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On The Energies…

We are receiving a huge influx of light codes right now from Sirius and Lyra.  We are in the Sirius Gateway from July 3rd – 7th.  Full Moon in Capricorn tomorrow! Saturn rules Capricorn and the energies are pushing a lot of old karmic baggage to the surface.  This Full Moon is all about planning, strategizing, and organizing.  Capricorns are skilled at navigating both the material and emotional realms.  They scale the steepest mountains.  This is a Super Moon too.  This Moon will appear Full for 3 days! It’s the time to be focusing on your manifestations.  Things may be getting emotional or even messy right now, it is Cancer Season though.  Time to get grounded In these Moon energies.  This Moon is square of Chiron in Aries, the asteroid associated with our core wounds. There is a lot being stirred up to work on right now.  Sirius is aligning with our Sun in a big way, leading up to the 7:7 Portal.  Expect a huge influx of energies to continue over the next few days.  Rest if you need it, extra Self Care, meditation, and Reiki.

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We Meditate Today…

We are coming together to meditate today! It’s the Capricorn New Moon! These energies are all about clearing energies to prepare to step into 2023 anew.  We are going to meditate at Noon Cali time (8pm UK time).  If you can’t catch it live, it’s available anytime on replay.  Don’t miss this one, it’s a Supermoon.  Here is the link to sign up!

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Capricorn New Moon Meditation

On The Energies…

We are going to be in very high energies the rest of this week because of the Solstice.  We have shifted into Capricorn Season and have a Capricorn New Moon tomorrow.  This New Moon is a Supermoon and will be super close to the Earth.  It will be extra strong and supercharged with Galactic Energies.  It’s time to get organized and things in order.  The big picture and long term goals, and plans are coming up.  This means setting your destination as a 5D timeline.  Karmic situations may be coming up, but only if you’re still in them.  They will continue to become more and more of an issue if they are no longer in alignment with your path.  Chiron shifts direct with this Moon.  Chiron has been digging up old wounds and the past on your life since it shifted Retrograde in July.  Since Chiron is aligned with this Moon it’s bringing major healing energies! It’s also bringing major close that last chapter vibes.  Or why not the whole book, and just start a new story?  This is the last New Moon of 2022.  It’s a great energy to charge your crystals,  or to be working with your crystals in.  Since these energies are so high, they are speeding things up and that goes for your plans too.  The next few weeks are all about bringing your manifestations into the physical now.  Don’t let time get in the way you’re being encouraged to really begin to instant manifest.  Huge energies for Twin Flames the first half of January.  Your Twin Flame is your Destined Partner.  This very much fits into your ultimate life plan somehow.  Themes are coming up around facing your shadow self.  You may be going through an ego death as you’re entering the New Year.  It’s all about allowing yourself to grow into a better version.  You should be really working so hard on yourself right now.  It’s time to clean up every area of your life.  It’s all about setting your intentions for the year ahead.  It’s all about what you’re manifesting, and abundance right now.

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