On The Energies…



Tonight our Crescent Moon aligns with the Pleiades.  Expect a lot of Pleiadian energies.  Jupiter is also part of this alignment.  Mercury is also at inferior conjunction.  Expect a lot of positive Galactic Energies.  It’s an amazing time to be connecting with the Pleiadian energies and the Pleiadians.  It’s a great time to be reaching out to your Star Family.  Expect an increase in downloads and synchronicity.  Today is a great day to be connecting spiritually for more clarity and guidance.  These energies are going to be awakening the collective to the next level.  Pleiadian energies are all about manifesting and getting creative.  You’re being guided to really work on yourself to shift into your highest potential.  It’s all about anchoring into and aligning with these 5th dimensional energies.  It’s all about creating 5th dimensional realities.  You should be connecting with your Higher Self a little extra right now.  Pay extra attention to your soul right now and where it’s trying to guide you.  It’s all about connecting with your spiritual purpose and soul mission right now.  If you are a Starseed or a Twin Flame you will be feeling the activations we are receiving a little extra.  You’re here to help the world heal and evolve.  You’re being guided to heal your past traumas, ancestral patterns, and karmic imprints.  Expect a lot of high frequency energies that are amazing to be healing with.