On The Energies…

Today Saturn shifts Direct.  This is good news! When in backspin Saturn takes us into the past to clear and heal more of our old karmic baggage.  There is much that still will need to be processed.  Expect things to get a lot lighter as Saturn has shifted direct.  There is a karmic nature to many of our relationships.  Many people are drawn together to work through things that need healed and to resolve some type of karmic debt together.  For many the karmic connections must come to an and.  You may be guided to let go of some connections right now if they are not serving you.  You’re being guided to continually purge out, clear and cleanse your energy and your life.  Major karmic clearing energies through the weekend.  Expect positive shifts in your energy and in your mood.  We are in two back to back Pleiadian Meteor Showers.  We are in the peak of the Southern Taurids Metror shower now.  Making Sunday and Monday a great day to look for shooting stars and fireballs from the Pleiades.  On the 9th our Moon merges with Venus.  This is bringing a lot of beautiful energies for your love life.  We are exactly a week away from the 11:11 Portal.  Make a wish!  11:11 is one of the luckiest days of the year.  It’s the most magical.  The 11:11 Portal carries special codes you need for your awakening.  The energies of the 11:11 Portal are powerful for ascension and any Twin Flame connections.  If you are a Twin Flame you have no average destiny.  The 13th is our Scorpio New Moon.  This one comes with its own light show as it’s also the peak of the Northern Taurids Meteor Shower.  During November the Pleaides are rising showing us that Winter is on the way.  We have a powerful Pleiadian Alignment during Nov 17th – 19th.  During this time the Sun and the Earth aligns with the Pleiades.  This opens a Pleiadian Portal.  Tons of high frequency energies will be streaming into the Planet.  During the November Alignment the Pleiades is opposite or farthest away from the Sun.

art: @shinewonderland

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