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On Today’s Energies…

We are in some beautiful energies.  Today is the peak of the Pleiadian Portal.  Today Earth, and the Sun are in perfect alignment with the Pleiades.  The Planet is being flooded with lots of high frequency Galactic Energies.  We are receiving a lot of energies from Orion and Sirius right now too.  Things are shifting with the Earth right now too.  The higher frequency energies are raising up Gaia’s grids.  More and more grids of positive energy are being created.  These shifts are being felt all across the Planet.  There is a balancing that is occurring.  That’s why it’s so important that your staying positive right now and working on raising your own vibration.  It’s so important that you are working on your energy right now.  There is a clearing that is continuing to take place.  That’s why it’s so important that you are using tools like energy work, getting into nature more, grounding, crystals, healing/ activating your chakras, meditations, taking better care of your energy.  Friday’s Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will open us up to these energies even more.  The Moon is also in alignment with the Pleiades and this powerful Pleiadian Portal.  Taurus energies are amazing for manifesting and creating within the material.  Taurus is connected to Venus and the Divine Feminine and is very much activating these energies this month.  Venus rules romance and pleasure.  It can be a very romantic energy that can take you into the senses a little extra.   It’s all about how things feel on an energy level.  This is a creative energy about tapping into the flow of the Universe.  It’s also super grounding and connecting us to the energies of the Earth.  You may be daydreaming a little extra right now.  The energies this week are all about what your setting your mind too.  These energies are going to make it happen.  The energies of November are all about connecting with the Galactic Energies and the Stars.  The stars of Winter and now here.

art: @ps_galaxy

On The Energies…

We are moving through the energies of this week’s Pleiadian Portal.  It’s already kicked off some solar winds that will join it.  We are in a powerful Pleiadian Alignment right now.  Right now the Sun, and our Earth are in perfect alignment with the Pleiades.  This is an alignment that happens twice a year May 15th-23rd and November 15th- 23rd.  These two portals come as a pair.  They are very much a twin flame pair.  Back in May the Pleiades began to rise with the Sun on Beltane.  The Sun at that point began a 6 month dance with the Pleiades.  They always form an infinity shape too.  During the May Alignment it’s time to connect with the energies of the Sun.  During the November Alignment it’s a time to connect to the energies of the Stars.  This Gateway brings some powerful DNA upgrades.  The energies of either Pleiadian Alignment very much prepare us for the Solstice.  These are very much energies for the heart, so expect a lot of heart chakra activation with them.  There is also extra magic in the air that can be felt everywhere.  The Pleiades are also known as the stars of Hathor.  Right now we are also feeling the energies of Friday’s Taurus Full Moon.  This is also a Lunar Eclipse that is very much aligned with the Pleiades.  These energies are here to take us higher.  Tonight we have a beautiful alignment happening where we can see Orion and  the Pleiades above it.  Below it we can see Sirius.


On The Energies…

This 10:10 Portal is massive.  We have done a lot of clearing work over the past few days to prepare for it.  We are clearing a lot of old energies.  There are karmic cycles that are coming up for closing and healing.  The 10:10 Portal is meant to help us in opening new doorways.  We are stepping into a new frequency.  These energies are all about new beginnings and new opportunities.  These portals can make you way more sensitive too.  Sometimes people feel more emotional, or even feel it physically in aches and pains.  You may feel a little tired this weekend as your being activated a little extra in your dreams.  Make sure your resting and recharging this weekend.  It’s also very important that your cleansing your energy field more right now.  The 10:10 Portal is going to bring us a lot of positive energies over the next few days.  We have some changes coming up ahead.  These energies are going to help shift you into the next phase of your spiritual path.  With these energies, right now, it’s all about working on yourself.  October is going to bring us some big Cosmic Energies.  September kicked off Aurora Season, so we will continue to see some spectacular auroras this month too.  October is also Meteor Season.  This month brings us the peak of 7 meteor showers.  Tonight it will rain stars.  We are still in the peak of the Draconids Meteor Shower.  That means we can expect shooting stars and some added magic to the energies.

art: @ramonlaasc