tap into more of your gifts, and memories from other lifetimes.

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On The Energies…

Make sure you’re doing extra self care this weekend.  We are receiving huge influxes of energy right now.  Make sure you’re well rested before you try to pass through the 12:12 Portal.  Right now we have a very active region of the Sun that is spewing a lot of energy at us.  Yesterday we had a wave of these solar winds hit us so hard that they created a hole in the magnetosphere of Earth.  Because of this hole the solar winds will have an easier time getting inside our atmosphere and they can cause an intense solar storm event.  We also probably have another CME headed towards us which could jolt Earth’s Magnetic Field the 12th.  Let’s just say the grids are very active right now.  Expect the 12:12 Portal to be lit this year.  These energies are all about moving you closer to your goals and your manifestations.  The 12:12 Portal is a very special Gateway for any soulmates or Twin Flames.  The 12:12 Portal can help you with finding and manifesting your Twin Flame, awakening the connection to the next level, or healing separation issues.  Expect major DNA and Lightbody Activations over the next week.  The 21st is the Winter Solstice.  We are celebrating Horus, and the other Old Gods.  During the Winter Solstice we are at our maximum tilt away from the Sun.  This will be the longest night of the year.  The Celtic year was divided into two halves, the dark and the light.  This was known as the Light of Arthur, Fire Festival, or Yule meaning Christmas.  We have reached MidWinter.  This is the point where we move out of the darkness and towards the light.  This Solar Alignment shifts us into a cycle of rebirth.  It’s all about our manifestations for the year ahead.  It’s a great time to light some candles, or fairy lights.  It’s also a great time for hanging mistletoe.

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On The Energies…

Nov 21st, 22nd, and 23rd are huge days energetically.  We are the peak of this years November Pleiadian Alignment.  We are receiving a huge influx of Pleiadian Light Codes right now.  The Pleiades are rising, and are very much activating the entire Planet.  Over the next few days expect many to be waking up more to their Galactic connection.  You’re probably having lots of communication with your Galactic guides, or different Star beings.  Many of you are shifting into much more Galactic realities.  This may mean you’re having more understanding of your past lives, or having past life memories coming up.  There is major healing happening right now within these energies.  You’re feeling a pull, or a need to heal and connecting your current struggles, or issues to past traumas.  Within this life you are clearing many lifetimes of karmic entanglement.  A recalibration is happening energetically.  You’re gradually shifting into a higher frequency, and higher states within your energy.  This weeks Pleiadian Portal is a gateway into the 5th dimension.  These energies are shifting us into the next level, and higher states of consciousness.  If you have felt disconnected, lost, or like you’re falling back, you’re not.  These energies are very much here to shift you where you need to be.  If you carry a Lyran or Pleiadian energy signature expect major upgrades this week.  These are major energies for bringing healing to anyone in a Twin Flame connection.  Many Twin Flame Unions will be manifesting into the physical over the next few months.  This means if you’re in a separation, trust that if you’re doing the inner work, you will be brought together soon.  If you have not yet met your twin flame call them in through the intention.  These are powerful energies to be channeling into your manifestations in any form.