On The Energies…

We are receiving a huge influx of light codes right now from Sirius and Lyra.  We are in the Sirius Gateway from July 3rd – 7th.  Full Moon in Capricorn tomorrow! Saturn rules Capricorn and the energies are pushing a lot of old karmic baggage to the surface.  This Full Moon is all about planning, strategizing, and organizing.  Capricorns are skilled at navigating both the material and emotional realms.  They scale the steepest mountains.  This is a Super Moon too.  This Moon will appear Full for 3 days! It’s the time to be focusing on your manifestations.  Things may be getting emotional or even messy right now, it is Cancer Season though.  Time to get grounded In these Moon energies.  This Moon is square of Chiron in Aries, the asteroid associated with our core wounds. There is a lot being stirred up to work on right now.  Sirius is aligning with our Sun in a big way, leading up to the 7:7 Portal.  Expect a huge influx of energies to continue over the next few days.  Rest if you need it, extra Self Care, meditation, and Reiki.

art: @glitterxcollage

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