On Today’s Energies…

Today is a Galactic Activation Portal Day.  We are actually in a huge wave that will continue to come in through tomorrow.  Today is a powerful day for DNA activations.  Today is Yellow Planetary Star Energies.   They are all about who you are, and who you are to become.  The Yellow Star is meant to spark your Starseed DNA.  As the frequencies are rising it’s meant to activate the Starseed potential within you.  We are a week away from the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse that will occur Dec 4th.  The energies will be felt more and more as we get closer.  This will be a major Ascension Event.  The last Taurus Lunar Eclipse helped to open a doorway.   This next Eclipse will help us close one.  This may mean a new start for some, or just new energies.  That means we are doing clearing work.  Expect dramatic energies in December.  This pair of Eclipses has been activating your destiny and clearing the way for it.  As you activate your DNA your tapping into your destiny on a soul level.  These energies are bringing an awakening for many.  There are changes happening with the grids of the Earth right now to.  We are all experiencing these changes and may need time to integrate.  As these energies continue to flow into the Planet they are activating the Earth’s grids, portals, and vortex’s.  There are many assisting with this process on a planetary level.  It’s an amazing time to align with the energies of the Earth right now.   The energies are starting to build and will continue to til the Solstice.  The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year.  This is a time to celebrate.  It’s a time when magical dimensions open up.  It’s a time when the elemental/ fairy realms also open up.  That means the veil is about to get even thinner.    

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