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Happy 11:11 Portal!

The energies of today’s 11:11 Portal is very much a Gateway to your dreams.  The energies of the past few days, have been helping you to clear the blocks and limitations.  Sometimes these are deeper feelings that may have been holding you back.  We are very much stepping into these energies anew.  Many of you can feel you’re self shifting and changing too.  This deeper transformation that is occurring is what this is all about.  The energies of the 11:11 Portal are powerful for your manifestations and in anchoring in the new.  There are many light codes coming in that you need.  Codes that will help you manifest your twin flame union.  This is a powerful gateway for ascension, and for love.  11 represents two lovers coming together.  If you notice the number 11 a lot, you have a different type of energy then most.  If two people with those type of energy come together it can be almost explosive.  The 11:11 Portal is bringing a huge shift that will take you so much closer to your highest divine timeline.  Right now our Planet, and Sun are coming into a powerful alignment with the Pleiades.  This takes us into a powerful Pleiadian Portal next week.  As we receive these energies we will receive many activations that we need.  Next week also kicks off Eclipse Season.  Next week’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will play out in the sign of Taurus.  This will amplify the Pleiadian Portal we will be in.  This month will wake up many.  Expect it to take the Planet next level and into a deeper alignment.  Things will speed up a little.  It may feel like we wrap up 2021 very fast.  We have 8 weeks left til 2022.  November is going to continue to bring a huge influx of Galactic energies.  The 11:11 Portal is very much unlocking these higher frequency energies.  It also has the potential to unlock your timelines.  That’s why this is the most powerful space of manifestation of the entire year.

On The Energies…

We are very much in the energies of the 11:11 Portal this week.  The next 24 hours is about to bring a huge influx of energies, that will take us fully through the 11:11 Portal.  This is by far this year’s most powerful portal for manifestation.  This is a powerful Stargate that can help to bridge the distance between you and your manifestations.  It’s time to get so intentional with the Universe.  People say make a wish when they see 11:11 for a reason.  These energies are about doing less and letting your manifestations guide you.  The best way to manifest is to see yourself as already having it.  Whatever your focused on right now, the most, is your path.  The entire day tomorrow is also confirmation that you are on the right path.  11:11 is said to be the luckiest day of the year.  It’s said to be the most magical.  The 11:11 Portal carries special codes you need for your awakening.  It’s very much a wake up call, and a message for the Lightworkers.  There is a lot of light steaming in, and your body is downloading a lot of new energies.  The DNA upgrades occurring, are encouraging you to push past the old 3D structures.  As your frequency raises, so must your reality.  That’s why it’s so important your working in your inner state.  You may be feeling the need to clear some energies today.  These energies are all about spiritual awakening and surrendering to a greater destiny that needs to play out.  The 11:11 Portal is also an energy, and a sign for twin flame love.  It’s all about coming together in unity.  11 is always a twin flame number.  11:11 is the Universe’s synchronistic way of speaking to us.  It’s a sign of new love.  It’s also a sign your flame is near you.  Repeating numbers are so important and happen when a deeper alignment is occurring.  We have big shifts happening right now.  Higher timelines and higher dimensions are opening up.  Expect lots of miracles to come though with this Gateway.  The North Taurid Meteor Shower will also be rising with the 11:11 portal.  It will be raining down stars from the Pleiades.   Expect to see flashes of light and extra shooting stars with this one!

On The Energies…

The 11:11 Portal is now very much open.  The Galactic Energies are going to flow in this month, giving us the momentum we need to create the new.  We are wrapping up 2021 and the energies will really start to reflect that.  The energy of this week will help to anchor you on to a much higher timeline.  The energies of the 11:11 Portal are powerful for ascension and twin flame connections.  Many of you are feeling the deeper alignment that came with Scorpio Season.  The energies will continue to deepen over the next two weeks too.  You may be extra telepathic right now, picking up on your future, or even having psychic dreams.  Pay attention to any guidance that is coming through to you during this time.  The energies of the 11:11 Portal should be making your path more clear.  The energies of the 11:11 Portal are bringing extra DNA activations.  Many of you have been feeling a repair process that has been occurring over the past few weeks.  That will continue over the next week as well.  We are receiving new light codes, and at a faster and faster rate.  That’s why a lot of you have been seeing synchronistic numbers like 11:11 lately.  The signs and numbers have been confirmation for you.  These numbers are also helping to activate you when you see them.  There are powerful shifts that are playing out across the Planet.  These Cosmic Energies are going to be felt and sensed more and more.  Many of you are experiencing a cosmic wake up call.  Things are shifting and realigning in a powerful way.  The feminine may be feeling this a little bit extra.  Many of you are experiencing an acceleration to your lessons, or just your ascension during this time.  The 11:11 Portal is very much a doorway.  Think of these energies as a Stargate that can, and will take you to where you want to go.  Many of you have had big dreams lately and may be unsure how to get from where you are now to there.  The 11:11 Portal is exactly what you need to make things happen.  Let go of how things appear to be going.  Know that your path has always been taking you closer to your destiny.  The entire Planet is shifting to a higher frequency, waking more and more.  The energies of November are all about Love and Spiritual Awakening.  We can see Venus bright on display as it shines like never before.  We are feeling those energies so strong this month.  The Goddess is awakening.  We are also also preparing for the Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that’s set to happen next week.  This month we are very much in alignment with the Pleiades.  As these energies flow in we can expect this months Lunar Eclipse to bring us themes like destined encounters and fated events.  Eclipses always have an unpredictable nature, that’s why this 11:11 Portal is so important.  Make sure your focused on what you love right now.  We are manifesting, so much right now, so we need to be extra positive right now.  Things will really start to flow fast too as we hit the 11:11 Portal.  Make sure your really aligning with what you want right now.

art: @ranaemalone