On The Energies…

Today is Midsummer Eve.  Midsummer Eve is a time where the veil between worlds is really thin.  Midsummer is all about magic and fairies.  In these thin spaces fairies and spirits can walk among us in our worlds, and we can enter into there’s.  We are in the world of the fairies this week.  This week is going to bring us a lot of very spiritual energies.  We are also still integrating and feeling the effects of the Solstice.  We have a Super Solstice Strawberry Moon tomorrow.  This Full Moon in Capricorn is the fourth and last Supermoon of the year.  This Full Moon is also going to be the lowest and latest to rise of this years Moons.  It’s going to be one of the brightest Moons of the year too, as it’s very much a Solstice Moon.  The Moon rules your inner world and this Capricorn Full Moon is going to help you get things back in order.  The energies of this Full Moon will help you ground, will connect you with the energies of the Earth, and will help you manifest your destiny.  This Full Moon aligns with Jupiter bringing us very positive energies.  It will bring you good fortune.  It’s amazing energies for manifesting, as the energies are really heightened right now.  This Moon is also known as the Lovers Moon and will be very positive for relationships.  During Full Moons the energies of the Sun and the Moon are always opposite.  That’s why people tend to feel the energies so strongly.  We have Shifted into Cancer Season.  This Cancer Season is going to encourage you to slow down and work more on your home and family life.  We are still in a Post Mercury Retrograde Shadow period until July 7th too.  That makes the first two weeks of Cancer Season the perfect time to slow down and enjoy your Summer.  It’s time to really focus on self care.  It’s an amazing time to make yourself good food that’s healthy.  The combination of these energies this week are encouraging us to bring more balance to our work and family.  Don’t forget the magic this week as it’s around us a little extra right now.

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